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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sparks, NV

Last week the Republicans were excoriated for trying to delay Obamacare. Now that its disastrous opening shows its true colors, some Democrats are hailed for wanting to wait for its launch. This whole issue of saying the Republicans, mainly the "Tea Party" has ruined their future, is mistaken. I now see 2 great leaders in that future in Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and you people in Utah don't support them. We now have 2 people who will stand up to the Establishment Republicans and demand that we do something! Instead, what do we have to show for trying to solve the problems we face? Nothing. It has all just been kicked down the road to another confrontation in some future day.

You claim to be fiscally conservative, yet you have done nothing to solve the problem and in essence, are part of the problem. Are Mike Lee and Ted Cruz the only people willing to stand up and change the future of the tsunami heading our way? If they are not supported, we will have nothing to live for in the very near future.

Pardon me while I go recheck my food storage supply. We're gonna need it.

Mesa, AZ

Mr. Clark:
Seems like this opinion piece only digs up the same old GOP talking points. The GOP strategy can never change if you continue to rely on the same talking points, without reconsidering a least a few things, which you appear to not want to do. Are you falling back on the same scapegoats and mythical conservative beliefs to make your point? Any new ideas or strategies proposed?

Also, did you ever, once, during the Bush years, pull out that George Washington quote, and say out loud: "Stop with the spending!?" Our current debt issue, which frames a portion of your arguments against ACA and Democrats--is it seriously all President Obama's fault? As a nation, we seem to collectively forget what happened about 4 or 5 years ago, and why.


Democrats are the party of solutions? Watching the implementation of Obamacare makes that statement impossible to believe. The bill as written is an attack on the working poor since it will force any full-time working poor to part-time status; it will throw millions of Americans out of their current health insurance plans; it will force many to change physicians; it will leave many without physicians; it will help some, but only those groups favoured by Obama and his Progressives. They will try to blame Republicans for this, but there are no Republican fingerprints on this bill. I do believe the law will be implemented because the President believes he can talk his way out of its shortcomings. Prepare to listen as he will be constantly talking, talking, talking. Unhappily, he will succeed because we are not a smart people, HIs re-election is proof of that.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

The GOP has become a loose cannon and a threat to economic stability. With the looming showdown over the budget after the first of the year, I'd expect businesses to again hunker down, not invest in anything, not hire anyone, stuff money into mattresses, and simply wait out and attempt to endure the next GOP-initiated crisis for businesses and the economy.

If ObamaCare is such a disaster, let it falter on its own.

The GOP needs its own "signature" legislation that contributes to the betterment of America... sadly, the GOP is creating too much risk, instability, and uncertainty going forward. Sad...

Burke, VA

This is an excellent observation on the current situation. And as much as I agree with the premise of this essay, there are a few statements I would like to challenge. For weeks and months we have heard of the “devastation” suffered by American families because of the Affordable Care Act. This essay further promotes that idea with statements like "Obamacare is bad law" or "Obamacare curbs self-reliance, personal accountability" without offering any constructive examples to validate those claims. On the other hand, several website, including the AARP website, claim the opposite with lists of positive features such as:

•Creates the Health Insurance Marketplace, a new way for individuals, families, and small businesses to get health coverage
•Requires insurance companies to cover pre-existing health conditions
•Holds insurance companies accountable for rate increases
•Makes it illegal for health insurance companies to Protects your choice of doctors
•Covers young adults under 26
•Provides free preventive care (in this case “free” means there is no co-pay or deductable)
•Ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits

So, do the detractors have a similarly comprehensive list of negative features?

clearfield, UT

Don't agree with any of your conclusions, but you are a good spinning Democrat. One word of political advice to you. Americans have no memory. Next year less than 10% of the people will even remember the so called shut down. People will vote on how they feel 2 weeks out from the election. If they are reeling over high medical costs, that will be the big issue.

Saint George, UT

It is no wonder that the Libertarian party, Independents, and Tea Party represent such a vast part of the electorate. Defending the Republican or Democratic brand name is equivalent to neutralizing our constitution, limited government, and moral values. Those parties have led us to the precipice without even acknowledging any responsibility or guilt for their appeasement and corrupt behavior. I love Timothy Clark's articles. This is the first one that left me empty. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, for whatever there motivations and future standing, have been heroic. Barring their stance and efforts, the Democratic and Republican parties would have colluded again, and again, and again to give us more of what hasn't worked. Anyone that supports the Democratic and Republican parties, without thinking about where to take an individual stand, is weak, naive, and ultimately part of the problem. I can't support ya on this one Tim, but everything else I've read has been awesome. Keep it up!

Everett, 00

As a FORMER Republican,
[as MOST of the 46% of Americans who are also UN-affiliated at the moment]
I couldn't agree more with this article...

Bountiful, UT

It's impressive when you see a clear-thinking Republican who is not in the echo chamber, the whirlpool of anger, repetitive talking points, doom and gloom, the bomb shelter mentality.

Guess what, Republicans? Obamacare is actually *your* idea, what the GOP proposed as a market-based alternative to Hillarycare.

The website will get fixed, and we'll start to see more & more people with stories about how ACA helped their family, or that it's not as bad as their conservative friends claim, etc. ACA will certainly need to be adjusted, altered, some fixes implemented. But just as Romneycare showed, it will basically work OK.

