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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 8:15 a.m. MDT

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Holladay, UT

One more thing..

byu strategically placed a bye week in front of Utah's game. They had 2 weeks to prepare and still couldn't win in their own stadium.

Who is the better team? Utah

Springville, UT

uh Tators...

My comment was some humor at the expense of...

You can figure it out. I'll give you a hint...

Go Cougars!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


No, the champion is determined by who wins the championship game. Who plays in that game is determined by a poll: actually, several polls and a formula. Next year the top 4 teams will play in a play off format. The top 4 will be determined by a comitee. College football is a popularity contest. It's the only champion not determined by a play off system. It's a farce.

Furthermore, different polls/rankings have the teams in a different order. Thank goodness the NCAA basketball champion is determined by a tournament and not a popularity contest.

West Jordan, UT


And to any other BYU fan that keeps saying BYU is Utah's bowl game...

What was it Van Noy said Utah was to BYU?
If I recall correctly, he said that they were their super bowl.

Due to this, it just makes your (repeated) comments of BYU being Utah's bowl game hilarious to read, and embarrassing for you. So please, do us all a favor and stop.

To make your statement more accurate, lets just say that the rivalry means a lot to both sides and is a huge win no matter what the standings say.

And just for arguments sake, if you wanted to talk about respect, Utah got picked up by a big conference, BYU did not. Bazinga!

However, I am logical enough to know that there are several reasons why BYU is/was overlooked, it has nothing to do with program strength.
Obviously Independence is the best place for BYU (currently), a nice ESPN deal and the exposure the LDS church wants.

Congrats, to you true BYU fans that know how to have real discussion and not bicker (Ex- Y Grad / Y Dad; to the rest of you, meh, not so much.

Orem, UT

Spokane Ute

It's also not a fluke when BYU finishes with a better record and higher ranking than Utah in 5 of the last 8 seasons, and, soon to be, 6 of the last 9 seasons.

As has been stated before, Utah wins the individual game battle, BYU wins the season long war.


Bronco is 9-8(53%) versus PAC teams.
Kyle is 12-17(41%) versus PAC teams.

AP Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 4
Kyle 2

Conference Championships
Bronco 2
Kyle 1

Kyle is great at getting his team up for BYU, but, except for his perfect storm 2008 season, Kyle's been terrible about consistently beating teams Utah is supposed to beat, which is why he so seldom cracks the Top 25 or wins conference championships.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Taysom and BYU ran all over Texas, but Taysom's passing game was still developing when BYU played Utah and Utah stacked the box to force BYU to pass.

With the vast improvement in BYU's passing game the last month, Utah, even with a healthy Travis, would have to get lucky with turnovers to win a rematch.

Salt Lake City, UT

This season is a wash....lets hope the SF Humanitarian Bowl gives an invite to both BYU and UTAH!

Cheyenne, WY

KH and many others
I personally think Utah is the better team this year (when healthy)
I think BYU is not far behind.
I think it is naive to say either mid-season rankings or 1 game makes a team better.
But I will say this about rankings (even though they are always wrong)
These people get paid to do this. I don't.
I think we should have respect for the rankings but it really doesn't mean much in the end (if they do final rankings are what counts)

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"If BYU isn't the best team in Utah, than why is Stanford rated higher then the Utes?"

LOL at how you completely dodged the question, because the obvious answer would completely debunk the Utah fan single head-to-head game narrative.

Why do Utah fans continue to spout whiny excuses about Utah's schedule being too tough, when even during their MWC days, BYU still finished with better records and higher rankings than the Utes who were playing the same SOS as BYU.

Of course, when you can't beat 10-loss teams like Colorado and UNLV, you have to come up with something to explain your ineptitude - that's the only way to explain beating Stanford, and then getting dominated by Arizona.

Gilbert, AZ


More whiny excuses?

BYU's SOS is currently ranked #24.

