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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 23 2013 10:30 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

A dunk brought the crowd to their feet? The HC has not seen a crowd for years. Can't wait for the season to get going so BYU can make it 12 out of the last 13.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I wanted to go to this so bad! i am still bummed that i missed it. Who was there? how many fans were in attendance? Did Van Dyke play well? where can i find stats?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah had the most RPI top 100 wins of anyone in the state.

And Utah's second half of the season was better than anyone else in the state's second half of the season.

Chapman and Loveridge both had offers from all kinds of big time programs.

This year we'll be 5-6 in the Pac 12 and next year will be back dancing.

Love what coach K has done!

Keep up the good work Utes.

Lynchburg, VA

Excited for this season! I've been waiting for some more news about the team! Go Utes!

West Jordan, UT

This team is so much better than last years team. Just need to come together and gel like last years team did at the end of the season. So excited to see this team play. Best team we have had since Bogut was here.

Should be the best team in the state.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes are coming back!! I love what Coach K is doing with this team and it looks as though this year's team will be putting up some great entertainment.

Are the highlights from the scrimmage available anywhere? I really want to see Ogbee's dunk.

Salt Lake City, UT

One more thought...

Being in an elite conference means some great talent will be rolling into the Huntsman Center this winter. Can it possibly get any better than this? I don't think so!

What a great time to be a Ute!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I hope that this is the turn around year for the Utes. I think they have one of the best coaches in the state with asst Tommy Conner, and the job he did at both Utah under Majerus and at Westminster.

I remember that Majerus had Roger Reid's number, and it just drove Reid crazy. Those games were fun to watch. And the Bankowski-Vranes vs Ainge-Roberts years were a blast.

I think it is time to have three decent programs in-state again, and not just BYU and USU.

Good luck on your year Coach K.


@Chris B

As a Utah fan I don't really care that we led the state in RPI top 100 wins or best "second half" of the season. You need to think outside the box a little more and stop worrying about BYU, Utah State and the other Utah colleges and worry about the PAC-12. Worry about how many RPI top 100 wins we have in comparison to them! that's who we're competing against!!!!!

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

WOW. All these predictions and not a single game has been played yet. Typical ute fans. I am guessing that they will also make it to the final four and then win the national championship?

The program scheduling is a joke with 11 of the first 12 games at home. I guess they could not get any decent teams to agree to this gimmick.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Gone fishin

"WOW. All these predictions and not a single game has been played yet."

Oh the irony of this statement coming from a BYU fan. How's the Taysom Hill for Heisman campaign going? How's that BCS buster prediction working out for ya? How did it work out in 2012, 2011, and 2010?

Sorry but BYU fans are the masters of the preseason national championship.

South Jordan, Utah

The arrogance is starting to show - AGAIN. Win a few games, make it to the post season and PROVE that you belong and then maybe you will have something to be proud of. In the meantime, I would would suggest a healthy dose of "cautious optimism".

Murray, UT

Gone Fishin,

At the least the Utes have been to some final fours, a national championship final game and won a national championship. Accomplishments that your team will never get to experience.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

So we have a better history.


Gone fishin, aka Down under, etc. "WOW. All these predictions and not a single game has been played yet."
Pretty ironic statement from you. Yes, let's review some of these predictions.

"Can't wait for the season to get going so BYU can make it 12 out of the last 13."

"But the end result will still be the same."

"12th seems more likely."

"Even with the first 11 games at home they will still be well below .500 for the season."

"(Scheduling early season home games) will hurt them later in the year."

Seems like you've always got something to say, but never seem to own up to them like you want others to. Strange.



If you would do your homework, maybe you would know that BYU did win a National Championship in the 1951. The NIT was the most prestigious tournament until the late 1950's

Mesa, AZ

Down under--

"A dunk brought the crowd to their feet? The HC has not seen a crowd for years."

For a school which "has not seen a crowd for years", averaging 8,611 last season, good for #50 nationally, wasn't too bad and I expect significantly more during this upcoming season.


Those outside of utah county only recognize NCAA NCs. Speaking of which, when's the last time byu made it past The Sweet 16? How about when they last made it to The Final Four?

We should have no problem in hitting 20+wins/post-season this season, in what is essentially Coach LK's 2nd season, and legitimately competing for The Tourney in '14-'15!

Go Utes!



"Men's Basketball has thrived throughout its history, winning an NCAA Championship in 1944 and finishing as the NCAA runner-up in 1998. Utah, which also won national championships in 1916 (AAU) and 1947 (NIT), has advanced to the NCAA Sweet 16 nine times."

Straight from the official Utah Ute basketball website. I guess its not just those in Utah County...

Lincoln City, OR

One certainly can't question the opinion or logic that the utes got better towards the end of the season last year (despitewhat the record shows)... In fact, I recall reading a headline from the DN during that time that said that the utes had just "Snatched (or maybe the word was "snagged")10th Place" in the conference... Great job utes, let's see if y'all can pull down 9th or maybe even 8th place this year... Steady improvement is what we are looking for.... right?

I have a suggestion though...maybe this year when the utes have pictures taken during the course of a game and then have it included in the DN with a story on the game that they had just lost, it might be helpful to ask the photographer to try and get pictures that show a few fans sitting in the seats... The pictures of the empty seats last year was kind of embarrassing...

Maybe we can get a bunch of photos taken during the BYU game and just use them throughout the year... It would be helpful because it seems that's the only time that the HC gets a crowd.

go utes.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ RonBergundy

In 1950 the NCAA changed the rules so that schools could only play in one post season tournament. Since that date the NCAA tournament has been clearly more prestigious and respected.

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