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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Getter done Bingham.

Class of '82

Salt Lake City, UT

The UHSAA needs to go to a power point system in seeding for playoffs. The only downside to this is that there is no region champs - you play for state seeding. In addition, it would force teams to play tougher pre-season games, and hope that teams in their region would do the same. Arizona has a fairly sweet set up, Utah is very archaic.

Layton, UT

Have to agree that it's a shame when the 2 best teams end up on the same side of the bracket. Logan and East have been on a collision course all year long. I don't think you will hear any complaints coming out of either of these programs. Both high quality programs who understand you have to win them all to be champs. On paper, East looks to be unbeatable but Coach Favaro has a knack of putting together game plans and schemes that have produced multiple state titles. I think Logans offense will have to put up 50+ points in a shootout to have a chance. Winner should get to play Timpview for the title. Thats not a great gift as Timpview has shown that they can play with anyone. Hoping for a great playoff and a Logan Title

Salt Lake City, UT

Logan's first round matchup with Bntfl is not a good draw. It was a 10-3 game - Logan winning. Logan put up points this year, but so did their opponents. I would not consider Logan a shoe-in. If they get by Bntfl, they have the winner of Olympus vs Springville. I'll take Olympus in that one. I think Logan would have their hands full if they meet up with Olympus.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Yea, and had PG gone 0-3 against those 3 teams, that'd indicate it was a down year. I'm against playing down but some teams do it like PG and Syracuse. To tell me those games give absolutely no input to how good (or bad) a team in ridiculous.

I'm not putting everything into this but it is an indicator. Bingham had Herriman, Granger and Hunter, and they won all 3, indicates they are good, does not necessarily indicate they are great. Had they gone 1-2, we'd know it was a down year for the Bingham program.

What about the Herriman-Bingham game? Herriman hung with Bimgham and everyone was amazed saying this might be a break through year for Herriman. Your saying nothing should have been taken from that game because it was non-Region? Even you indicated that PGs win over Timpview meant something but it shouldn't because it was non-region?

Every game provides input. They do not all determine playoff seeding.


I think the best first round games are going to be Davis/PG and Lone Peak/Syracuse. All 4 are teams capable of making a deep run. It's almost a shame that two of those teams will be done week one. It should be fun. I think Riverton could give Bingham fits in round 2.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT


I agree with you that Alta, Bingham, Brighton, and Jordan in the semi's at RES. But second time about Bingham dominates Alta win by 20+ and Brighton beats Jordan again in the same fashion as the first. Bingham winning state in a good game.

Clinton/Davis, UT

I don't agree with you PigSkin. I would agree with Bingham being the only region 3 team making to RES. I will be Bingham, Syracuse, Herriman and Davis. Region 3 teams have been good this year playing their games. How many of those teams play on artificial grass? Of those teams how many are even playing at home during the playoffs. There is so much that goes into these games as well as nachos, popcorn and soda. The ball bounces diffirently when the playoffs are here. I think the best match ups are region 1 and 4 for the first round. I also believe Northridge plays out of their head and beats Riverton at their place. They can sling the ball around and is one of the fastest teams in the state. They also have a good tight end. I hope your horses get some rest this week before the game because Northridge is all over the field. Davis is tough. PG Has a good team but I think their defense is week. When they blitz or bring pressure the leave the middle wide open and Davis will expose them all night long. Davis is Big!!!!!!!!!!

South Jordan, UT

Riverton hasnt beat BINGHAM for 10 year! I dont think the wing t has changed and there little Running game doesnt work against Big D lineman!

Bingham vs Alta
Brighton vs Jordan,

I think that iwll be the 5a Semis but then against playoff football brings anything!
good luck to all teams!

South Jordan, UT

Riverton gives Bingham fits? Riverton is a run first team with that Wing T offense. Name me a running team that has given Bingham fits? Riverton would lose by 35 points if they play Bingham.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT


is correct that the best first round game is Davis/PG and Lone Peak/Syracuse because anytime can win. PG will have trouble stopping Davis undefeated QB that can run and pass. "Davis" wins in a tight one. Syracuse might have the bigger problem stopping Lone Peak QB-Baron Gajkowski; one of the best runners(1,181 yds) and passers (1,652 yds) in the State. He also missed the Timpview game. Syracuse does not have running or passing numbers anywhere close. "Lone Peak" wins in a good game. Sorry Cuse you will not stop "Little Hansen". He does remind me of Chase.

