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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 8:15 a.m. MDT

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Marysville, WA

Re: Utah's fight song: Isn't it sexist to only boast as a "Utah Man?" Sounds like a whole makeover is required. First it was the mascot, and now this.

pocatello, ID

Mcallen, TX
BYU are the state champs, but with Boise State, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame,-how can a BCS Bowl game be any better?


Well since you won't be playing in a BCS bowl game this year. It's just better to talk about your schedule.


This series on rankings is silly. Utah beat BYU yet at season's end it's almost a given BYU will finish with the higher ranking. I don't think Virginia is better than BYU, in fact I would bet GT kills them Saturday. I also don't think Utah is better than Stanford. But, Utah has beaten BYU four straight times therefore they are the better team.

Also, USU lost Keeton therefore keeping them in this reason is really disingenous.


West Jordan, Utah

Rankings are a joke. They often benefit BYU over Utah because of BYU's brand name, fan population and exposure."

According to our good friend Chris B, this isn't possible :)


"Utah was slightly better than BYU when they played but since then BYU has only improved and I would bet that a replay of that game would produce a different result. Why? Because BYU's system is getting momentum while Utahs is not."

Utah has won four of these games in a row. I don't see how there's any possible argument BYU is the better team.

Also, how much has BYU really improved since the Utah game? There has been significant improvement since Virginia but, I'm not sure about since the Utah game.

They're giving up a lot of yards now and while Hill is completing more passes, he's still throwing into tight coverage far too often. He had three picks at Houston but, it should have been four (he attempted to throw one away in the first and fortunately the defender wasn't paying attention because it was right to him). The line is probably part to blame but, when talking about improvement we're talking about everyone.

Enid, OK

Article stats (go look them up yourself)....

Rankings from (in order) USA Today, CBS Sports, Segarin, BCS standings....

BYU: 33, 30, 28, 36, with an average of 31.75
Utah: 51, 42, 35, 43, with an average of 42.75
USA: 67, 70, 40, 79, with an average of 64.0

Sshhhhhh! Don't tell the Utah fans. They still think they're the best team in the state....

Ha! Ha! Go Cougars!!!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


OK, how about a winning streak. Call it what you want, but Utah's win this year was far, far from a "Fluke". I beleive the winning team is based on who scores the most points, no need to research any further, 4 in a row is, well, 4 in a row.

I wonder if the editor will actually let me post this, not sure what in the world I said previously that was off topic or uncivil?

@ Sportsfan

I don't recall saying one game makes a season? 12-13 does, we are half way home. All 3 of Utah's loses could have easily went their way. So what? They didn't, they lost, pretty easy to admit. At least for me.

Enid, OK

Hey, DesNews moderators: Why is the word "Ute" not acceptable? Are you kidding me? "Ute" refers to the "Ute" indians, as in, the "Utah Utes". Likewise, something similar would be "BYU Cougs".

Come on, guys....I posted something yesterday that used the word "Utes" that was clearly not offensive, vulgar, a personal attack, did not use bad language, etc and it was denied. Give me a break. Here's the post. See for yourself:

"Article stats (go look 'em up yourself)....

Rankings from (in order) USA Today, CBS Sports, Segarin, BCS standings....

BYU: 33, 30, 28, 36, with an average of 31.75
Utah: 51, 42, 35, 43, with an average of 42.75
USA: 67, 70, 40, 79, with an average of 64.0

Sshhhhhh! Don't tell the Ute fans. They still think they're the best team in the state....

Ha! Ha! Go Cougars!!!"

What is offensive about that?????

San Diego, CA

I am a true blue Cougar fan, but BYU lost to Utah this year. Enough said. Head to head determines bragging rights, sadly, for all of us devout Cougar fans.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

If or when the rivalry game is resumed I would like to see it take place in November as it should be. By that time both teams have hit their stride. BYU starts slow and usually finishes strong, whereas utah...... finishes.

San Diego, CA

I hear you bleed blue. I was denied 3 times over the weekend for saying the exact same thing that the fans from up north said. I reposted and they were approved. go figure.

