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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 6:35 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

I'm really surprised BYU is favored in this game. Depending on what poll you look at they are pretty similarly ranked, but history favors BSU.
I'm going to this game with family members who are hard core BSU fans. I want this one bad.

Frisco, TX

This should be a heckuva game. BSU has indeed owned all three Utah schools. It's time to turn the tide.

Some are worried about BSUs backup QB who is more mobile. Our D front seven has proven that mobile QBs are less of a threat than those who can pick apart our DBs. BYU will break the smurf blue curse on Friday and secure a W.

West Jordan, Utah


Being similarly ranked means squat. Rankings are a joke. BYU wins this going away. Boise State has been fading with a cake schedule that makes BYU's schedule look challenging. They have their second string QB and BYU is at home. I would be surprised if BYU loses this one.

Think how bizarre BYU has been over the last two years. A 7-6 loss at Boise State last year and a 47-46 win at Houston. Then earlier this year BYU's offense was Mr. Hyde but now it's Dr. Jeckyll. I think Taysom Hill has more than surprised many rather they be blue or red. That said, Anae and the offensive line have really grown as well.

I love the character of Jamaal williams as well.

Sandy, UT


"BYU wins this going away. Boise State has been fading with a cake schedule that makes BYU's schedule look challenging."

I believe Fresno St is ranked higher than anybody on BYU's schedule. Granted, Boise lost that game by 1 point. But Fresno is a LOT better than BYU, with a better QB to boot. Boise continues that state of Utah domination. Wins by 2 scores. BYU won't be able to hang...


Haha, funny how each side always thinks they are going to win and always has some data to back it up!

I'm excited to watch the game, should be great fun. Go Cougars!

Alexandria, VA

Apparently some BYU fans learned little from the Houston game. Never discount an opponent, no matter who they've played in the past. BSU has owned BYU, so we should expect the best out of BSU, who is never, ever a pushover.

Provo, UT


All of the following on BYU schedule ranked higher than Fresno State:
Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Texas, Georgia Tech, Utah, Utah State

So your point was?

Provo, UT

Don't really care if its going to be a defensive slug or a shootout. Just hope we get the "W."

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I have to agree that the new quarterback, whom a lot of people have been touting as better than the starter, is stronger run, weaker pass. I hope like crazy that I'm right. That improves our defensive picture.

By the way, how is it that Peterson > Mendenhall, but he started the lesser quarterback? Some might say we did the same thing with Ziggy last year, but I say Ziggy grew by leaps and bounds, and grew into his position from the beginning of the season. Again, here's hoping the new quarterback does not also grow exponentially at our expense.


I fear that trying to have so many fast plays is wearing our line out and impacts on the protection they can give TH with their constant rotation in and out and lack of O-line continuity. So many plays at a fast pace doesn't really seem to be baffling or wearing out our opponents that much - and maybe it's wearing out our line more. We barely eked out a win against Houston, not a team that was highly touted nationally but better than we expected obviously. Trying to run so many plays also seems to stifle creativity in play calling. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out against Boise.
Our D needs to step up and stop the points - and the O-line has got to protect TH. 8 sacks at Houston could also be the result of too much rotation just to be fresh for trying to have so many plays - but it also creates a lot of mistakes. You can't have high execution and have high speed but less creative play calling too, maybe. And less protection of the QB.

Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

"but history favors BSU"

Then it is a aood thing history isn't reffing the game, because that is about the only way it could sffect the outcome.

Provo, UT

Coach Peterson is a great coach and will do what Houston and Georgia Tech did in the second half all game. He will also exploit BYU'S defensive weaknesses the way Houston did.

It will be close in the first half but Boise State pulls away in the second half when BYU'S offensive and defensive lines tire.

Boise State 31 BYU 20.

west jordan , UT


Agreed with your comment, I just want a win. A win against this team will be big no matter how you slice it. If and hoping BYU they will have six wins for the season, so we have the bowl games sured up. Beating BSU will look good because BSU will bring the best game they can, so if BYU it will get them to the next level to play Wisconsin and Notre Dame.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Boise was the better team last year and I expect them to be this year as well.

This week, aggies and Utes unite: Go Boise!

Provo, UT

@Chis B
You are the man. Your comments on BYU articles does not make me hate the Utes coz I have cousins that play on their team. But if you are supporting Boise State, I'm sure they would actually appreciate it if you would show your support on their facebook page or something where they can read it.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

A good matchup, that should make for a good game. Prime time and on center stage. I love the Friday night games; looking forward to watching it!

Mcallen, TX

USC was the better team last year and I expect them to be this year as well.

This week, Aggies and Cougs unite: Go Trojans!

Cheyenne, WY

Chris B.
USC was better last year. And even with injuries they are favored again.

Mission Viejo, CA

You and other BYU fans on this board don't matter. Neither do the Utah fans on this board. We don't matter. But think how boring this board would be without Chris B, Amos B Hoople and the rest. Keep it up, Ute fans. These are the only boards I read because of the banter. UW boards are boring. Oregon fans just don't bother to post, having won 10 years in a row.

This Utah BYU rivalry is special, exceeding even UCLA-USC. And it goes on all year. Makes these boards entertaining.

Cheyenne, WY

That is with only 56 Scholarship players due to sanctions.

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