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Published: Saturday, Oct. 26 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Whether you agree with his principles, at least he's sticking to them which is a lot more than can be said about a lot of other politicians.

Far East USA, SC

I wish Mr Lee would read his own words. Talk about wordsmithing.

“What was wanted, of course, was a repeal of Obamacare, but we realized we weren’t likely to get that.......so we resorted to a compromise position..... and defund Obamacare indefinitely. Senate Democrats rejected that,"

If you realized that "repeal" was not an option, how is "defunding indefinitely" any different?
Doesn't it have the exact same effect?

Mr Lees explanation reminds me of a kidnapping/ransom situation.

"It was never our intention to kill the victim. We just wanted the money" Duh

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

"What we wanted was never a government shutdown; we never wanted that, we never needed that, we never advocated for that."...


of you never "wanted" that Senator - but you DID do it, and you threaten to do it over and over again if you didn't get your way.

This spin-doctoring reminds me another shifty politician caught doing something really Really STUPID,
and that all depends on what your definition of the word "is" is.

Hayden, ID

It turns out that Mike Lee and Ted Cruz were right since Obama himself has delayed his mess! What was it Obama called them for suggesting a delay? "Obstructionists, hostage takers, ransom demanders, terrorists". How does it taste to have to eat your own words Mr. president? What a class act you are, NOT!

Bountiful, UT

How would Lee see things if the shoe was on the other foot?

What if a minority of Senate Democrats decided to take a "principled stand" and filibuster everything related to defense spending? "Let's fund the areas of government we agree on, and we'll continue to block funding for defense appropriations". My sense is Lee, along with just about everyone else, would consider this to be a ridiculous abuse of power, a destabilizing obstruction of governance.

Most Americans are moderate and pragmatic. They don't really care for ideological ramblings, and they certainly aren't enamored by egomaniacs who demonstrate symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, what Mike Lee is doing right now.

In his mind, he can't be wrong, and he'll spin and rationalize his actions to try and convince everyone else that he is indeed the smartest guy in the class.

Lee will eventually apologize to Utah voters, because though he rode the backs of the tea party to victory, underneath it he's the biggest fan of Mike Lee, and will do what he has to for self-preservation. Will Utah still want a car salesman in 4 years?

Ogden, UT

If Lee really believes the garbage he spouts, he is delusional. If he does not really believe the garbage he spouts, he is running a con on the people of Utah and the United States. In either event, he is not qualified to be a United States senator. Is it possible to re all or impeach him? That would be the best thing to have happen, for everyone.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

"What we wanted was never a government shutdown; we never wanted that, we never needed that, we never advocated for that."

When a shutdown is the leverage you willingly and intentionally chose to try to get your way, this statement is absurd on its face. You employed that tactic, you own it, Senator.

Ogden, UT

And we still have never seen an alternative to the ACA from the Republicans. Shame on Lee for his double dealing.

Durham, NC

Lee's strategy..... were not going to fix the law, we just not going to fund the law. Thats like saying "we know the other team is better, were not going to cancel the game, we are just not going to show up." And then in the end claim that your didn't lose the game.

Senator Lee, you lost the game. And that is the problem.... it is a game rather than a serious attempt to fix what is wrong with American health care delivery. You don't fix the problem by not showing up... and so far... the Republicans just want to not show up.

Obama's game may be flawed.... but he showed up to the game. He has won by default. Perhaps it is time for the Republicans to actually show up... and provide their own solution we can all rally around. Until then....

Massapequa , NY

I think you posters need to wake up and smell the coffee. What worked in the past in Congress will not work now. The Democrat party has become "progressive" and they will not do anything that entails compromise or bi-partisanship. They deal in conjecture and untruths. The are working to transform this country whatever way they can. Politicians like Hatch and Huntsman can vow to do whatever they think to "compromise" and get along, but they are ignoring the facts. Healthcare and the control of people - their lives and choices - is the first step to the great transformation. Mike Lee not only fought for Utah, he fought for all Americans. Americans who know what we are facing and understand what is happening will support him.

Centerville, UT

It is amazing that so many are believing what the media say: that the Republicans shut down the government.

First, 85% of the government remained functional and open. It is both embarrassing and revealing that Obama chose to tape of and barricade national open-air monuments.

Second, It was clearly the Senate Democrats and the president that shut down the government as they refused to compromise. They refused to send a Senate delegation to negotiate with the House, and they refused to consider anything at all.

Lastly, because the Obamacare website is such a mess, Obama has delayed certain aspects of the law just as Republicans had proposed!

Democrats and Obama are peddling snake oil to the American people.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA


"First, 85% of the government..." That's heavily skewed by the fact that DOD, the largest employer in the world with 3.2 million employees, was almost 100% mission-essential. Most other agencies were gutted. National parks were closed by LAW, not by choice. Anyone who doesn't understand the Antideficiency Act has no business commenting on what was closed and what wasn't.

