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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

@Cowboy Dude:
"I don't mind the government shut down, but to vote against raising the debt ceiling is as reckless as the Affordable Care Act itself."

The vote was not about raising the debt limit alone. It was about approving a raise in the national debt limit IF Obama would agree to a cut in the national annual budget.

"For this reason, I am a Republican that will switch my vote from Lee to Matheson."

If that's your reason, you will be making a big mistake.

"wrz is confusing the debt ceiling with the budget limits, which we currently do not have."

What I meant to post is: 'The thing that will make our currency worthless is to continue to spend more than the revenue we take in each year, which requires raising the debt limit ceiling.'

And we do have a budget... A CR simply means 'spend the level of appropriations approved in the last budget as adjusted by inflation, etc.'

Lindon/Utah, UT

Senator Hatch is a complete disappointment. I didn't want to buy in to his campaign promises during his last re-election bid but I thought he would be honorable in defending the constitution and trying to get back to a position of smaller government and more individual freedom. To my knowledge he has not kept one campaign promise. Senator Hatch is like Senator McCain to me, someone who served their purpose in the past but now represents what is wrong with Washington. Senator Lee has done exactly what he said he would do. I applaud him for his integrity and I will vote for him again, and I will contribute to his re-election. Senator Lee will help America get back to fiscal responsibility and will help restore our individual and worldwide integrity. Senator Hatch lost his way 10 years ago. What a cop-out he has become. Even conservative talk show host like Mark Levin are done with him. Please leave Senator Hatch! Take your six figure pension and lifetime health care and abandon ship. There is nothing left for you to do. Remember when we thought this man was the future. What happened to honorable men?

Pleasanton, CA

Doesn't Sen. Hatch realize that Mike Lee IS absolutely sure he's right? I'm not absolutely sure he is, but I'm %90 sure.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I have long supported Hatch but he lost my vote as soon as he didn't support Lee. We need more Senators like Lee. I hope when Hatch's term is up we have a good nominee.

Phoenix, AZ

"Senator Hatch and his socialist, progressive friends in the Senate are O.K. with the U.S. funding the Muslim Brotherhood to murder and torture Coptic Christians in Egypt and Syria. Where is the outrage? Our President and his acolytes are treasonous. They are supporting the enemy!"

It's worse than that...

Obama: "In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Muslim Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails... perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ..." D. Lindsborg, Wash. Post

To the DNews monitors: It's not off topic since it addresses another poster's comment about Muslim Brotherhood. It's not disruptive unless you deem what the president had to say disruptive. If so, shame on you. wrz

Springville, UT

It's refreshing to see so many Lee supporters! Thank you, it is encouraging to see. I knew the polling was skewed. By the comments we know what's really going on.

And it is obvious that Orrin's days are marked and that Mike Lee will be getting a like minded senate companion in Congress the next election cycle.

I hope Utah can continue to move in this direction by getting rid of weak minded representatives as well.

Looking forward to making my political 'hit' list and donating to the election causes to ouster other politically weak servants and getting strong principle leadership back in control to get America back on track!

Let's make America strong again!

We need term limits!


The debt is about paying obligations occurred in the past. The budget is about keeping spending inside a forecast.

You must not hold your obligations hostage to other items. Yes, we must cut the budget, but not paying your bills is not the same as cutting spending and it does not lower your debt.

If you lose your job (loss revenue) you still have to pay the mortgage. If your situation does not improve you must do one of two things; get another job or get a smaller house. But, in the meantime, you still have to pay the mortgage, even if you have to refinance and spread out the debt or increase your credit limit.

West Point , UT

"The leaders of the GOP did do it there their way, that is why Obama was elected and re-elected".

No...he was elected and re-elected because the GOP was divided between tea partiers and conservative moderates. I don't know how anyone can argue that this division in the GOP will result in Dems taking control of congress and the WH. See, Dems aren't divided by ultra liberals...when it comes to elections they stand together. The divisiveness of the Tea Party will result in Dems winning elections...surely you see that (I promise you that Dems and liberals do). We have to decide which is worse, compromising on some of the differences in tea party and mainstream republican ideology, or Dems taking and holding our public offices. We WILL have to compromise or that will be the end result, I promise you. As someone above mentioned, and I agree, the founders of this great nation had to compromise on everything from the constitution to the political framework of this country (democracy or republic) to the Declaration of our independence from tyranny. It's time we learn to do the same.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

No, Senator Hatch, you need to be primaried!

