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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 10:55 p.m. MDT

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CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Do I not recall a three touchdown loss prediction by the Cougars in this game?

Boise State has had its day and may return to prominence, but BYU is simply better this year.

If BYU was still in the MWC they could win it this year.

BYU used to win like BSU has in the recent past, but they are short a few better athletes this year to compete with the top teams.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It was a big win for the program and on a national stage too. Hill is the real deal and has shown it in the past couple of weeks. The losses at the beginning of the season would be wins if played again today.

Proud to be a Cougar!

Las Vegas, NV

score much closer than the one sided game, total domination by the Cougar

New to Utah

BYU played their best game in years against Boise State. It is too bad their opponent wasn't Utah. The unbelievable catches, defense causing 4 turnovers and a good officiating crew showed off Cody Hoffman and Kyle Van Noy to a national audience.

Boise, ID

Harmon and I must have watched two different games. He apparently saw BYU as kicking some Bronco tail but I saw the game differently. The game I watched was the one where Boise State gave the game to the Cougars. Now maybe in Cougarville that is the same as stomping a mud hole in the other guys but where I come from it is called laying down to a decidedly lesser squad a allowing them to run rough shod over you. But, if you are BYU and you are starving for affirmation, then I suppose you take anything that is handed to you.

Gilbert, AZ


Sorry, but you need to take off those orange-colored shades.

BYU dominated Boise State from start to finish. The Cougars were up 24-3 at the half and the Broncos never got closer than 14 points in the 2nd half. If Anae hadn't gotten too conservative in his play calling in the 2nd half, it could have easily been a 30-point blowout. BYU runs rough shod over lots of teams. You obviously missed the Texas game where BYU rushed for 550 yards, the most rushing yards ever given up by Texas in 1,200+ games.

Spanish Fork, UT

While enjoyable, it wasn't a close game except for the first 4 minutes. BYU dominated the line of scrimmage. Hill made the Boise St. rush look silly. Hoffman, Apo and Matthews towered over the DBs and Van Noy was a Man among Boise.

As to having something to play for... I don't get that. You play for each game. You play to win. Being champion of the nation is big (done that). Beyond that, winning the conference is really more about getting a great bowl. But that would mean few teams have anything to play for at this time of the year.



You could make a case for Boise State hurting themselves as the big glaring difference in the stats, besides the score, is the turnover margin of four to zero. However, I think that relies on the notion that BSU made three fumbles and an interception on their own?!?

You need to understand how BYU has been playing (coached) this year. BYU totally dominated BSU in the first half, both offensively and defensively. In the 2nd half BYU then chooses to play conservatively, both offensively and defensively, unless the opponent gets the score close again. This allowed BSU to do better in the 2nd half, although BSU deserves some credit for adjustments. If the score gets close then BYU will be very aggressive again, especially offensively, which is what BYU did in the Houston game where BYU had to play aggressive the whole game.

Not sure how any BSU fan can complain about three losses this year? What team in the nation wouldn't love to have an 89-11 record like Petersen has? Exactly, no other team in the nation has a better record over that time!

It seems like you are looking for a little validation of your own?

Salt Lake City, UT

The four take-aways were forced errors. They were not bad snaps or missed hand offs. BSU is a good team and they were dominated by a superior team. 37-20 is not a narrow victory decided on a fluke play. But, your rationalization is typical home town spin. BSU should be grateful for the poor officiating. The margin might have been wider.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Dick, as a writer/reporter you get to talk to and ask questions of the coaches, when you can ask Anae why he is so predictable and why he seems to always want to take his foot off the pedal. It is frustrating to see game after game that in the 3rd quarter our offense struggles and sputters. IMO it is the play calling more than anything. Ask Anae why he is doing what he is doing, running up the middle and punting, open up the offense and let them have fun and experiment on aggressive offensive plays etc. Two weeks to prepare will be great, I just hope Sornsen and others gets healthy and that we can go into Madison at full strength.

Marysville, WA

Great to see passes to running backs in the flats, tight ends rumbling over people up the middle, and blitzes burned by fast-release timing routes, with a QB who can burn you with his legs in a heartbeat on broken plays, all against a big-time program on national TV. I've been waiting at least 20 years for last night.

