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10 years later, Ravi Zacharias to speak at Mormon Tabernacle again

Published: Monday, Oct. 21 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Wilsonville, OR

Perhaps the next time there is a Mormon running for President, we won't have 10 million Evangelicals throw the election by refusing to vote.


"Perhaps the next time there is a Mormon running for President, we won't have 10 million Evangelicals throw the election by refusing to vote."

Do you really think Romney's Mormonism trumped his flip-flopping as the reason some conservatives didn't support him?

north salt lake, UT

It's wonderful that people of differing religions are coming together to stand for what we feel like most precious-- our religious liberty.

West Valley City, 00

A couple of comments here have me concerned. Those that state that religious freedoms are not under attack, must have a different definition of freedom than mine. I see religious groups taken to court because they use public property such as schools as meeting places on Sundays. These are tax paying citizens and have had an agreement for this use for some time, but all of a sudden they are being booted out? How is this not an attack on religious freedom? When people have to fight in court to have a cross at a place of remembrance for a person that was religious who died there and the courts say take it down... How is this not an attack on religious freedom? You may claim to not care because you are not religious so it's no skin off your back, but a society that can not respect these non-intrusive basic kindnesses will not respect anyone's freedoms (religious or not).

Bill Fitz

Seems albert likes to use fear to teach. I also notice that much of his teachings are opinions. And can someone tell me what his salary is? If he gets paid for preaching then clearly he does not follow the Savior who did not get paid for preaching.

Bill Fitz

When he says "I was speaking honestly" He inadvertently admitted that he speaks dishonestly at times.

Harrisville/Weber, UT

Hmmmm... Let's see if I got all the talking points that Mohler was trying to get across:

- Mormons are going straight to hell but evangelicals will still tolerate them; at least until they've gotten rid of the Muslims...

- We are threatened by an increasingly "secular" state even though political studies seem to indicate a move to the political "right" over the last 20 years. We should embrace a Theocracy instead (an evangelical one at that!).

- We should oppose even the most basic protections under the laws for those who don't share our religious beliefs (gay marriage, etc).

- We should follow the model of radical evangelicals in Africa (such as those who have been working toward making homosexual relationships a crime punishable by death).

- We should impose strict censorship laws to protect "religious liberty" (as opposed to "erotic liberty"? Really?)

Mohler did make one thing clear by repeating it more than once: his belief that "we" are not going to Heaven together. This statement clearly shows that he believes members of the LDS faith are going straight to Hell.

I wonder what Jesus would think of his message?

Mike Iverson


I wonder if the evangelicals are recognizing the power of the organization of the L D S church and the power of the numbers in the church.

west valley, UT

The word set is defined many ways in the dictionary, as is christianity. because one chooses a different one does not make him wrong. Their are many types of christians. As with the word set, Which one I choose does not make me more right or wrong but different.

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