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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Franklin, IN

Did you all hear that Amazon just hired a community organizer to come in and champion their ecommerce platform?

2nd in command is a politician from Kansas and they hired a contractor that built a website for internal government use since its so similar in scope to what Amazon needs to drive a few more million dollars through their company.


Government has not place in business or healthcare...ask any veteran how they like their healthcare...enough said...

Cedar Hills, UT

So the GOP stated very clearly that Obamacare was not ready and the mandate should be delayed one year for individuals. Obama said no. Reid wouldn't even consider it. Both Harry and Barack went so far as to SHUT DOWN the government rather than consider a delay. Both Reid and Obama stated that there were just a few minor bumps in the road but Obamacare was ready for prime time roll out and people would love it. Now here we are a few weeks down the road and the roll out was a nightmare - as predicted by the GOP - and a delay for the mandate is now being considered by Barack and Harry. So after all the media spin about how wrong the GOP was about Obamacare it turns out that the GOP was actually RIGHT and it was the Democrat's that were completely WRONG. So will the media now report the truth about Obamacare? Not a chance. We live in a world now where anything negative against Obama is suppressed by the media which means we are content to live a lie....a scary place to be in for all of America.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Government has not place in business or healthcare...ask any veteran how they like their healthcare...enough said..." Well not quite. The Vets I know often gripe about the VA, but they admit it beats what they could have gotten from the private sector - that is the consensus among the Vets I know.

In the meantime, if Obamacare is scuttled, the nightmare that is the status quo will continue, and the Republicans will do nothing to fix it.

I reluctantly accepted Obamacare as an alternative to the current setup. I called for "medicare for all." The software is in place and the public could have understood it. It's already set up. But the Republicans are scared of socialists like me, so that would never be allowed.

The American capitalist system is failing Americans, and it is just a matter of time before my views become popular. Talk to you then.

DN Subscriber 2

This confirms two things:

1- The conservatives and Republicans were right about Obamacare being messed up and needing a delay of the mandate.

2- Harry Reid and Obama shut down the government amidst high drama and bogus charges against the Republican's numerous funding bills, with the exclusive goal of keeping that fight in the news to hide the massive trainwreck (Dem. Senator's description, not mine) of the Obamacare roll out.

Repeal Obamacare, and fire every member of Congress who voted for it at any time.

Sanpete, UT


Haven't you played enough with the American people fellas? If it's good enough for me it's good enough for you. Open wide and take your own dose of what's good Mr. President.

City, Ut

Article: "the failures of the new health care website rollout have the White House toying with delaying the mandate after all."

First sensible, rational thing we have heard from the White House in a long time.

City, Ut

@ patriot--

Well said.

My thoughts exactly.


North Salt Lake, UT

Oh, this is too rich.

Of course, our leftist friends will find some way to blame Republicans....

Salt Lake City, UT


at 59 years old I have decided to join the youth movement!

I will opt to pay the fine each year until I get sick and need health care.... and then I will buy healthcare!

As soon as all conservatives follow me...the entire obamacare will implode as we all know, libs don't pay for anything, so why should we?

Hayden, ID

Do you hear laughter?

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

This is far, far more serious than people realize and is not a laughing matter at all.

If the requirement to purchase medical insurance is delayed, it will cause enormous stress on the insurance industry. People with chronic health and pre-existing conditions will continue to enroll right now, but young and healthy people will blow it off and not enroll, just like they are doing now. This breaks the key promise that ObamaCare made to the insurance companies: if you cover older and sicker people at moderate rates, we will force huge numbers of young and healthy people to enroll so you don't lose money.

I've never seen a more spectacular example of the government painting itself into a corner. If the mandate is delated, I wonder whether we'll see insurance companies pulling out of the exchanges because they will collapse if they remain in them. That's going leave millions of Americans holding the bag. A stunning failure of government to promote the general welfare of its citizens.

