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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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MemoFromA Demo

Today in section A of the Deseret News, we read that Hatch thinks Senator Lee needs to be rehabilitated.  Jeux de position: In section B we read what George Will told the audience at BYU on Tuesday:  "America's biggest problem today is a consensus that ... we should have a large, generous, omnipresent, omniprovident welfare state and not pay for it.  Everyone's agree on this.  The costs should be fobbed off on future generations. ,,, What we are practicing today is a kind of decadent democracy."

Of our $17 trillion dollar federal debt, Mr. Hatch cast his votes to fobb off $7,500,000,000 (7.5 trillion dollars) of that debt to me, my kids, and posterity, and shows no sign of regret.  He is the reason I'm hopeful we elect dozens more like Senator Lee.  Thank God for Senator Mike Lee who takes a stand and speaks out against our fiscally "decadent democracy".  


Senator Hatch fell off the conservative train years ago.

He and other RINOs like Boehner, Graham, McCain should just change partys and get it over.

Senator Hatch no longer understands what the Constitution represents of what true liberty and freedom really mean.

Phoenix, AZ

"Senator Lee, Cruz and the Tea Partiers almost succeeded in making sure our currency was worthless by refusing to raise the debt ceiling."

The thing that will make our currency worthless is to continue to outspend the budget which requires raising the debt ceiling. Get a clue!

"Not raising the debt ceiling is like maxing out your credit card and then refusing to pay the bill."

Raising the debt ceiling ad infinitum will eventually put the nation in bankruptcy. We are on the road to exhausting the total world money supply through borrowing. Then what will we do, huh?

Salt Lake City, UT

Senator Hatch and his socialist, progressive friends in the Senate are O.K. with the U.S. funding the Muslim Brotherhood to murder and torture Coptic Christians in Egypt and Syria. Where is the outrage? Our President and his acolytes are treasonous. They are supporting the enemy!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

We're number 1...

I was so looking forward to republican voters re-electing orrin forever...

He could have held the record, for feeding at the public trough, longer than any other person whose service in the senate turned them into a multi-millionaire...

Oh well...

Regarding the rehab-the-t-party meme...

Imagine what the person who replaces hatch will look like...

Whomever gets the short straw will have to make campaign promises so extreme...

it will make lee look like a progressive socialist...

I can't wait.

Cowboy Dude

The number #1 reason for the recent rise of the deficit is NOT increased spending. Spending has not increased so much. (ACA will increase spending though.)
It is high unemployment, underemployment, and more retirees plus a recent recession. (Less tax revenue.) The US economy has been shrinking since 2008, but the government won't cut the budget, or make a budget.

Anyone that says the US has plenty of cash coming in to pay it's short-term debt needs a quick lesson on cash flow.

I don't mind the government shut down, but to vote against raising the debt ceiling is as reckless as the Affordable Care Act itself. For this reason, I am a Republican that will switch my vote from Lee to Matheson.

Senator Lee; if you want to rehabilitate, start with fixing the sequester. It bought your team time, but it needs your attention now.


wrz to Truthseeker "The thing that will make our currency worthless is to continue to outspend the budget which requires raising the debt ceiling. Get a clue!"

wrz is confusing the debt ceiling with the budget limits, which we currently do not have.

Truthseeker's example is sort of correct, although simple.

It is more like; You lose your job,(expected revenue decreases)yet your hopeful for a new one next month. You can't make the month's mortgage payment so you go to your wife to borrow the credit card, and the wife (not the bank) says "no, your over your limit. Let the bank foreclose on the house."

West Jordan, UT

I predict that the mess of Obamacare implementation will show how right Sen. Lee and Sen. Cruz were in their efforts. If the President had really cared about the American people and not just his pride, he would have gone along with the plan to delay the ACA for a year and kept the shutdown from happening. He knew it wasn't ready, but couldn't bring himself to let the Republicans get anything they wanted. He and the dems are the reason the shutdown happened, not Sen. Lee. If all the Republicans had supported Lee and Cruz with solidarity, the Pres. and Reid would have taken them more seriously. Republicans who criticized them publicly only emboldened the dems and extended the shutdown.

