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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013 8:15 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

"If BYU isn't the best team in Utah, then why is Stanford rated higher than the Utes?

Doesn't make any sense."


Love it!

Eddie Would Go

Who won in Provo this year? I forgot.

Springville, UT

"We're going bowl-less again, no one is going to stop us, we still beat you, we don't care what others say and we're better than your stinking rankings."


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

West Jordan, Utah
@ Y Dad/Y Dad

"You wrote "all the people whose opinion matters seem to think so" in your take of who is better.

Look, I often enjoy your comments and I am not bothered by your comments here necessarily. But do you buy into all the opinions and reports of all major entities?"

Of course I do! I buy into every opinion that is favorable to BYU. And if it undercuts my rival to the north, that's an added bonus.

Just joking! For the most part.

Was Alabama the best team in the nation last year? Or was A&M? Shoot, was BYU the best team in the nation in (shhhhh...) 1984? What is "best"? Is it "best at the end of the season"? "Best over the course of the whole season"? Is there a difference?

It's all so subjective, even head to head match-ups. If two teams meet twice, and split, who's better?

A playoff will be a huge improvement, but it won't completely solve the riddle either.

San Leandro, CA


Anaheim, CA

If rankings don't mean anything, as the kids on the hill pretend, then why do they beat their chests every time Utah beats a "ranked" opponent?

Stanford beats UCLA who beats Utah who beats Stanford. Who's better?

In 2012, BYU beats Utah St. who beats Utah who beats BYU. Who's better?

Last year, Texas A&M beats Alabama who beats Notre Dame for the National Championship. Who's better?

If rankings don't mean anything, then this whole BCS thing is a joke.

How can you say that BCS matches the two best teams in the championship game if the rankings you use to determine the top two teams don't mean anything?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Like every year utah is the worst team. Scoring more points doesn't proof anything. What shows it is trips to the blue zone, tackles, running faster with the ball and then the refs always make us not get more points.
Plus we mess up alot.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

gdog3finally, part II

By the way, thanks both for the compliment AND for taking me to task civilly. I appreciate both!

So when BYU trashed Texas, it was huge. Then Texas faltered and the victory tarnished, at least a little, in some opinions. Then Utah beat Stanford, and it was HUGER!

Now suddenly, Texas is leading the Big 12, and if they win out, will most assuredly end up ranked higher than BYU. What if Stanford falters down the stretch?

Football season is a big buffet, so many things to enjoy. Turns out "victory over your rival" was all gone by the time BYU fans got there. Utah fans got it all. Again. Not many other things on their plate (so far)

Our plates look pretty good, with a chance of scoring some crab legs and steak...

Ah, well, it kinda made sense to me.

Orem, UT

To Utah Fans

If "scoreboard" is all that matters, why is Stanford ranked #6/#8/#7 in AP/Coaches/Sagarin, while Utah is ur/ur/#35?

If Utah is "better" than Stanford, based on "scoreboard", then why is Stanford ranked 30 places higher than Utah?

I'd love to see a cogent argument from a Utah fan who can explain why "scoreboard" is the only thing that matters.

Mcallen, TX

Wow! Going to the PAC 12 means nothing.

Playing BYU is still the main focus.

Utah is better than BYU, and Stanford. Yep! And our country will pay off its debt.

Flukes happen!

Roy, UT

BYU's ranking will improve as its O-Line improves...can't see QB Hill doing much better than he played against Houston, those were awesome plays, and end-game stats. It all starts with the O-Line...that's my constant repetitive comment, because no one else seems to recognize the importance of these players to the success of the Offense, and of giving the D a rest.

Provo, UT

Rankings should be based on "How good is your team now". Utah was slightly better than BYU when they played but since then BYU has only improved and I would bet that a replay of that game would produce a different result. Why? Because BYU's system is getting momentum while Utahs is not. Any team can beat any other team on any given day. The best teams don't always win the game due to various external factors. That's why BYU can be ranked ahead of Utah even if Utah beat BYU earlier. Right now, BYU is a better team.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Sorry Worf, but 4 years in a row is no "fluke". It's called getting owned.

