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Published: Sunday, Oct. 27 2013 10:30 a.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Great win Cougars. Great to see the offense firing on all cylinders in the first half before the Cougars slowed it down.

Nothing like playing on ESPN and being the featured game.

Keep it going Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Long time coming! Well deserved victory! Bowl eligible baby, bowl eligible!

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

Great game by Hill and the whole offense, especially Hill's efficiency and distribution to multiple receivers and Williams' 100+ yard game.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Nice win for the Cougars. Bowl eligible v. Pac-12. Would like another crack at utah but they won't be bowl eligible.

Phoenix, AZ

Great win BYU. That Targeting call against Boise St. should have also been a touchdown too. Oh well, Good win and on to Wisconsin. Need that one to make a real statement.

Raleigh, NC

Two weeks to get ready for Wisconsin. Three injured players. Hope they are ready after the extra week.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Great first half offensively; second half was slower, but the defense was active all night long. Very impressed with our cougars tonight. Enjoy the bye week.

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

What happened with the second half slow down?
O-line winded?

Overton, NV

Hoffman caught the ball and took two steps before being hit in the head. He then held on to the ball until he hit the ground. Yes, it absolutely should have been a touchdown.

Anybody who thinks this win is diminished because BSU was missing their starting QB is grasping at straws. Everything I've read and heard suggests that this QB is a lot more mobile than Southwick. He was able to avoid several sacks and pick up big 1st downs with his feet. Southwick would have been facing a lot of long yardage situations.

I can't help but think the two injuries to BYU's secondary players are a direct result of the targeting garbage. They both went low and got kneed in the head. We'll see a lot more of that if guys are allowed to hit players in the chest. Because you know that if they aim there, the offensive player will duck his head and turn it into a penalty and possible ejection.

Mcallen, TX

The only Utah team to beat Boise State, and bowl game.

Overton, NV

1st half success saw a lot of big plays from the TEs. It's about time. When BYU has had really good offenses, they've made use of the TEs. Part of the struggles over the last couple of years has been due to having to rely entirely on receivers in the passing game.

Also, 9 guys caught passes in the 1st half. I think it was 10 by the end of the game. When they spread the ball around, they put up big numbers.

Taysom is making better decisions, too. He got rid of a lot of balls tonight rather than try to do too much and take a sack.

The future looks bright.

Bonneville, ID

I wished they would not go conservative in the second half. They need to keep the pedal down and give time to the back-ups.

Orange County, CA

Not only two weeks to prepare for Wisconsin, but essentially two weeks to prepare for Notre Dame with the game before the Irish being a tune up game against Idaho State (no disrespect intended).

So, let's see what the coaches and team can do with a good opportunity to win three of the last four with a win at Notre Dame more likely than at Wisconsin. Our's for the taking!

Enid, OK

@ NevadaCoug - Overton, NV - "Hoffman caught the ball and took two steps before being hit in the head. He then held on to the ball until he hit the ground. Yes, it absolutely should have been a touchdown."

If I could give you a hundred "Likes", I would.

Every single word you said above was true and it was all on video tape to prove it.

Lot of blown calls tonight....the TD above that was not ruled a TD and a BSU defensive pass interference call that was not called. To be fair, I'd even add a 1st qtr BSU 4th down plunge that looked like it was good to me but was ruled short of the first down.

Go Cougars!

dont get mad

Good win. Let's keep it going!

Las Vegas, NV

Best stat of the night... No turnovers. Good job Cougs!

Enid, OK

We really played well tonight! Tons of passing yards, consistent chunks of yards on the ground, few penalties, lots of guys catching the ball, tons of turnovers in our favor.

Great game, guys, great game!

I would LOVE to play Utah in a bowl game in CA but it's looking iffy that Utah can even become bowl eligible.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....Pac-12, blah, blah, blah......

Go Cougars!

CO Ute

Read all the comments and nothing from U fans prior to this post. First, nice win for the Y, congrats. Second, even with nothing regarding Utah I already see posts referencing my favorite team - seems some of you are more concerned with red than blue which is pretty sad. Third, taking nothing away from the win, the team was playing with a backup QB and has now lost 3 games this year - not the same BSU teams we have seen in the past. Hill seems to have found his stride and is more than just a runner. Let's see what happens when you play a much better opponent in a couple of weeks.

Cache county, USA

Boise needs a new offensive coordinator. And fast!

Mcallen, TX

This game has been marked down.

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