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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT

Get real Region 2 will be similar to last year out the first round. No question! Region 1 and 4 very similar chance to the second round. Region 3 will go all the way.

South Jordan, UT

Outside of Valor, who was the "real" challenge for Bingham? Bingham often starts out giving up a first drive TD. And Brighton actually was down 7-0 I believe and then went down and tied it up. 7-0 doesn't constitute a challenge. It constitutes their defense getting dialed in on what the offense is doing.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT

One word to describe each 5A region.

Region 1. ---Mediocre
Region 2. ---Weak
Region 3. --- Dominating
Region 4. ---Tenacious

Region 3. Rolls to State Champions. End of 2013 football season!

Clinton/Davis, UT

Taylorsville deserves one more shout out before their game tomorrow with Alta. These boys have worked hard all year to get to this point of the season. They have the weapons both offensively and defensively to shut down Alta. There is not a lineman on Alta's team that can block Mori Savini one on one or double team. If Alta does double team Mori that will leave someone with one blocker. Don't kid yourself, Taylorsville is big and fast and can mess with game plans. Taylorsville has nothing to lose playing Alta. Alot of people have Alta beating Taylorsville already and are moving them to the semi's to play Bingham. That is enough fuel for a coach like Rod Wells to motivate his team to play hard tomorrow. Rod and his coaching staff had done a great job this year getting their boys ready to play. The game against West ment nothing. They needed to rest their boys and that's what they did. Rod, Mori and the rest of the Taylorsville team are a bunch of studs and ready to give Alta the business tomorrow. Magic happens!! Go Taylorsville!!!!!

Clearfield, UT

I know nothing about Taylorsville except they have had a great year. They should be proud of their success. 2 years ago, Syracuse, a 4 seed, we're told they had no chance against powerhouse Alta. defense can't hold hawks down. Guess what? 16-10 Titans. Last year, Titans, 1seed, couldn't stop the hawks, too much offense, defense too small. Result, Titans win again. Just sayin, Play your game and don't believe the hype. There is a reason they are a 4 seed.

Clinton/Davis, UT

Liff,nicely said. Go Taylorsville!!!!!!!

3A Football Fan
Tooele, UT

@ Spokane Ute.

"It seems to me that there are way too many classifications and too many teams make the playoffs in Utah."
In Washington, there are also 6 classifications. 88 teams making the playoffs.

"Here in Washington, you better take first or second in your region to make the playoffs."
Not true. Take a look at the brackets. There are #4 and #5 seeded teams all over with some districts sending their #6 place teams.

"Most teams in state have no more than 2 loses. No team with a losing record goes to state here"
Again, not true. Check the records. 88 teams do not have 2 or less losses, and, yes, there are teams with losing records that make the playoffs.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT

Just a fun time seeing teams advance and the agony of defeat. RES is the best place to see the tourney. Can't wait see the East vs Logan and Brighton vs Jordan rematch and Bingham vs Alta rematch. And then there was four at RES.

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