Taysom is the real deal. Students of today, enjoy your football for the next 3hree years. You will be boring your kids and grandkids for years to come with stories of "the good old days" of the Taysom era.

Welcome back, BYU football!

New to Utah

I don't like BYU"s Kraft Hunger Bowl deal. I think it does nothing for the team. It is a low paying not important Bowl. I think if this BYU team plays as good as they did against Boise State and beats Wisconsin and Notre Dame which is likely they would be offered a much better bowl and Van Noy, Hoffman, Apo and Hadley would get better recognition.


@Captain L

Anae is being more conservative once BYU has a good lead because Taysom and the team are still learning. If BYU had kept playing aggressively it is likely there would have been some interceptions which can totally change the game. If you look at the stats of the game the only thing that is glaringly different, besides the score, is the turnovers. BYU did not do well at the beginning of this year in the turnover battle, but has mostly done much better the last three games and really excellent against BSU!

It is interesting that turnover margin correlates almost 100% with score. The only time it doesn't correlate is when you are playing a team that is clearly not as good.

River Falls, WI

Chris B. asks "So what are you guys playing for now that you can't improve your bowl position? Why don't you guys join the PAC 12 or big 12 so you could still be in contention for a bcs bowl and power conference title?"

There's no need to respond to him, as he's a troll that's asked this same question dozens of times, and he doesn't care how anyone responds. He'll continue to ask the same question... over and over and over regardless of the answer.

That being said, I'll ask a similar question to Cougarnation... What is the allure of having a conference championship?

Obviously BYU has just about the same bcs bowl access as anyone else (be undefeated or possibly one loss), and they are now playing several incredible programs each year (i.e. Texas, Wisconsin, Notre Dame) that are better than most lower and mid-tier bowl opponents. A conference championship game in the MWC doesn't rival the top 3-4 opponents we now face each season but would ensure that our last regular season game is against a formidable foe (i.e. better to play Oregon than Colorado). Any other benefits?

Captain L
Provo, UT

@ Kralon: Turnovers usually occur when your pressing and foricing things not just because your passing or being aggressive. The time to be aggressive is when you have a 24 to 3 lead or anything like that. I'm not suggesting Anae be reckless in his play calling but he goes over board towards the conservative side, this team needs to learn how to put a team away, not coast to victory. We have the players to put the pedal to the medal , we need to do it, not shy away from it. Your assumption that it's likely that interceptions would occur just because we would have keep passing and pushing the aggressive approach I don't agree with, there is a balance that needs to be had and IMO Anae's hand it off up the middle all the time approach is going too far towards the passive side.

Mcallen, TX

Tied to the regulations, and rules of a conference?

Independence is great. Go where you want to go.

Being popular isn't always the greatest thing.

Dave Matthews
Sammamish, WA

Anyone notice how we were stuck watching reruns of BYU vs Boise State late night on ESPN? Multiple channels of ESPN as well were replaying the game. And then reruns on BYUtv. How many times can we watch the game on national TV?

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

My goodness JLFuller in Boise, ID, those are some sour grapes you pressed in you nonsensical rant. Contrary to your claim-- BYU did kick some BSU tail; and everybody watching on national TV saw it.

You claim that BSU "gave the game to the Cougars". You mean by turning the ball over several times, whereas BYU did not do it even once? Or scoring fewer points? Or failing to keep BYU out of the end zone etc?

I contend that BYU was extra merciful to BSU. They could have easily been up 21-0 in the first but instead opted to experiment with motion penalties. But I know that you would prefer to claim that as BSU's defense holding BYU back.

So in summary, yes, BYU did stomp a mud hole into a decidedly lesser squad.

Are all BSU fans such sore losers?

Highland, UT

jl fuller proves to us all that boise "fans" are pretty much the equivalent to utah "fans". Johnny come lately band wagon types that somehow think a few, a very few, good years, makes them more than they actually are.

I really enjoy reading posts like his/hers, they amuse me while also making me pity them.

West Jordan, UT

CHris B is so uninformed I don't know why we bother. The stanford game was a fluke and just like last year the Utes are falling on hard times. I guess The BYU game takes it all out of them and they can't compete after that. Bummer Chris B. Now go cry yourself to sleep.

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