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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 23 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

On top of all that; its administered by a politicized and corrupt IRS.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

This article just about sums up obama's entire presidency, nothing is going the way he wanted it to. Worse healthcare, higher cost, fewer people actually covered and the country left with even more debt and more bills to pay.

clearfield, UT

There are just some things that the government should try to leave to smaller more efficient and self interested entities who know that doing well, they keep their job, and doing poorly, they lose it. No one in the current administration seems to be accountable for huge screw ups. Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, and now Obamacare. This is why the private sector is so much better at handling jobs. The threat of losing a job is a great motivator that government employees, even down to the school teacher level, don't usually have. Job protection, usually coming from union involvement, creates a workforce that produces medicore service or product. It's just human nature. Which liberalism is so successful at exploiting to get votes.

Far East USA, SC

Health care in general is in "need of a doctor"

Unfortunately, the GOP just says NO and puts forth not replacement.

Dont forget, even without the ACA healthcare costs are unsustainable.

Push the GOP to draft replacement legislation, then we can talk about killing the ACA.

In the end, it is much easier to shoot holes in someone else plan than to provide one of your own.

Hayden, ID

@ JoeBlow. You want Nordstrom quality healthcare at Wal-Mart prices? That is impossible and even Obamacare can't do that. There are not enough taxpayers and higher premium payers in the world to make up the cost difference. What we will eventually end up with is lower quality healthcare for all. The laws of economics can not be ignored forever, you will get what you pay for. There is no such thing as something for nothing. We can't keep borrowing money forever!

Springville, UT

The website needs help, not the actual program. Conservatives are a depressing lot. If they had controlled things throughout American history, we would have no independence from Britain, no Constitution, no single nation in the wake of the Civil War, no freedom from the Nazis, no Interstate Highway system, no Social Security, and the list goes on an on. We would be the Afghanistan of the the Western Hemisphere.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

This panic over the Affordable Healthcare is mostly hyperbole. The system is just getting started and millions of uninsured people have taken an interest in getting insured.

Medicare and Social Security are well run, and liked by most Americans. Give it some time and Obamacare will be running like a well run machine, despite opposition and sabotage by conservative governors.

Hayden, ID

@ Esquire. Detroit is the perfect example of what happens when Democrats run things. And now, just think, you can add Obamacare and the IRS and Benghazi and fast and furious and NSA to your list of wonderful Democrat accomplishments!

Far East USA, SC

"You want Nordstrom quality healthcare at Wal-Mart prices?"


But today we have Walmart healthcare at Nordstrom prices.

"The laws of economics can not be ignored forever, you will get what you pay for."

And I would be happy to "get what we pay for". Many world measures suggest that we have the most expensive healthcare and get far from the best results.

That is what virtually all data suggests. Sorry if it does not fit your narrative.

Orem, UT

I can't wait for the central-planning liberals to add food, housing, clothing, and a "living wage" job to the list of "constitutional rights" that every American (legal or not) deserves and that the government must provide.

If you think $17 Trillion in debt is astronomical, just give leftist ideologues like Obama, Reid, and Polosi a few more years of government control. The sky is no longer the limit.

Hayden, ID

The entire rationale of Obamacare is to force some people to pay for Nordstrom quality healthcare they themselves will not receive. Force is an evil principle and is unjust. We have excellent medical care in America not Wal-Mart quality at all as you assert, but it is expensive. Quality always costs more. Obamacare will lower healthcare quality because it has to. Obamacare has no chance of succeeding because it is unjust and unfair. What one receives by not working means another person must work without receiving-totally unsustainable.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Mountanman, poor management is poor management. You can also cite the bankruptcy of Orange County, California, the largest concentration of Republicans on the West Coast.

Far East USA, SC


You can slice it anyway you choose but you back up your assertions with no data.

According to the WHO, the US ranks FIRST in "expenditure per capita" and ranks 38th based on 5 criteria. Feel free to look them up, but they seem as fair as any.

