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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Clinton/Davis, UT

Waterboy, He did tell his players last year and they got worked. One team made adjustments and the other didnt and you know the rest of the story, Bingham is good. But beatable.

Salt Lake City, UT

@rural sports fan

I like the power point system - it could work here in Utah. However, I think the real problem with UHSAA bracket layout is that not enough schools are in the state tournament. The size of the bracket aligns the best schools in the same bracket which allows them to meet in the quarters or semis rather than the championship game. The only way to eliminate that is to increase the amount of teams in the playoffs to 16. Doable, Yes. UHSAA willing to change? NO.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes I know there are already 16 teams in bracket - my bad, I meant to rank them 1 - 16, based off power points (crazy yet logical algorithm). Just like NCAA Hoops - East would be 1 seed and for the sake of it, corner canyon 16th, Logan 2 seed vs Spanish Fork 15th, Timpview 3 seed vs Orem 14th seed. Problem solved.

Salt Lake, UT

Yeah they're beatable... but not by anyone in Utah. Last year was last year. Bingham won't take any team lightly again like they did Alta. Expect to see a juggernaut Bingham team throughout playoffs.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT


If Cuse played Davis again they would win. This is real life football, they had their chance and got out coached and out played. The same thing will happen in this years playoffs out coached and out played! Bingham will run the Table and win State. Cuse is too small and lacks Offensive caller too get the championship game. Just dumb luck last year, then their true talent showed up. State deserve a competitive game this year. So Cuse should just bow out early, watching Cuse is as exciting as watching paint dry or get a root canal.Not!!!

Sandy, UT

I have looked at Riverton and to me they look pretty solid on both sides of the ball. I haven't seen much of Northridge but I have a really hard time believing they can upset. To be honest, I think Riverton may even put up a fight against Bingham, specially if Bingham goes in sleeping like they did with Alta.

Clinton/Davis, UT

PigSkin, when was the last Cuse game you saw? Really when did you see them play last? You predicted Cuse would win 3-4 games this year. Quess what they have won a few more than you thought. Dumb luck? Tell that to Boston right now about how they lucked into winning so far this series. You said at the first of the season the Cuse would be lucky to win 3-4 games if that. Cuse is too small did you say. Ask Brian Mone and Highland if they were too small. They had a quarterback (soph) who had only started 3 total high school games before that and we still won. How many D1 players do they have on there team. You have probably seen 1 game and that was the Davis game on TV. If you only base things off one game then your good. Like I said Cuse is a diffirent team since you saw them on TV. We do have a trick up the middle play called the fumbleruski. Dude it works. Very tricky. PigSkinFan I would love to sit with you and watch the paint dry. Go Cuse!!!

Kaysville, UT

Interesting comments. I am not convinced that the 4 way tie in Region 4 is an indication of top to bottom quality but more an indication of mediocrity. Only time will tell. Region 1 haters may need to be reminded that a Region 1 team has been in the state championship game for 6 straight years. I also don't believe that Bingham should be anointed as yet. They are vulnerable to several teams from Utah. East is much more dominant in 4A. Pleasant Grove needs to be wary of the overall team speed of Davis. Davis and Syracuse play assignment sound defense which is rare at this level. This, I believe, is the reason they have had the success they have had this year. I am a bit concerned about the size of Pleasant Grove but I do remember the last visit of a big and highly talented(several D1 guys)PG team to Kaysville and they were dominated by a well-coached Davis team with no D1 guys. Good Luck to all the teams this weekend.

Kaysville, UT

Correction to my last post: A Region 1 team has been in the state championship game 5 of the last 6 years.

Herriman, UT

Round 1:

Brighton over Cottonwood
Herriman over Layton
Pleasant Grove over Davis (upset alert)
Jordan over Hunter
Syracuse equal to Lone Peak
Alta over Taylorsville
Bingham over West
Riverton over Northridge


Herriman over Brighton (upset alert)
Pleasant Grove over Jordan (upset alert)
Syracuse/Lone Peak over Alta
Bingham over Riverton

Look for Herriman, Pleasant Grove, Syracuse and Bingham to make it to RES.


Why is Herriman seeded first?

