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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Bee Careful
Kaysville, UT

How is it that Davis (9-0) gets paired with Pleasant Grove (8-2) in the first round? With that record shouldn't PG and Davis have been paired with one of the 4-5 teams? Davis is one of only two unbeaten teams in the state in 5A. The other one Bingham (10-0) got paired with a 4-5 team. Maybe I don't understand how the pairings get set, but that seems like a bad break for both David and Pleasant Grove.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@Bee Careful

It is because of the crappy way the UHSAA does their pairings. Rather than seed the playoffs, they just go by what place you finish in your Region and this year Region 1 Number 1 got Region 4 Number 4 and PG was #4 due to a coin flip.

Saratoga Springs, UT

My First Round Picks


Upper Bracket: Brighton, Herriman, PG, Jordan
Lower Bracket: Alta, Lone Peak, Bingham, Riverton
I am thinking all Region 3 Semis, and I will take Bingham and Brighton in a great game, Bingham wins, they just know how to do it.


Upper Bracket: Olympus, Logan, East, Corner Canyon - It is a shame East and Logan are in the same bracket.
Lower Bracket: Woods Cross, Orem (despite this years loss already to Salem Hills), Timpview, Sky View
The championship is Logan and East in teh Semi Finals, I will take East
Bear River, Cedar, Desert Hills, I know this is only first round, I think Dixie and Desert Hills play each other in the championship. Sorry Juan Diego

Judge, Juab, Manti, Morgan - Judge to win it all

San Juan, North Summit, Grand, Beaver, South Summit - South Summit to win it all.

Duchesne is going to win it all so the rest does not even matter.

Just my thoughts, doesn't mean I am right. I think Region 1 and 2 in 5A is weak this year, and Region 3 is just too strong.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Observation from 5A (and before you explain the tiebreaker Region 4 used, I know how they did it, this is just a simple observation).

In Regions 1, 2, and 3: the team with the best overall record was also the team with the best region record and got the #1 seed, likewise for #2 seed, #3 seed, and #4 seed.

In Region 4, there was a 4-way tie for first. The team with the worst overall record, Herriman, got the #1 seed and the team with the best overall record, PG, got the #4 seed.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

non-conference records have no effect on the seeding and that is a good thing

Holladay, UT

Big deal, Parry. Non league schedules are not against equitable competition, so bringing up the overall record does not mean much

Layton, Utah

Bingham will take state, everyone else is playing for second place. GO MINERS!

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT

Only two guarantees Bingham and East wins state. The rest is just formalities. Still have a fun time watching your teams lose 4A and 5A tourney.

draper, ut


I know that everyone has their opinion on the outcome for this years playoff race, but you're mistaken about JD not reaching the big one. JD will win the 3AA state title and bring it back home to draper.


Alta, Bingham, Brighton, and Jordan in the semi's at RES. We know Alta can play with Bingham and should've won the game Thursday. Brighton and Jordan are a toss up on the other side as well. Go Hawks! Win it all and get hot when it matters most.

South Jordan, UT


I don't follow you on the Alta "should've won the game" commentary. Bingham was the better team coming in. They came out flat and everybody saw it. Maybe they didn't take a 4-4 Alta team seriously. I'm sure Peck took them seriously but I don't think the team did. I give Alta credit for coming with enthusiasm, motivation and a great game plan that they executed very well in the first half.

But there are two halves to play. Peck got his team's attention at halftime and Bingham made adjustments and dominated the second half with some excellent play - better than Alta had dominated the first half. Then they kneeled out the last minute at the 3 yard line. I didn't sense that Alta gave it away. Bingham took it from them.

I can't recall any controversial penalty calls or non-calls. In fact, I thought this was the best officiated Alta-Bingham I can recall.

I think there is a good possibility of a re-match at RES if Alta can play that well against Syracuse. Best of luck to the Hawks in getting there. Bingham-Alta is always a great game.

South Jordan, UT


And Bingham won't be suckered by the "sneak a player off the sideline" trick punt play again if they meet up at RES.

Provo, UT

Some people were asking about the pairings and the seeds that came from Region 4. It is actually quite logical and fair and has nothing to do with overall record. And it didn't require coin flips.

The tie-breaking procedures just looked at the region records of the four teams involved and how they did against each other. Herriman and Riverton were 2-1 and Lone Peak and Pleasant Grove were 1-2. Then Herriman beat Riverton thus they were deemed the first seed and Riverton the second. Lone Peak beat Pleasant Grove head to head and were deemed the third seed and Pleasant Grove the fourth.


UHSAA is terrible. Bring back Region IX and assimilate these teams into 3A or 4A. A 3AA "state" championship is no more than a glorified region title.

St George, UT

@Utahbruin - Just for the record, as per your 3AA comment, Dixie and Desert Hills could meet in the Semi's not the finals. They are in the opposite bracket from JD. So likely, JD or PV will meet either Dixie or DH in the finals.

Saratoga Springs, UT


You may be right, JD is really good, I know. I will admit I do not know as much about 3AA as I do the 4A and 5A schools. That St. George Region will call it, is really good I know and JD is clearly the best up here in the North. This is s fun time of season and high school football playoffs is a fun time of year. Good luck to your boys. I agree with you, they just may be champs! Should be a fun playoffs.


You are right, I apologize. To stick with my original pick. I will go with Pine View upsetting JD and DH beating Dixie and D. Hills winning the 3AA. Sorry mykaljordan, just picking an upset. Doesn't mean I am right. Good luck to all, should be a fun playoff season.

South Jordan, UT

A long streak has ended... Delta was unable to find consistency this year under their new (but promising) coach, and they miss the playoffs for the first time in 35 (I think) straight years. Great tradition at Delta, but time to pick themselves up by their bootstraps next year and start another streak. It is strange, though, to look at the pairings and not see them there.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Hey Caleb and footballisgood

Thanks for pointing out that non-conference records do not play into the play-off seeding. I'm pretty sure that I did not say that they do. And while I agree that the non-region portion of the schedule is not equitable, I think that the overall record is an indicator of how good a team is.

south jordan, UT

The questions about why Davis has to play Pleasant Grove.It wasn't decided by a coin toss.
Herriman beat both Riverton and Lone Peak.
Riverton beat both Lone Peak and Pleasant Grove
Lone Peak beat Pleasant Grove.
All these teams are a handfull!
What i find crazy is region 2 may not win a game against region 3.
These regions are lob sided in region 3 the top 4 are guaranteed a playoff birth each year.
Unless Copper Hills and West Jordan turn things around with only 6 in the conference.
With a weaker region 2 they may want to consider a better way of getting the top 16.
In region 4 American Fork and Lehi are teams that would probably take that division and they didn't make it.Davis will have a battle with PG and Syracuse with Lone Peak.We do not have the best 16 teams leaving out AF and Lehi in the tough 7 team region 4.

Holladay, UT

So if the other region 4 teams played Orem, Timpanogos, and Maple Mountain (PG's preseason not including Timpview, which was a heck of a win), or Granger, Madison (ID), and Dixie (Riverton's preseason) that they would not have better overall records? Your argument about overall record as an indicator of a team's strength does not hold any water. If you schedule weaker teams you will have a better record. I remember Monte Morgan at Lone Peak used to schedule a tough preseason every year and would be, like, 1-3 going in to region play, then finish first in region and go the the semis or finals, even though their overall record was not as good as some others. Put Bingham on the schedule of all of those teams and it is a loss for every one of them.

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