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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 9:50 p.m. MDT

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Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@ekute or ironic that U folks claim to have moved on but... well here U are trolling articles about BYU trying to convince yourselves that U are 'all that'.

An in answer to your question: When was the last time BYU beat the kids on the hill? The answer is 2009.

I love how U guys love to use the last 12 years as the measuring stick for ute success against BYU. Nothing really exists beyond Y2001. If you were to start at the commonly accepted beginning of the Common Era of NCAA Football (1970) the tally is still BYU 29, utes 14

Layton, UT

Surf is Up,

Since I grew up in happy valley and Layton is as far as I have ever lived from byu, I don't consider it trolling when I read a byu article, unlike you, in Miami, trolling Utes articles.

Today I'm here in response to the first 2 comments on this board...Who's using who as a measuring stick?

The Middle Of, UT

@Brave Sir Robin
Where have you been? This is the BEST SCHEDULE EVER! No team from the old WAC, middle WAC, or new WAC has ever had a schedule like this. I think that all we need to do is win 8 maybe 9 games and BCS here we come!

The Middle Of, UT

@Surf is Up
Why stop there?
All time 31 W 59 L 4 T = 37.1%, that is barely 1 win out of 3 attempts.

Cheyenne, WY

@love the kitties
I repect Utah's all time record but a lot of people say "common era football" did start in 1970.

Layton, UT

Define the eras how ever you want. There's just one era where byu had the upper hand, LaVell's.
He's been gone longer than he was head coach.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

Surf is up - you meant to say "delusional" not deluded

BeSmart is correct that most college football pundits consider 1970 as the delineation of the "modern" era. It is no coincidence that it also corresponds to LaVell Edwards' forward pass revolution. College football has changed a lot since 1970, and I wouldn't be surprised if a new designation is given for the current modern era of uptempo, spread offenses--which may be closer to 2001. But until then, 1970 is still the marker.

This last win was a long game with plenty of back and forth. Definitely an exciting game, but not something I want to see every game (too stressful). I like the scoring, but I would like it to keep increasing until it develops into the likes of Baylor and Oregon, consistently in the 70's. We're a long way from that, but I can keep dreaming.



@ekute - I know math is hard, but Lavell Edwards was BYU head coach for 28 years, and has been gone for 13 years. For future reference, 28 years is more than twice as long as 13 years.

Layton, UT


Math has never been hard for me, but I do make mistakes. I do know what 4 in a row equals.

West Valley, UT

So if BSU beats BYU will it be remembered as the good old days of the MWC?

Salt Lake City, UT

What 4 in a row equals:

BYU's current bowl winning streak - the Utes have won one
BYU's most recent AP Top 25 streak - the Utes have never had more than two
BYU's most recent 10+ win season streak - the Utes have never had more than three
BYU's streak of starting quarterbacks to win the Sammy Baugh Trophy (nation's best passer)

Farmington, UT

Well, ekute, my comment (1st post) wasn't demeaning to Utah. It simply reflected the fact that the headline stated that BYU's win over Houston was a reminder of WAC days, and since Utah partisans are so quick to make fun of the WAC, the Utes loss to Arizona also reminded me of the many years Utah lost to one of the Arizona schools when all of the schools were in the "WAC" together. I did not say "How can a powerful PAC 12 team that just beat the #5 team in the country lose to lowly Arizona" or "Why did Utah play so poorly last week" etc. I simply stated that the headline reminded me of not only BYU's fortunes in the WAC but also Utah's.

I think the record comeback against a WAC opponent was Utah in the late 60's when they were behind 0 - 27 going into the 4th quarter and they defeated Arizona 28 - 27 in SLC.

There, feel better now? Because Utah's history in the WAC is what BYU's history is in the WAC---It Is What It Is---and no one can change it. Don't get offended by your team's history.

The Middle Of, UT

As Utah found out, winning lots of games in a season against poor teams doesn't carry much water. The question asked 29 years ago is as relevant now as it was then, 'Who did they play?" Strength of schedule will be an important factor next year and the schedules that are being put together so far will carry very little weight going forward. That IS the price of independence.

Salt Lake City, UT


"As Utah found out, winning lots of games in a season against poor teams doesn't carry much water."

Unlike Utah, BYU established a national reputation that produced a national champion, a Heisman Trophy winner, 18 Top 25 finishes, 6 national Hall of Fame players, 15 national individual awards, and a legacy program recognized as having one of the Top 25 "dynasties" of the AP era.

Despite all of the boasting of Utah fans, unrealized potential is meaningless. The Utes are no closer to being a playoff contender than any of the other perennial power conference bottom dwellers. Three years in the PAC and U still haven't managed to finish with a winning conference record. Enjoy being the Indiana or Vanderbilt or Duke of the PAC 12.

The Middle Of, UT


I wish that I could apologize for my innocuous post but I just can't. It is innocuous. Strength of schedule will be an important factor for consideration to the playoff. If BYU does not beef up the quality of their opponents to having 8-9 dynasty teams per year they will be in the Kraft hungry bowl every year. With the fall of the BCS, the tradiational big dollar bowls will go bask to their traditional conference matchups and your dynasty will be cold in San Francisco. Maybe Utah will never go to another 'big bowl' but they will get money from those in their conference that do go. But that is here nor there, if the rumors about new division are true. Then BYU can continue to schedule a middle of the slate and get ranked and win the Hungry bowl and ya'll will be happy. Just like Grand Valley winning all those championships in the Champoinship series. All that marvelous history will be a side note to mediocrity.

Salt Lake City, UT


If Utah does not beef up the quality of their opponents to having 8-9 dynasty teams every year, the Utes will never make the playoffs.

Please list the 8-9 dynasty teams on this, the toughest, schedule in Utah history:

Utah State - nope
Weber State - are you kidding
Oregon State - nope
Brigham Young - not according to Utah fans
UCLA - marginal
Stanford - lately, but historically, nope
at Arizona - nope
at Southern Cal - yes
Arizona State - nope
at Oregon - lately, but historically, nope
at Washington State - nope
Colorado - nope

Laugh at the Kraft Fight Hunger if it makes you feel better, nut the truth is, except for a little more money, the Holiday Bowl, Gator Bowl, etc., etc., won't be any more meaningful than the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl as far as national prestige.

The Major College Football Playoff is the new Big Dance
The Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Rose and Fiesta Bowls are the new NIT
The other bowls are the new Aloha Classic and the myriad other pre-season tournaments, only, for football, they'll be played post season

Cheyenne, WY

To people talking about the playoff.
I think the 4 team format is doomed to fail
4 teams 5 power conference champions?
It will probably expand to 8 and then they may do as the BCS did and take the Highest mid-major.
until then the playoff may be 2 sec teams acc and big 10 or any other combination.
A lot of years the SEC will probably get two teams in.
This system is much worse than before.
It destroys all chances of Underdogs reaching a National Title game.
Even the champion from one power conference (perhaps 2) will not make it to the playoff.
BCS is great compared to the problems this system already has.

Herrmian, UT

OK everybody, go to your separate corners and come out when you can post nicely!

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