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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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West Bountiful, UT

That would be a start, but Orrin, I suggest you take the course as well.

West Valley City, 00

I would much rather have Lee in the Senate than Hatch. In my corespondence to both men, Lee has held to his campaign promises of striving for change whereas Hatch is a steady as she goes politician and has different ideals depending on whos support he is trying to get. I thought it was quite humorous when Hatch tried to convince people he was a Tea Party supporter, until the Tea Party said, umm... no. Hatch doesn't like to make waves in Congress, but I think we need people there who aren't afraid to make waves.
Both are good people, I just think Hatch has given up the fight for smaller government, a balanced budget, and taxation reform (unless you consider Obamacare tax reform). Hatch is a statist rather than a reformist, and we need reform.

Wally West

Hatch said. "The best thing to do is do the job, really work hard, (and) stay away from extremes unless you're absolutely sure you're right."

Newsflash, Orrin... People are extreme because they think they are "correct" right out of the gate.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

Hatch needs to head back to his home state of Pennsylvania. He represents their values more than Utah's. After-all, he campaigned initially on the premise that Frank Moss had been in too long......18 years. Now going on six terms he has demonstrated his inability to get anything done. You only hear from him every six years for reelection. He is a part of the problem

Centerville, UT

Though Hatch said this would be his last term in office, I fear I am starting to see the basis for Hatch's next Senate campaign. He loves power, & loves the US Senate. He straddles very well.

His next campaign will state that he had no intention of running again, but he is forced to because DC needs someone with experience who knows how to change things there, & needs someone to counter the extremisms at work in DC.

I'm waiting to see what Hatch really does. He became a true politician years ago...

Murray, UT

Finally some sensible reasoning coming out of the Republican party. If the Tea Party takes over the Republican party all will continue to lose national elections and lose more influence because of the extremists.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why stop there?

Logan, UT

I don't feel that this is Senator Lee's fault at all. I applaud what he did by helping the government shut down. Let us take a strong look at where we are today. Our deficit is out of control, we were about to go bomb Syria with no direct threat to us and where was the money going to come from, Our politicians were still getting paid even when the government was shut down. How far are we going to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. Our currency as some point will be worthless unless we as Americans change Washington. Keeping seats is the least of our worries at this point. It would great to win more seats as Republicans but I wouldn't want Senator Hatch re-elected. Obama-care is not worth the cost because who is paying for it? Certainly not those who are in poverty, it is a free handout to them. Where are we going to get the money to lower our deficit. At some point cuts and I mean deep cuts will have to be made to save America.

Murray, UT

Hatch ran on conservatism, and bucking the status-quo in 1976. I realize he has been "rehabilitated" which is why I vote for someone else when given the opportunity. I want a senator who has not lost his way and his will while partying up with the power people in Washington.

A new Utah democrat is more likely to vote conservatively than Hatch.

Go Lee! Keep up the good fight!

fed up
Provo, UT

I believe Sen Lee has shown he is very capable of being reelected in Utah and still has support of Repuclicans and conservatives. Perhaps it is Sen Hatch who should be "rehabilitated" or at least to declare himself a liberal


"Our currency as some point will be worthless unless we as Americans change Washington. "


Senator Lee, Cruz and the Tea Partiers almost succeeded in making sure our currency was worthless by refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

It is way past time for moderate Republicans to stop pandering to the extremists in their party!

Heber City, UT


You just lost my support. You need to be rehabilitated given that you still think you can make the democrats like you if you don't ruffle any feathers pushing for real change.

Sure, we lost the defund fight. But it was SO refreshing to see someone in Congress step up, act alive, and fight! The country now clearly understands who is opposed and fighting against this law. When it fails, Those who led the defunding fight will have the credibility.

Please retire Orrin.

Ogden, UT

Hey there Senator Hatch, how long have you been going to Washington? How much debt have you and the other old, career politicians accumulated? How many laws have you and the old pols created for the everyday person, yet exempted yourselves from? How is that golden parachute of retirement, paid for by my taxes, going to work out for you and the other old pols? Why are you not in the Social Security system that all us serfs have to pay into?

I believe the reason you are upset is because there are new people that actually want to get things fixed. There are new people that don't want to completely play by the special rules you have created for yourselves.

Centerville, UT

I will absolutely vote for Lee again. Here is a guy who put his whole reputation and Senate career on the line to stand for something that really matters. Senator Hatch pandered to the Tea Party to avoid the same fate as Bob Bennett. Senator Hatch, you are the one who needs to go. You have been in your current office since 1977. That is as long as I've been alive. Surely you have helped to contribute to a $17 Trillion debt. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Just serve out the rest of your term quietly and take some time to understand why the Tea Party is so upset with politicians like yourself.


Senator for life Hatch is one of the reasons we have 17 trillion in debt. He's "reached across the aisle", "compromised", etc. since 1976.

HE'S one of the big reasons we have the mess we have.

Along comes Sens. Lee, Cruz, Paul, who want to do things differently (do the things they PROMISED), and the "old guard" somehow thinks THEY are a threat to their ruling of the Senate.

Keep up the good work Sen. Lee; you've got a long way to go!!

Grand Rapids, MI

Lee didn't lose the fight. It's time to "Tea Party" Senator Hatch.

4word thinker
Murray, UT

We are in debt 17 trillion. The debt was .7715 trillion when Hatch took office.

He is partially responsible for 95% of the country's debt.

I don't want another senator like him.

Cache county, USA

Hey Hatch, I believe there should be term limits for all. One term!

Layton, UT

Hatch actually DID say he needed to be "rehabilitated" too. Come on guys I cannot be the only one who actually listened to what Hatch had to say?

My impression is he was talking about all politicians needing to come together at this time in particular to avoid setting of a financial crisis. Including himself. Nice job media for once again pulling bits and pieces out of context to get a reaction.

Springville, UT

And who was absent on a vote just a few weeks ago???

Orrin, I hate to say it but you're out of touch. YOU are part of the problem. You should not have been voted in this last time.

The idea of compromise and getting along is great but our nation has incrementally shifted into this provide all for everybody 'nanny state' and YOU have compromised too much over the years and let this great nation get into this horrendous debt under YOUR watch.

It's time to move out of the way, it's time to take our nation back, get on a path of fiscal responsibility and start abiding by the constitution.

Rehabilitation... hogwash. You've forgotten where you placed your principles.

For the first time in my life I will be donating to several campaigns outside of the state to oust the dead wood that has divided the Republican party starting with McConnell, Boehner and all of the others that waffled and let their constituents down from the 2010 platform that got them elected.

Orrin is a prime example as to why term limits is needed.

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