Now, I agree that if I were rich and have a rare illness, I would want to be in the US.

So, if that is your only criteria, you could have a point.

For example, the Royal birth in England cost $15k. The Average Childbirth without complications is billed at $30K in the US. That is a problem that many want to bury their heads in the sand rather than address it.

The mentality that "all is well" with our healthcare system is a characteristic of the GOP.

And it is completely illogical. (if one adheres to logic at all)

Centerville, UT

Joe Blow,

The Democrats, particularly Obama, did not present his health care plan in detail until after the election. It wasn't passed until 2010, but even as congressmen voted, they had not read the bill to know what was inside it.

So why do you expect Republicans to present plans to replace Obamacare before the election. Do you have a double standard?

Centerville, UT

Esquire, you are rewriting history. Consider the Revolutionary War. The liberal "rebels" were rebelling against taxation without representation, and the burdens (might we call them "regulations?" being forced upon the colonies. When these "liberals" argued for a strong centralized government, they weren't arguing for forced contraceptive coverage, but for a strong, unified military to preserve the union.

When Democrats opposed the Civil Rights movement, was that your proof that conservatives would have lost the union during the Civil War during the Republican Lincoln adminstration?

I fear that your post is full of revisionist history.

Far East USA, SC

"So why do you expect Republicans to present plans to replace Obamacare before the election. "

No double standard here.

The GOP has been screaming REPEAL and REPLACE for years now. I have no problem with replacing the ACA with something better.

But, lets see it. Heck. They haven't penned any proposed legislation.

Our current system is unsustainable.

And most of us believe that Repeal and Replace really means Repeal and go back to what will surely fail our country.

American Fork, UT

It's in need of a doctor. One that looks upon me not as a payer but a patient and participant. One that sees my health as an asset that is beneficial to society, and the health of every other person in society equally so. One that sees health as a service, not a commodity. One that recognises that this is more important than anything else we can do as a society. Obamacare is in need of a doctor, a hospital, a society and an attitude. It'a in need of an improvement in all of us.

Phoenix, AZ

@liberal larry:
"This panic over the Affordable Healthcare is mostly hyperbole."

The problem with the Affordable Care Act is that we can't afford it. It will drive the US into another, deeper recession. And we're not even out of the last one. What it amounts to is a huge tax increase on every American citizen... which will either go to pay for an insurance policy or to the government as a penalty (tax) for not buying a policy.

"The system is just getting started and millions of uninsured people have taken an interest in getting insured."

And millions are being thrown off their current, less expensive insurance policy and are forced to buy a more expensive one... with high co-pays and deductibles.

"Medicare and Social Security are well run..."

They're both going broke.

"Give it some time and Obamacare will be running like a well run machine..."

The death panels are being set up as we speak.

Salt Lake City, UT

Socialized health care is coming one way or another. The health care status quo is not sustainable - too many are left with no or inadequate coverage. Moreover, private pharma is not willing to come forth with a new line of antibiotics to fight the "superbugs" which are already upon us. The public cannot afford to allow this, and will demand socialized drug research and manufacturing.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "JoeBlow" even nothing is better than the ACA. The problem is that we don't need a replacement for the ACA, we need less government intrusion in health insurance. Right now there are over 2200 mandates. The mandates do little more than increase costs, and cause insurance companies to drop needy people.

As an example of how the regulations backfire, here is one from my family. During the 1980's my brother developed juvenile onset diabetes. Insurance covered him without any problem, this was why my Dad was self employed. After the government added 1000 mandates, insurance companies no longer covered people on the individual market who have diabetes.

To "marxist" so you agree that we are now on a race to the bottom with socialized health care. One thing you should ask yourself is this: If socialized care is so good, why are some of the nations with socialized care encouraging private insurance and care for their citizens?

To "Esquire" what do you mean the ACA doesn't need fixing? We were told that it was going to lower insurance costs. So far in 45 of 50 states costs have risen by an average 73%.

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