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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 23 2013 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Sugar City, ID

It doesn't have to be too expensive. Arizona has prisoners living in tents. There are a lot of very isolated places in Utah where a lot of tents could be put up.

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

The weather along the Wasatch Front is not very conducive to a tent prison like they have in Arizona. Minimal expense in housing inmates is a good idea and a worthy goal, but when we get many months of snow and sub-zero temperatures... it wouldn't work.

If you have to have an indoor facility you can move inmates to when temps are consistently below freezing for weeks... it's not really a good idea. It would not only be uncomfortable, spending all winter in a tent could be life threatening for even a healthy person.

The slow approach is probably a good thing. But people need to start getting used to the idea that the prison probably can't stay the same size, in the same place, forever. Our population has grown a LOT since the prison was built. The size of the prison has not grown to keep pace.

If we don't move... we need to spend a LOT of money expanding the existing facility.

Maybe we should keep some inmates at the current facility (since people like the convenience) and build another facility in a less urban area that can handle the population growth.

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