The shutdown will be a distant memory when the next election rolls around, but everyone will be dealing with the negative effects of Obamacare and wish that Lee and Cruz had been successful in their efforts. I predict that Lee will be re-elected and I hope that Mia Love will beat Jim Matheson!


Interesting then that with all of Hatch's "experience" he hasn't done anything to stop Obamacare either. Maybe if the Repubs would've gotten on the same page they could've stopped this train wreck of a law. At least Lee and Cruz jumped in and stirred it up! I applaud these guys for doing something. And what a lame attitude Mr. Hatch - only picking fights you know you can win! I hate that I ever voted for you.

Provo, ut

hatch is the problem with D.C. The only thing he has any passion about is getting re-elected. And if the Tea Party hadn't been forced into hiding by the IRS maybe he would be home playing with the grandkids, rather than racking up their debt further.

sandy, UT

Thank you Orrin Hatch for being a representative for Washington DC and not Utah...

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

One more indication that the esteemed Mr. Hatch is out of touch. The economic and moral mess that we now have to deal with has happened on HIS watch. He bought into LBJ's "Great Society". A
great society is not built on a foundation of government handouts. It is built on empowering everyone who can to lend a helping hand. Oh my, how far we have come from the original vision of this once-great country. Is it too late to re-establish what was once so promising and now seems virtually hopeless?

Mike Lee is much more worthy of contributions to his campaign than is Mr. Hatch in my humble opinion. Keep up the good work Senator Lee!

Poplar Grove, UT

If Mike Lee isn't running for re-election why do I get multiple emails a week asking me for money?

Los Gatos, CA

Our constitution would never have been written and ratified if it hadn't been for compromise. The only way to govern a nation as large and diverse as ours, is for those that govern to compromise amongst themselves. No one faction can get their way all the time. The sooner that the tea partiers in Washington realize this, the sooner we can begin to solve those problems facing the United States of America.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

I don't believe that anyone in the Tea Party is capable of being rehabilitated because first of all they think they are all right in everything they do and say.
They have no desire to change anything.
Better to replace them with a moderate like Bob Bennett, who is capable of working with people.
The thought of Mike Lee going back to the Senate makes me ill.

Centerville, UT

What everyone forgets is Orin is not running for re-election as senator, but is posturing for the lobbyist position. He has to come off as a true progressive to be relevant. He will not return to Utah same as Bennett has not returned. Power and money exists greatly for the retired senators in Washington. He has been told to conform if he wants to partake. Maybe it would be nice to have a recall election for Hatch, that would end his lobbyist dreams.

sunamn, IN


The leaders of the GOP did do it there their way, that is why Obama was elected and re-elected. Obama could have been deeated the past two elections, but with RHINOs like McCain and Rommey Care Romney, both who cowed before the nict Obama this will be the result

Socialize Medicine which equate to turning back medical car to 1900 hundreds for most American, electric bills (Per kilowat) doubling over the next two or three year Campbell soup has already gone from 3 for a dollar to a dollar a can, next year it will be on sal for 2 cans for 3 dollars and so forth good leaderhip by the likes of Hatch and all but 6 GOP senators

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

the tide has turned on the radical tea party trying to shut down government.

Fairview, UT

@Ranch: If you have thought long and hard and come to the conclusion that self-reliance, freedom, independence, accountability, industry, integrity, honesty, reliability, and honor are not what this country needs, please feel free to relocate to Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, Greece, Italy, France, or anywhere else socialism has failed or is beginning to crumble.

Springville, UT

Whether he runs for reelection, Hatch is serving his last term in office. Friends told me not to vote for him last election. Big mistake on my part for ignoring their advice.

And of course, BIG GOVERNMENT and extreme progressive Doug Wright feels it's his duty (or he's been assigned the duty) to tear Lee apart and, of course, steer the opinion of the mind-numbed and pliable in our state.

We need another 40+ senators like Mike Lee. I'm so glad I helped (by my vote) replace progressive Bob Bennett with Mike.

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