"clearly the Senate Democrats and the president that shut down..." Nonsense. The GOP talked about a shutdown showdown since August. They tried making hash of an already busted appropriations process to defund a program that had nothing to do with the appropriations bill. Taking the government hostage because they can't succeed with the normal legislative process, and then blaming the other side for not negotiating is absurd, and the overwhelming majority of Americans see right through them.

"Obama has delayed certain aspects of the law just as Republicans had proposed!" Nope. The **only** reason the Repubs wanted to delay ACA was to give them more bites at the apple to repeal it. Because they're OBSESSED with nothing else, they want to continue trying their 40+ meaningless votes to do just that.

Saint George, UT

Mike Lee is the Jefferson Smith of our day! If Mike Lee cracks, he will have one that will vote him out and drag as many as I possibly can to do likewise. He is an absolute hero at present. My only advice to Mike Lee is to stay only one, maybe two terms, or he will follow in the same pattern as all the rest of the politicians who have lost their souls in Washington for the very things Mike states, because they only want to get re-elected rather than do what is right for the people. The Democratic and Republican parties have literally destroyed this country. It is the Independents who will make Washington change its ways. The non-thinkers of this world are the Democrats and Republicans. Wake up and educate yourself voters. Quit taking the democratic or republican talking points and merrily go on your way. Both are equivalent to the man behind the curtain in the wizard of Oz! 'Pay no attention to him'!

Murray, UT

Unreconstructed Reb-

If shutting down the parks was law, how come Clinton left them open during his shutdown?

Who wanted the shutdown and made it happen?

Obama was the one who stated he wouldn't negotiate or compromise. He then chose to shut down whatever was most visible to voters, using extra manpower to do it. It seems like he wanted the shutdown.

Harry Reid refused to bring any budget/funding bill to the floor, other than a CR for everything, which we clearly cannot afford, or we wouldn't have to borrow 45% of it every day, month, and year. He wouldn't negotiate, or even talk to the republicans.

Reid and Obama thought the shutdown would only hurt republicans, so they were only too happy to do it. They only came to the table when they realized that their popularity was tanking.

Who caused the shutdown? Not Mike Lee. He is just one vote, of 100, in the senate.

I dare you to explain how the shutdown was Mike Lee's doing!

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA


The parks WERE closed in the '95-'96 shutdown. I saw the barriers in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Smithsonian museums myself. Places like the Grand Canyon were opened because the states funded them themselves.

If you take issue with the way in which various departments handle a lapse in appropriations, take it up with Congress, which passed the ADA decades ago, and the Office of Management and Budget, which established the same shutdown procedures back when Obama was still a law student.

The GOP introduced bills to reopen piecemeal, cherry-picked portions of the government that would be politically palatable to their base, and they did so solely as a weak rebuttal when blamed for the shutdown that THEY ENGINEERED.

Beyond butchering the appropriations process works, it's the equivalent of releasing a few hostages until the terrorists' demands are met. Their fundamental job is to sustain general government operations, not just the ones they like. And the GOP, not the Dems, folded when they took a dive in popularity.

Arguing that this was about a CR that we can't afford is sheer revisionism. The GOP had no problem with funding everything; they targeted Obamacare.

Saint George, UT

Anyway you can take Washington down you have my vote Mike. Washington only represents the corrupt interests of government and corporate monopolies. They forgot about defending individuals in their God-given rights a half century or longer ago. They have stifled liberty,spent us into oblivion, and are ready to pull the lever on more. Those who have been hurt the worst by this process are the poor, women, and families, although every Democrat and Republican will trot out their favorite enslavement program that has only guaranteed their continued poverty. Anything any honest congressmen can do to tear it apart has my vote. Any congressman that is willing to tear down the prison and hold the criminals accountable has my support. I challenge anyone to tell me any congressmen in the past fifty years that has keep the promises they gave when they campaigned! Mike Lee comes as close to it as anyone, whether you agree with him or not. Barack Obama, if judged on what he promised, would have to go down as one of the greatest liars in history. The pro Obama supporters will say 'every politician lies'. Wow, where does that leave us.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Instead of spinning the unspinable, he should resign.

Smokey Lonesome

The tea party or republicans did not cause the shut down, in fact the republicans put up enough bills to keep all of government going except the affordable care act. President Obama and Harry Reid of the senate denied all bills. This was carefully planned to take place. How else do you account for all the professionally made signs at all of the national parks, the block aids on the national mall and more employees on the national mall to keep people out than it took to keep it open? politics both sides but this one mostly the liberals and the media are to blame.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

How many jobs did you help create since being in Congress, Senator Lee. How have you helped the economy? How much has your income and other "perks" grown since arriving in Congress? Senator Lee would do well to respond as to why he has done nothing to help the economy and job growth.


Of course Mr. Lee and his kind can parse words to make themselves appear innocent of any wrongheaded notions on any topic. It is the justification all the tea partiers use. For this reason, they are a true danger to our democracy, no matter what they say. Lee's associations and the axriona we were able tos ee in regard to the shutdown give to lie to any justification he thinks to make for his "sacred obligation" to Utah voters. What a sad and ironic used of that word, sacred.

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