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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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deseret pete
robertson, Wy

I believe the extremists in washington are our current pres. and his cronies trying to change the whole face of our country with socialist ideas and same sex marriage ,abortion,food stamps for those who really don't need them and no accountability for from the pres. and his appointees for their illegal actions and loose management of the taxpayers money.


"So raising the debt ceiling is not the answer."

Not raising the debt ceiling is like maxing out your credit card and then refusing to pay the bill. So all the countries who've purchased U.S. Treasury bills/notes etc have effectively been told they are holding worthless paper when we refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

If you are concerned about debt, spending is controlled through the budget process, not through the debt ceiling. In other words you control how much you put on the credit card in the first place.

Ignorance about the debt ceiling and the budget process on the part of Tea Partiers, Cruz and Lee is not only annoying but dangerous to the U.S. economy.

Draper, UT

That is hilarious coming from Senator Hatch. Lifetime politician, lifetime pension, unreal benefits on the backs of Americans most of which, 99.9%, will never see benefits like those. After 36 years in the Senate, he and his colleagues are largely responsible for the financial mess we are in and the money machine that Congress is.

If Americans have the guts to vote out incumbents, the plan should be this:

1-Everyone Senator and Congressman not in their first term is out.
2-Term limits - Since Senators are in for 6 years, only one term. Congress can have two since their term of service is only two years.
3-No more lifetime pensions. Only defined contributions like almost all Americans have. No more expensive benefit programs. Structure like many company benefit plans. Congress pays half, the Gov't (us!!) pays half.
4-No gifts at all. None.
5-Minimum requirements for being elected. Some form of business experience, making a payroll, solving real world problems.

We The People need to take control and vote out incumbents, do our homework and vote in qualified people. Don't waste time listening to political ads. Do our homework and vote change.


Senator Lee is a patriot and loves this country more than he loves the Beltway power structure. Hatch is an example of how out of touch the Beltway bunch has become. Term limits and cutting off lobbying support of the Beltway Seniority program need to be instituted to protect governing from the elites that act as though we can't live without them. We can do much better that Senator Hatch and the evidence of that is that we elected Mike Lee. Standing for something of values and principles will bring the votes for re-election of Senator Lee - if we wants it. I know that Mike would rather leave the Senate than become a lifetime parasite on the government and on the governed.

Provo, UT

Senator Hatch's public comments on Senator Mike Lee might as well have used the word "repentance" since that was the elder statesman's general tone. In fact, American voters are like small children -- they want something very badly and then promptly get distracted and forget it when they focus on some new shiny thing. If the conservative pragmatic Utah business community wants a new senator in 2016, it will have to start finding someone in 2013 and start financing in 2013. 2016 -- 2015 even -- will be too late to get started.

Provo, UT

Where Sen. Lee and Sen. Cruz made their mistake was not understanding how to do things in the Senate. There were never the votes to accomplish what they wanted to do. ObamaCare is full of problems and will more than likely fall all by itself. People will not like the cost nor the benefits of the plan. The Debt Limit was the place to make the fight but they did not understand that nuance. Sen. Hatch did understand that point and it is the experience he has in knowing how to and when to fight that helps him get things done. It may not be as flashy and may not get you on the media as much but it gets the job done and that is the ultimate goal. I would much rather have someone that can do the job as opposed to someone that just talks about getting the job done.

Saint Louis, MO

The Democrats move steadily to the left and socialism that at its core is just as virulent as that seen in South America. ObamaCare is just one more aspect of government control. The idea behind "immigration reform" is to pour mass numbers of immigrants into the left wing democratic coffers. My Catholic Church is blindly supporting reform in spite of being used by the pro abortion mentality of the extreme left wing. Senator Hatch has no solution. Senator Lee at least is doing the "Paul Revere" thing and shouting the alarm. As a Navy vet from Missouri, I come from the middle of the road Democratic mentality of Senator Stuart Symington and the tragic story of Jerry Litton who won the Senate Democratic primary and then died in a plane crash in 1976. As Clint Eastwood remarked in "Heart Break Ridge", Mr. Hatch "either lead or get out of the way".

Cedar Rapids, IA


Your grasp of economics requires rehabilitation. No budget in the world can continue spending more than it brings in and not eventually implode. I'll take 51 Senator Lees over one Orrin Hatch.

Orrin is institutionalized. He will not walk the what's-best-for-America line, but the me, me, me party line.

I suppose Orrin would consider the Founding Fathers worthy of reprogramming since they were so radical in thinking they (we) have inalienable rights granted by our Creator.

Sheesh, Orrin. Time to hang it up and do something useful.

Gonzales, LA

I feel that Sen Hatch and 98% of the House and Congress should be voted out! They are both bad for this nation. Watching Sen Reid is enough to make on ill and the words of how no one tries to bring anything up is truly a distortion. What is meant is bring something to us that I agree on Mr Reid. I applaud Sen Lee Sen Cruz and all of those who stood on the platform that the ran on and though I disagree on shutting down the gov in the matter it was done, I agree that the spending and running the debt up is unconscionable. The debt has increased double as has the number of federal workers under the present administration, yet it is always referred to as Pres Bushe's problem. That was 5 yrs ago Own up to the fact that where we are is you fault. I think the affordable care act at the rate its going will destroy it self. As you noticed when pressed on the point of why you cant get thru (after 3 years of being law) you would think they could answer, only excuses no answers.