Hyrum, UT

@ gdog3finally:

I agree with most of what you wrote, but disagree about one thing. Rankings are not so subjective. The only thing that goes into most national rankings are totally objective, quantitatively measurable criteria... and lots of it.

A few Ute fans are complaining because they feel BYU doesn't have a PAC12 level schedule for comparison purposes. However, SOS (strength of schedule) is factored into each of the rankings. That's why it's nearly impossible for small conference teams with very week schedules to ever get ranked very highly.

Interesting that you acknowledge that BYU has such a strong fan base and is so well nationally known... while Chris B has spent most of the season trying to convince everyone of just the opposite... that they are almost unknown nationally... especially in regards to recruiting. Thankfully, there remain at least some honest, less biased fans on each side.

@ sammyg and ahmyers:

These rankings are all about how teams currently are and their cumulative season-long production... not just a single game a month ago. But if that's the only nail you can find to hang your hat on, then have at it.

Orem, UT

Spokane Ute

One game in a 12-game season doesn't prove anything.

Seasons are judged in their entirety. Just because Utah has had BYU's number head-to-head recently, doesn't mean Utah has been the better team overall.

3 of those 4 games could have easily gone BYU's way, including this year's game.

Hyrum, UT

@ Spokane Ute:

3 of the 4 games you mentioned went down to the wire with just a few points separating the teams. If most of those wins were more definitive with the Utes winning convincingly, I would agree with you. But they didn't. As such, neither team owns the other. The closeness of the majority of their games only says that the teams are similarly matched and very competitive with each.

If one team actually "owned" the other, then their fans wouldn't storm the field at the end of a game, the way Utah fans do. Their actions actually indicate they felt Utah was quite fortunate to win some of those games... as opposed to owning BYU.

A bit of research even shows BYU with better production stats in those 3 games... more yardage, more first downs and sometimes time of possession. Often the only difference has been a single timely turnover or special teams play. As such, there is no way an objective person would ever say that either teams owns the other. And if BYU wins the next 4 games with Utah by very close scores, I'll still say the exact same thing.

Marysville, WA

Doesn't seem all that long ago that Urban's Utah team & fans were always whining about not being taken seriously enough even though they were unbeaten on the way through their (MWC) season. Now it's all about strength of schedule. So which is it really? The only constant with that hill crowd is BYU hatred. Just can't move on. Utah is the only team in the state who plays their bowl game on the third game of the season.

Marysville, WA

"Rankings are a joke. They often benefit BYU over Utah because of BYU's brand name, fan population and exposure."

It's refreshing to see a Ute fan honest enough to admit the obvious: Regardless of wins & losses in any particular season, BYU has a better brand, bigger fan base (game attendance, media market, and national fan footprint), and better exposure.

In the end, I think that is and always has been the core of Red Hatred, and why Ute fans can't seem to move on, even though supposedly all their dreams came true when they moved to their shiny/fancy conference. Should change the principal team color to green.

Orem, UT


"Should change the principal team color to green."

Interestingly, Utah's fight song already incorporates that theme:

"I am a Utah man and I live across the green..."


Rankings and head-to-head matchups are interesting things. As a bluebleeding BYU fan, I have to admit to being green with envy that Utah has owned BYU in the series of late. Yes @Taters, owned. To me THAT explains why BYU can have better stats, and in many of our opinions better teams, and still lose. Regardless of the cause, a loss on the field is a loss on the field.

However, a loss on the field doesn't tell the whole story either. I think even Utah fans would admit that if Utah and Stanford played 5 times the Utes probably wouldn't take three... If BYU and Virginia played five times, I doubt Virginia would win three.

The national perception based on rankings says that most people think that if BYU and Utah played 5 times, BYU would win more than Utah-yet having observed the rivalry the last few years Utah seems to win regardless. In the case of BYU and Utah I think it is more about the matchup. For whatever reason BYU can't seem to make it happen, much to the chagrin of BYU fans everywhere. Doesn't make the higher ranking undeserved thoughn:)

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