Anyone trying to characterize that as a cream puff schedule is either blinded by their crimson glasses or just blowing smoke.

The truth is, until this year, Utah had never had a season SOS over #41.

Utah SOS rank since 2000:

76, 62, 75, 62, 67, 76, 73, 60, 56, 75, 50, 49, 41, currently #5

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


That's what happens when you play an easier schedule. The fact of the matter is that neither team has anything to brag about. I'm certainly dissapointed with the season so far. If you want to beat your chest about being ranked in the top 40 of the Saragin poll, so be it. So beating 4 final top 25 BCS teams (2008-2009), including 11-1 Alabama, in one season is the "perfect storm"? There goes your credability. BYU would be in the same boat this year if they played Utah's schedule; don't kid your self. Have a good evening.

Mission Viejo, CA

To Utah fans: you won the game. Congrats. In the pros, a team will play two games in its division and can meet again in playoffs. Very often the teams split.

College you get one chance. BYU is not the same team Utah played, and vice versa. For better or for worse, the rankings are the only things that matter. Ask yourselves: could BYU beat Texas again? Could Utah be Stanford again? I would not bet on either.

So enough with the juvenile comparisons. They are meaningless.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Why, even if Utah beat BYU, BYU fans still wouldn't admit Utah is better. Head to head competition and the final score are meaningless. Didn't you get the Blue memo?

San Diego, CA

i dont read too much into these rankings.

even though we may end up with a better record you cant ignore the fact that utah owns us for the time being.

it is hard to admit but if we cant beat them 4 years running, they are the better team. period.

they also beat utah state. so state bragging rights goes to utah.

that said, if we were to play utah at the end of the year, i think byu comes out on top.

Salt Lake City, UT

How about an article re-ranking schedules? BYU's "toughest season ever" has turned out to be weaksauce.

Beverly Hills, CA

Please. Those rankings mean nothing. Utah is better than Arizona, and Utah is better than BYU. Utah has been the best school in the state for the past two decades, both athletically and academically. Nice try in your attempt to bring Utah, a national brand and major athletic presence, to the level of BYU and Utah State, two weakly known regional schools.

Salt Lake City, UT

When two teams are close to being at the same level, the better team does not always win when they play head to head. I am not saying that is what happened when BYU played Utah, but most of the polls and other ranking systems do. So maybe that is what I am saying.

Farmington, UT

godog3... said:

"The Virginia loss was awful like Utah's loss to Colorado."

Well, not quite. BYU's los to Virginia was an opening game, which they had won despite the many dropped passes and instead of taking the win they decided to get fancy and a turn-over resulted, changing the game to a loss. Hopefully the coaches learned a thing or two when in that situation.

Utah never was in front of Colorado, they were playing AT HOME in SLC and Colorado was the worst road team in the country at the time. PLUS---Utah was playing for all the marbles. All the stars lined up for Utah to go to the first PAC 12 Championship game a s the Southern Division champion; they had Norm Chow, OC extraordinaire, and they laid a big goose egg. The PAC 12 will NEVER be se greased for Utah again.

This year they're 1 - 3, for a start, a slight improvement over being 0 - 4. Still in the basement, those Utes. The top third of the PAC 12 is ranked....why isn't Utah among the elite? B-T-W, they lost to Oregon State (at home yet again) who lost to.....

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

How is BYU ranked higher than Utah, when clearly on the field Utah has BYU's number? Simple: Rankings are subjective and very much favor wins versus losses, regardless of the quality of the opponent. So how do you get a high ranking without being very good?: Play not very good teams.

While I recognize that this is probably the toughest schedule BYU has ever had, Utah's schedule is still far tougher. The Utes have had some close losses to great teams that have cost us in the rankings. While I wish it was different, it's what it is.

For BYU fans to come on here and claim superiority after we've beat them 4 years in a row is pretty ridiculous. You stay classy BYU.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

If we just played the next few years we would totally win those games. The last few years are just flukes cause the best team always loost.

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