Merritt Island, Fl

I see the Reelect Mike Lee followers were up early to comment. What Hatch meant was Lee needed to mature rather than be rehabilitated.
Being a Statesman is difficult. There are times when the facts and times are with you and when they are not. The Art of the Deal is simply lost here, no one will want to try and work with anyone so unyiealding as Cruz and Lee. They also refused to see that they had no chance of defunding Obama care but demanded their view is the only one they consider. Not a mature position.
What is most upsetting is changing the procedure late 30 Sept, suspending Rue 22, Clause 4 (Discharge) and adding HR368 which gave only Cantor (not Boehner) the right to bring something to the floor for a vote. Democracy was mugged in the Cloakroom.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

We need to amend the constitution 30 years ago.

First amendment setting up two term limits for congress and senate.

Second amendment that they have to run a balanced budget, must pay off any new debt within 5 years, maintain a "rainy day fund" equivalent to what is spent over a five year period, must pay down all national debt starting now until we have zeroed the account out. After that then they must retain a "rainy day fund", and when incurring debt for war only then we have to pay it off within five years.

If we have a 5 year supply of money. Plus being able to borrow for war for 5 years. That gives us 10 years to fight a war or give us an incentive to actually pick and choose the battles worth fighting.

Either way our currency will be strong. China that hatch talks about would love to invest and hold our currency rather than laughing at it right now. We probably could even afford more entitlements that the nanny state loves. Until then we are broke.

Salt Lake City, UT

Senator Hatch needs to be rehabilitated! He has forgotten his oath to support the Constitution and to defend against the enemies (Communism, Socialism, and the Muslim Brotherhood) of the United States.

Observation Deck
American Fork, UT

If term limits are good enough for the President, then they are good enough for congress as well. Everyone gets 2 terms and then they have to go home and live with the legislation they created while in office. And we take away special perks. Their retirement is Social Security and their healthcare is the same as all of us. And for crying out loud, they receive no pension. Paying someone 80%of their highest 3years of their salary is not a sustainable model.

Gray, TN

Term Limits! The answer to "rehabilitation". It seems D.C. changes great people to become mediocre talking heads with no real connection to reality. I really liked Sen. Hatch in the past, but these "old timers" who have had too much time away from the Real World need to retire from "politics" and get a real job and live with real people with real problems. Their ivory tower mentality does not help America when their tires get worn out and they no longer have any tread to keep them from rolling down the slippery slope of complacency.

Salt Lake City, Utah

When you have divided government you have to work together to resolve problems. Throwing temper tantrums that hurt people is not the solution. When our founding fathers created the constitution they had to compromise. Nobody got everything they wanted, they all went away a little bit unhappy. The tea party could be a force for good in solving our current problem, but not as long as they continue their my way or the highway attitude.

Its time for both parties to put America first. Solving the budget problem requires entitlement reforms cut the pork, and targeted cuts in military spending (we can't afford to fight wars that of choice like Iraq any longer either) with some increase in revenue. Both sides end up a little bit happy and a little bit unhappy and the American people win.

If we want to give big business tax cuts give it to them for creating good jobs in America, not low paying jobs in Indonesia. We have to be America first, which means everyone will have to sacrifice.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Hatch obviously believes that having the elites in control in Washington is the way to go. They can manipulate interest rates, the printing of money..even the stock market.
But the economy is a charade. Government should have never taken the wheel.
Still, Washington listens to the Chamber, agribiz, and the folks on K Street.
Status in DC is measured by your campaign donations.
THAT's what Hatch is protecting and preserving.
Lee, Cruz and Paul are calling them out and they don't like it one bit.
(And if Hatch's way of governing is so great why is congressional approval in the single digits? Did Lee cause that long-standing problem?)

sunamn, IN

What does Hatch, if he indeed stated such, McCain, MC Connell, Dan Coates, King (Rep from NY) others truly think? Believe? To put it bluntly,
If they were the leadership in 1770's, we would not have seen their names on the Declaration of Independence, because it would not have existed- People like Mason, Patrick Henry and John Hancock would have been in either prison or hung. Has Hatch like Solomon (OT) in his later years became impotent and sought acceptance rather principle? These so called leaders of the GOP fail or refuses to accept, partly because they have become part of: is from the words of Paul talking to the Ephesians "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". America, we are now fight for freedom, against tyranny of an over reaching government who is destroying the constitution - are so blind that we cannot see?

Fairview, UT

It heartens me to read that so many are supporting Senator Lee and see the hypocrisy of Senator Hatch. If Hatch truly admitted to needing rehabilitation, I'm sure his definition of the term is vastly different than most Tea Party-ers. The Republican party needs rehabilitation and perhaps grow a spinal column finally. Senators Lee, Cruz, et. al. have shown the way.
It's just too bad Hatch was too busy to cast his vote to show us all where he stands.

Saint George, UT

Senator Lee: The Jefferson Smith of our time.

Maurice McBride
Roanoke, VA

One of the dumbest things Utah's Republicans ever did was to drop one of the smartest, most distinguished and honest members in Congress, Senator Bob Bennett.

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