Salt Lake City, UT

I said at the start of the season, after the Utah-BYU game, and now, that I think those two teams are pretty much equal in terms of skill. However, that's based on the idea of a healthy Wilson at QB.

Salt Lake City, UT

Logan, UT
When you lose to a team, you don't get the priveledge of saying that you are better than that team. Can you think of any better way of determining which of two teams is better than by having them play each other and see who wins? That is kind of the way that championships are determined in the sporting world.

First of all, BYU didn't say it. The ranking services did.
Second, "The way that championships are determined?" What? Have you never HEARD of NCAA football?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Because BYU's system is getting momentum"

BYU played Utah right after setting a school rushing yard record in a thrashing of Texas. They had plenty of momentum. I'd take BYU against Utah in a hypothetical rematch right now, but only because Wilson is injured. Otherwise I'd consider it a coin flip much as I did with the first game.

Provo, UT

Surfs Up: I agree. There is a direct correlation with the 4 win streak for Utah and the time of year they have played the game. Under Bronco BYU has typically started slow and gained momentum, gotten better as the year goes on. Utah has been the opposite. They start strong and then fade. Utah just catches BYU early and they have an advantage. Look at the Virginia loss. You can't tell me that if BYU had a do over, 9 times out of 10 they would be Virginia. Play the Utah game in November I'm willing to bet its not a 4-0 sweep. But we play the games when they schedule them and Utah beat us 4 times in a row. I still think BYU is a better team now than when we played Utah.

Spanish Fork, UT


By your logic, Stanford doesn't have the right to say they are better than Utah? Because they are. They have that right as well. Beating a team is one arguement for who is the better team, but there are too many variables throughout an entire season to state that one team is still better by the end of the year based solely on beating them. Taysom was in a huge 3 game slump to start of the year. He is much better now. BYU is playing more consistently. If BYU beats out Wisconsin, Boise State, and Notre Dame, there will be zero question as to who is the best in the state.

The Middle Of, UT

You're new around here aren't you? Byu won a championship 30 years ago, they are the better team. Always and forever the better team, understand? No? There are really only a few people that do understand. The cougs could finish 0-12 and still be the best team in Utah, even if the Utes went 13-0.

Cheyenne, WY

I agree when Wilson is healthy they are very similar.
I think Utah would exploit the O-line issues at the Y.
Where I do disagree with you is that BYU is passing the ball much better than when they played the Utes.
I thought maybe it was Utah's D then I just checked ranking and GT d is no. 12 so that would be interesting to see.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Mcallen, TX


If BYU isn't the best team in Utah, than why is Stanford rated higher then the Utes?

Doesn't make any sense.


Explaining the grind of Big 5 football to a BYU fan is like explaining Darwinism to the Tea Party. Why bother.

Salt Lake City, UT

To the victor go the spoils. Enjoy your win, coug fans...it must have been a thriller. To defeat a highly ranked team like Houston on the road is a great accomplishment.

I have a question about the photo headlining this story...

The stadium looks empty. I thought byu sells out every stadium they play in. What happened Saturday? The caption on the pic indicates it was 2nd qtr. Did all the fans leave early for half time to get popcorn? Anyone??

Holladay, UT

All you byu fans are so funny. It has been 5 years since byu has beaten Utah, and every year I hear the same thing... "byu really is the better team, Utah just gets up for this game". Even though Van Noy said this was byu's super bowl this year.

Please byu fans, when asking yourself who is the better team, please remember Utah's schedule opposed to what byu has played so far.

byu's schedule:
Virginia - worst team in ACC and byu lost
Texas - Decent team - unranked. Good win for byu. I'll give you this one.
Middle Tennessee State - I don't even have to say it.
Utah State - byu played them without Keeton, which makes Utah State a bad team.
Georgia Tech - Another bad ACC team
Houston - I don't even know what conference they're in. Beat a bunch of bad teams.

Utah's schedule:
Utah State - with Keeton - Good team, not great
Weber State - Bad team, comparable to Middle Tennessee
UCLA - Ranked team. Very Good.
Stanford - Top 5 team. Very very good.
Arizona - Good team, not great

Please, remember which schedule you play and then decide who is better.

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