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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 23 2013 10:30 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Gonzaga just had a nice player from Germany graduate by the name of Elias Harris, hope Ogbe follows suit!


East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Gone fishin

WOW. All these predictions and not a single game has been played yet. Typical ute fans. I am guessing that they will also make it to the final four and then win the national championship?


Coming from Cougar Nation that "celebrated and celebrated and celebrated" in the streets of Provo .... a 1-0 Quest.


Utah looks to be improving. At least there's hope for this team, unlike the Jazz.

Mesa, AZ


"Straight from the official Utah Ute basketball website. I guess its not just those in Utah County..."

Giving an overall review of a program's history dating beyond a century hence doesn't even remotely equate to what's relevant today, which exclusively 100% all about The NCAA Tourney....Which led me to pose my as of yet still unanswered questions, namely--

When's the last time byu made it past The Sweet 16?

How about when they last made it to The Final Four?

Lincoln City, OR


Let's deal with facts... Shall we?

Utah finished last year with a record of 15-18 (according to the utes official schedule and results)

The utes were 8-4 in Non Conference, blowing away such teams as Willamette, Central Michigan and College of Idaho while losing on their home court to power houses such as Sac State and Cal State Nothridge on their home court...

The utes last half of the season was played against conference teams where they racked up an impressive 5-13 record snagging 10th place out of the 12 team conference...

The utes post season record was 2-1 beating USC and Cal (in OT) before being blown off the court by Oregon (19 point loss)

"Best record in the state"??? I don't think so... LOL.

BYU finished last season 24-12.

They went 11-4 in Non-Conference with losses to Florida State, ND, Iowa State and Baylor... With good wins over Virginia Tech, Utah State and Montana...

They went 10-6 in League and finished third behind #1 rated Gonzage and St. Marys.

In post season they went 3-2 and made the Final Four of the NIT losing to the eventual Champs.

Lincoln City, OR


So it sounds like you want to turn this into a football discussion... I don't blame you because losing 11 out of the last 12 games in basketball has to be a little embarrassing... But even if you wanted to talk about football??? come back when you match BYU's run of 18 out of 20 games in the 80's, then we'll be impressed.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

Evergreen State is in for a whooping! It's good to see some progress after a lot of lean years. My expectations are that the program will make year-over- year improvements as new talent comes in and be competitive in the conference in about two to three years. We should again return to expecting an NCAA tourney invite on an annual basis. Go Utes!

Highland, UT


Actually reid had majerus number, not the opposite as you claimed.

Highland, UT


Highland, UT


When is the last time utah beat BYU? When is the las time they even had a winning record?


Cedar Hills, UT

Duck is right.....Reid's teams played the Utes really well until he got fired. Of course success when it matters has never been the cougies strong suit.

This team looks to have some talent. Couple that with great coaching = Ws. Loving what the next coach K is putting together on the hill. Will be a fun year to watch.

Go Utes!

Murray, UT

BYU Fans,

Utah will beat BYU this year at the Huntsman in December. If you don't come to the Huntsman you can catch the game on the PAC 12 networks. Utah is back and will continue a steady climb.

Lincoln City, OR


pac 12 networks??? What channel is that on direct tv??? lol... I'm guessing that the utes will get the same coverage that they get in football... Next to non-existent...

Syracuse, UT


Highland, UT


Actually reid had majerus number, not the opposite as you claimed


If Roger Reid didn't have a winning record in head-to-head games against Rick Majerus, how would he have Majerus' number? A little homework before a comment would be helpful.

Actually, Reid and Majerus were 9-9 going into the 96-97 season. Utah swept BYU that year and Reid was also fired. Not sure if he lost a game to Utah before he was fired or not.

To duckhunter's credit, playing .500 against the great Rick Majerus would give one the feeling that he had Rick's number.

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