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT


You got one out of four to RES, that is Bingham. You have not watched Region 3 play, too big and strong (Offesively) for Davis and Herriman. And Syracuse still does not have enough Offense. All they do is run junk in the middile with no results. Like every first down, too predictable. Sorry Cuse. All Region 3 in RES.

Layton, UT


No disrespect intended. No easy games to get to RES. 1st BTFL game was close but Logan offense has got progressively better. Championships usually come down to defense and Logan D has been pretty solid all year. Most games they had 2nd and 3rd string in by early 3rd quarter on both sides due to runaway score. Don't know how you can bet against Logan making it to Semi to face East. East is an interesting team. Clearly they have the most talent in 4A if not the whole State. However, we have seen this before. Dominate all year then get beat at State. Favaro has been a major thorn in East coach's side dating back to Park City 2007. I'm sure he is pretty motivated and this year I think he has the best team he has ever had. I would not bet on Logan but I would not be suprised to see them give East all they want and more

Kaysville, UT


You must be an East fan. I can see right through your post because if I were you I wouldn't want a thing to do with Logan because we all know how that has worked out for you in the past.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just like Jordan being far superior to everyone in 5A last year...East and Bingham are the same for this year. No one can compete with them...everyone is playing for 2nd place in 4A and 5A. This years Davis team is far weaker than last years Syracuse team from Region 1 and this years Alta is no better than last year's average Alta team. Lone Peak, PG, Riverton & Herriman, Davis and Syracuse are very similar...just depends on who shows up...none of them have a talent advantage. Brighton overachieved so far this year, I struggle to place them any higher than the rest of the pack. It is all Bingham's to lose.

Holladay, UT

Parry, now you are taking things out of context. You were talking about the overall record. Your words. Now you are saying that looking at the games themselves provides input. Of course they do! I agree 100% that preseason games need to be looked at to provide input. But that was not your initial point, which was (and this is what I was responding to) about the overall record. If you meant that to be an argument for looking at the preseason games themselves, I probably would have not said anything.

Clinton/Davis, UT

PigSkin, I have seen in person region 3 play this year and they are good sized I will give you that. They in know wise are any way shape or form the same size of Jordan Junior College team from last year. They where all big, so we have seen big.

UtahFootballguy, I like you. You can see through alot of what other people people cant. I believe what your saying about Davis. Good team, everything needs to work for them to win. I believe if Cuse and Davis would play again this year, Cuse would win by two touchdowns and maybe more. I believe Bingham is the team we are all gunning for. Dont forget, the Cuse was the last team to beat Bingham. Goodluck!!!!!!

Rural sport fan

Please, please lets not go to some silly arbitrary power system to seed the play offs. Do we need to remind people in Utah of how bad the BCS has been, using their system?

It's a high school championship. Regional match ups, if they stay matched up for more than two years at a time, mean something. And if you want to be state champs, you have to win the last few, no matter when the toughest team is your opponent. This isn't designed to figure out who is fourth or fifth...it comes down to the two teams that survive the playoffs, and then play one game to decide which trophy they take home. All the rest is just weeding out the rest.

Meanwhile, in other states...they don't take 80% of all teams to the playoffs. If you weren't top two out of 11 or 12 region teams, you didn't go to state at all where I grew up.

Salt Lake, UT

"The 'Cuse' is the last one to beat Bingham."

If Syracuse can get past Alta this is all Coach Peck needs to say to his players to unleash a monster worse than the won they faced last year at State.

5A Football Man
Layton , UT

So watching 5A all year the PG and Davis game will be the game of the week. Watching both teams I think PG pulls out a win. My upset watch game. I think will be riverton vs northridge. I have watch both don't sleep on northridge in round one. I can see this being a upset game. The Other fun game to watch is Syracuse and Lone Peak. I think lone peak will win this one in a really close game, but wouldn't be surprise if Syracuse wins.

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