It wasn't a coin toss. My understanding is that three of the teams had both of their losses to two of the other 4 in the playoff group, Herriman only lost to one of the other three. Not saying that's fair, but what I was told by one of the coaches.

And I think it would be a bad idea to make overall record the tiebreaker. Herriman intentionally scheduled a brutal non conference schedule (and paid a price in injuries and concussion to some key players). Why should we reward teams who schedule only confidence building easy teams?

Syracuse, UT

It is clear as can be that Pig has a son living in Syracuse that tried to play football and failed. Probably a "10 play kid" back when he was 10.
Syracuse is well coached and has a good QB. Their line is undersized, on both sides of the ball but they give 100% on every play. Don't believe me? Ask last years Bingham team about that goal line stand. It was last year. However, all but one of those d-linemen are back.
Bingham is, and should be the prohibitive favorite this year. Syracuse will need a great game to beat Lone Peak.
But Pig, your comments show a lot more about you than they do the Titans.

South Jordan, UT

Dodger: Not that last year means diddly squat this year, but you also forget in that goal line stand last year, Bingham's QB was playing with a torn up ankle, and barely able to walk let alone run. Region 1 will be lucky to get 1 team in the quarters.

south jordan, UT

Big Benzo
You actually have the same picks i like.
We will see pretty fast which conferences are stronger and weaker than expected.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


No harm. I just saw the first comment about Davis at 9-0 playing PG at 8-2 in the first round and started looking at overall records. So I posted my observation - I'll stop posting my observations.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT

goaggies1 and Dodger60

You say Syracuse is well coached and has a good QB. Some reality now.

Look at the Offensive Stats in Region 3 and 4. Then compare them to Cuse Offensive Stats. It will make you guys think different of the Cuse coaches and Offensive. Even the Syracuse QB stats compared to your own Region 1 looks embarrassing. Your QB has the least yards combined Passing and Rushing of Region 1 QBs in the Playoffs. Watch the Lone Peak QB on Friday he will put up some numbers on the Titans.

Don't plan on going to RES, and if you get lucky again; Bingham will do what Jordan did last year to the Cuse. Just telling the truth about Cuse, nothing personal.

play where you live
clinton, UT

I don't know what happens in other areas of the state but in my area of the state, Davis County, there is major recruiting going on. Syracuse High School recruits players from other schools boundaries, they have no fear of the UHSAA. I guess as long as you fill the paperwork out right you are ok. Even if you don't (see East High last year) you will still be ok. It is sad these unethical coaches cannot just play with the players in their boundaries, it has become an all out recruiting war. Some of the teams that are not in the tournament are doing things right and not recruiting, yet they miss out on state playoffs and competitive games to watch for thier students and parents. Does anyone else care about this??

Layton, Utah

Riverton will never give Bingham a challenge, the triple option, wing T or whatever they run feeds right into the teeth of Bingham's defensive schemes, when was the last time Riverton beat Bingham? You keep saying they better not sleep or fall behind or whatever against such and such team, they've already done that!! and yet here they are undefeated the #1 team in the state!!!, you better hope and pray Jordan doesn't meet Bingham again in the playoffs.


Yes it is a big problem. The UHSAA needs to find a way to monitor it better and take action against schools that are recruiting. Any student that plays for a school that is not inside the boundary of where they live should get background checked and communication checked for illegal communcation between coaches and parents and be banned from playing. It's running rampant and ruining the competitive nature of the game.

Herriman, UT

@crazyfam10 - You are correct...no coin toss was needed. The region simply applied two separate tie breakers. Since all four teams were 4-2 in region...the first tie breaker applied was "wins versus tied opponents". Herriman and Riverton each had two wins and Lone Peak and Pleasant Grove had one win. This created a tie for first place between Herriman and Riverton and a tie for third place between Lone Peak and Pleasant Grove. The head to head tie breaker was then applied. Herriman had beat Riverton and Lone Peak had beat Pleasant Grove which resulted in the seeds as the now stand.

I am expecting a 3 to 1 and possibly 4 to 0 Region 4 advantage over Region 1
I am expecting a 4 to 0 Region 3 advantage over Region 2

Herriman vs Brighton; Jordan vs Pleasant Grove; and Lone Peak/Syracuse vs Alta should be some awesome quarterfinal games!!!

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