The big question is whether the Republican party will be able to come up with coherent alternatives, besides just gutting ACA and letting children with pre-existing conditions go without.

I work with a guy who lives in the echo chamber. He's convinced we'll have a full blown civil war, an insurrection in the US, by the end of this year - at least that was his story in the summer.

The pragmatic middle will see a lot of Republicans as irrational hotheads, with no constructive ideas.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Obama is selling security. The GOP is mocking that pitch. Who wins?"

Well, since the Democrats are now trying to sell the same thing Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were arguing for last week, it's pretty clear the Republicans do.

It won't take Americans -- even the low-information America liberals have created -- very long to figure out that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And that if Obama and the Democrats are now angling for the same things the "radical" tea partiers were holding out for, someone was lying last week, and that Democrats have finally been dragged -- kicking and screaming all the way, to be sure -- to the truth.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

"Today, the Affordable Care Act is a source of frustration for a few citizens trying to log on to a website, a source of concern for many who don’t know what the law really means, and yet a source of hope for most."

Who is the "most" that get hope from this horrendus bill? There is a very small minority who get something better with their health care than they had before. The rest of us suffer with crappier, more expensive health insurance. Keep in mind MOST people do not qualify for Obamacare and are stuck with whatever their company provides or their own private insurance.

"...the Democratic Party... is seen as the party of solutions."

You've got to be kidding. The party that refused over 10 bills from the House to avoid government shutdown is seen as the party of solutions?

If the rest of the republicans would have stuck to their guns, like Cruz and Lee, and called the President on his bluff with the debt ceiling, he and Reid would have had to come to the table. Instead they sold out and now look like the mascot of the party they caved to.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

So what if an ACA propaganda site has "positive features" listed? These are unsubstantiated without any record of implementation.
"Holds insurance companies accountable for rate increases" - that a joke. It doesn't apply until after you start insurance. If you haven't had insurance already, than you haven't noticed what has happened to our insurance in the last year. Try going from $1500 deductible to cover your family to a $4000 deductible. Then after deductible most things are covered at only 60%.

Why is it fair that people who pay nothing should get better coverage than those of us who pay?

Beverly Hills, CA

As an ex GOPer I have to laugh at the whole spending issue. During the GW Bush years I asked "How are we paying for all this?" The GOP had no issues with GW Bush running up TRILLIONS for stimulus packages, 2 wars, bank bailouts, Medicare Part D. NONE of you spoke up on spending so your cries of too much spending are laughable.

Both sides ran up the debt but the GOP seems to forget their part. I am glad to be an independent now that did NOT vote for Lee.

Salt Lake City, UT

The only way toward salvaging our country is for all Republicans and fed-up Democrats to support Tea Party candidates like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

Bountiful, UT


It's interesting to see this "low information American" term being flashed by conservatives and Republicans, as some kind of explanation among themselves for why things don't go their way.

Basically, "if you don't agree with us, you're either dumb, uninformed, or a lazy slave to government programs", pretty much a regurgitation of the 47% comment that sunk Romney.

I'm not sure this is your best approach for broadening support for your cause.

The column's author, Tim Clark, seems to see serious problems with the GOP's strategy and messaging. Presumably he's a rube, a RINO, a fool, as well? (He did go to Oxford, which is kind of like exposing our youth to the "International Baccalaureate" program in HS. You could thus dismiss him as being tainted, no longer a true American, I suppose.)

Salt Lake City, UT

"Never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake." -- Napoleon Bonaparte

Democrats knew the strategy was a mistake. Republican leadership knew it was a mistake. Played out on the national stage was infighting between Republicans and the Tea Party. Tea Party members were certain that shutting down the government was a good strategy. Republican leadership let it go forward to show them that it was not. The price seems heavy, but I think Republicans hope they can purge their ranks of some of the Tea Party members in the next election.

American Fork, UT

I pretty much agree with the article. I really hope the GOP gets their stuff together so I can vote for them in 2016. If they stopped letting themselves get hijacked by the tea party they could actually win some elections and accomplish what the tea party has not been able to.

Burke, VA

The Solution - You are right to say these claims have not yet had a chance to be put into place. It is the same reason that it is ludicrous to claim that Obamacare is a train wreck when it won't be fully implemented for a few months. Certainly there have been problems with the website (name a start up business that hasn't experienced that) but the intentions of the new law are as stated in those features and it is the intent of the government to enforce the law. The onoly thing we can actually prove is that our current system has none of those features and, left to themselves, would not even think about incorporating those features. If you could substantiate any of the claims you have made about deductibles and costs with actual documented evidence, then the discussion would be more meaningful.

Castle Rock, CO

As the mother of a child with special needs, I am grateful for the Affordable Care Act. Enough with the discrimination against the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. The CEO of UnitedHealthcare made something like $100 million a year or so ago. Why are we putting our health in the hands of for-profit corporations? Do you truly believe they have your best interests at heart?

The ACA is by no means perfect, but yes, it is an answer to prayer for families like mine who lived in fear that our children would be denied care because of a pre-existing condition or hit a cap.

And most Americans realize this and are voting for Democrats because at least the Dems are trying to help us. Whereas Republicans talk abstractly about freedom and limited government and the Founding Fathers and ignore the very real challenges faced by millions of Americans every day.

Until Republicans start proposing solutions, I'll vote for a Democrat every time.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

You know the old saying, "when the money runs out........

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