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

I think most people would agree that health care reform would be good. The problem comes in trying to do it all at once, with a cumbersome, expensive law that creates more problems than it solves. I know of several situations where Obamacare has caused the loss of employment or the loss of benefits directly related to the increased cost to employers and employees of insurance premiums. This has happened to my daughter and her husband. I lost a job due to reduction in force, as my employer could not afford the required insurance. My husband's job still has benefits, but we don't know how long that will last.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well there's a rational idea, delay it if necessary. Why can't we have more of that from Republicans? Instead the Republicans want to govern from the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste... and then manufacture a crisis every few months.

City, Ut

And another thing: I hereby proclaim my refusal to EVER CALL IT hereafter "The Affordable Care Act".

I have been noticing the last few weeks that those who don't understand any of this--and seemingly support the President for anything, regardless if it's a good idea or not--just about go BALLISTIC if I say 'Obamacare'. They are furious and seem to think I hate Obama and am trying to demonize him and his program if I use that term even in casual conversation.

Has happened so often, I'm wondering if there's some directive I've missed, that in lieu of bowing down and worshiping, we must not say the apparently hated word 'Obamacare'.

But now after this unprovoked and consistent rude irrational behavior, there will be no calling it the ACA for me!

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Utah Girl

So sorry to hear of your job loss and your heart ache over your current health insurance all caused by Obamacare. Your job loss is REAL and the economic impact is REAL to your family. Democrats however will just arrogantly brush you off and tell you that your job loss is just a necessary bump in the road so that the Obama freeloaders can continue to get more free stuff. Yes the so-called party of compassion is anything but compassionate when the rubber meets the road. I'm sure you understand that millions of Americans are suffering the same sorts of job loss and health insurance pain as you and are being completely ignored by the Obama lap dog media. As a hard working tax paying American - you didn't deserve to lose your job and the free loaders who qualify for free health care don't deserve the hand out at your expense. Fairness seems to be the Democrat's favorite word yet this party continues to destroy people's lives using the most unfair tactics ever hatched up. Welcome to America 2013.

sparks, NV

So many republicans stating their disdain for obamacare and how the republicans were right. If they were right, then why did they not stand with Lee/Cruz? Also, funny to see marxists comment that the current "capitalist" system does not work. Since when is corporatism deemed to be capitalism. In other words, it is not capitalism when the government socializes corporate/union/political losses and also gives corporations/unions/political allies monopolies. We hardly live in a capitalist society. Even the heritage foundation realizes the US is way behind many other countries in economic freedom. Our loss of economic freedom is a large part of why we are in the mess we are in today. Too much government taxation, control, corporatism, etc.

Meadow Lark Mark

Patriot you said it perfectly. Thank you. Simply said we cannot afford the affordable care act. It is going to ruin this country.

Salt Lake City, UT

"just about go BALLISTIC if I say 'Obamacare'. "

Oh I know you're using it derisively (there's no reason conservatives would use it if it weren't a negative connotation), but I know that despite the faults in implementation, the bill itself is good and am amusedly waiting for the day when everyone likes it too much that conservatives stop using the term and frankly am only going to use Obamacare more often myself.

For instance, Kentuckians sure like KYnect (their Obamacare exchange); funny how it's a lot more popular amongst those who don't like Obama when they don't realize what it is.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The only reason the democrats in power would ever consider delaying the mandate is if they think it might save their hides during the midterms.
Fresh blood in the water over the ACA is like manna from heaven for the GOP.

Salt Lake City, UT

"As a hard working tax paying American - you didn't deserve to lose your job and the free loaders who qualify for free health care don't deserve the hand out at your expense."

Seriously, will you conservatives get your stories straight? It's like half of you lament the "freebies" and the other half claim the healthcare bill cripples the poor and middle class with heavy burdens. It can't be both.

By the way, nobody gets a freebie from Obamacare, the subsidies still require some portion of the premiums to be paid for by even the poor.

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