Smithfield, UT

It sounds like the Tea Party sent out an email to get all their members to write comments to this article.

Phoenix, AZ

"The debt is about paying obligations occurred in the past."

Slight correction... the debt results from borrowing money to cover shortfalls in revenue.

"The budget is about keeping spending inside a forecast."

Yes, and if you can't keep spending within the forecast you must borrow, increasing the debt. This is what happened to cause borrowed money to soar to $17 Trillion... most of which occurred on Obama's watch.

"You must not hold your obligations hostage to other items."


"Yes, we must cut the budget, but not paying your bills is not the same as cutting spending and it does not lower your debt."

Cutting the budget cuts approved/authorized spending levels. And don't tell me we can't cut spending. There are billions squandered in fraud, waste, and abuse. I aughta know. I was employed at GAO.

"If you lose your job (loss revenue) you still have to pay the mortgage."

Not if you sell your house.

"If your situation does not improve you must... get a smaller house."

Or live in a tent.

Duchesne, UT

Mike Lee is a great American, and a true patriot. I can no longer vote for Orrin Hatch.

Taylorsville, UT

Hatch's Monday morning quarterbacking leaves me shuddering. I haven't heard a single statement from him over any issue in this his LAST term. He has been a closet supporter of arms control, a weak sister on the budget, a sideline participant on judicial matters and a no show on other issues that are harming our adherence to the Constitution, especially on the blatant power grab of the UN.
Com'on, Senator, stand and be counted.


It is so interesting to read the comments and see how quickly the far right devour their heroes. Hatch has been a republican darling for so long and now he is being attacked as a "socialist".

Really? Orrin Hatch a socialist?

Mike Lee is a career Washington lobbyist and lawyer. He is no grass-roots, tea party candidate. Also, he kept taking his salary during the shutdown when Hatch did not. Shows me where Lee's priorities are.

Politics is the "art of the compromise". Our country is being destroyed because politicians have forgotten this. They are only after personal power and glory. From the comments here, it sounds like Mike Lee got what he was after....


Sen Hatch's time has passed. He needs to move on and open the space for all of the "Mike Lees out there. Hatch is part of the problem, not the solution.

boise, ID

The wealthy, prominent in Utah are ego-miffed that Mike Lee beat one of their own to unseat Bennett. They can't get over it. The mainstream people of the State of Utah are too intelligent to enter into the worship of wealth, position and power in Utah, whether found within the business community or in the church. The mainstream worship Christ, not those who have risen to power and wealth and increasing ego. Romney lost his bid. Huntsman lost his bid. Mike Lee won and he will win again if he chooses. It is up to his supporters to be as vocal as the cabal of his enemies, as the state of Utah further recognizes what he tried and is trying to do, to stop Obamacare while serving local interests. Shame on those with deep pockets and shallow intentions. Shame too on Hatch and those in SLC who don't seem to care about upcoming generations. Wealthy see no reason to care...old money will take care of thier own. Stand with Lee and make it known with donations and your voice and your letters to an increasingly liberal Utah media.

Santa Clara, UT

What???? Guess who I think needs to be rehabbed?


Hatch, I voted for you by default. What a waste! Biggest mistake I have ever made. Wish I can vote 10 times for Mike Lee next year. He did what I voted for him for. My whole household will vote for Mike Lee, kitchen sink included. Hatch, you have no idea how out of touch you are. Wish we can have a recall drive to pull you out of the senate today.

Kellie Wood
Orem, UT

Sen. Lee sent me a survey to see if I wanted him to continue to defund Obamacare even in the event of a shutdown. He had an overwhelming response to the survey from his constituents to continue defunding! I sure didn't get a survey from Hatch! Lee is the only one who is touch with his constituents and he votes according to their wishes.

Ogden, UT

If lee really believes the garbage he spouts, he is delusional. If he does not really believe the garbage he sous, he is running a con on the people of Utah and the United States. In either event, he is not qualified to be a United States senator. Is it possible to re all or impeach him? That would be the best thing to have happen, for everyone.

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