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Published: Monday, Oct. 21 2013 8:15 p.m. MDT

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Cheyenne, WY

He is right they have got to find a way to keep Hill from getting hit so much. He is a great qb.

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

I love watching him play. Now that he has his accuracy back on passing, there is big play potential every single play, whether on the ground or in the air. I've enjoyed the major story lines of this year. Hill's emergence as a leader and offensive threat, Hoffman breaking records previously held by BYU's recent greats, and Van Noy dominating on D in a way I have never seen before in my BYU watching history. I'm excited for the second half of the season.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I would sincerely like to see a list of other "great" QB's who at one point in the season had the worst passer rating in the entire country.

I could be wrong, but my guess is that list would be exactly zero names long.

I think Taysom is an average at best QB who has the ability to beat some average teams, but its unlikely he'll ever beat a top 10 team in his career, as Travis Wilson has already done.

But we will see, best of luck in the future.

Spanish Fork, UT

We were at the game and watched Hill on the sidelines, going to the huddle, between plays and then plays and what jumped out at us was the coming of age of this guy's determination to win. He stokes everyone but then has the skills to outclass a VERY fast Houston team and then pick them apart when he has even a modicum of time to set up. Houston was a better coached, faster and tougher team than any BYU has played to date. Impressive performance by Hill.

Las Vegas, NV

Imagine how good he'll be when he finds the courage to check out of the wrong play against certain formations. In seven of his eight sacks he held the ball for more than 5 seconds. In all eight cases he should have seen that his opponent had put a stack 8 defense around the ball and LOS, a clear indicator that a deep drop or roll-out play is not likely to work. When facing such defenses, the right choice is to drop three and hit a quick sit-down, flare or short X-ing route in the seem zones. Hill was sacked because he did NOT change those plays and he expected far more of his O-Line than any 5 men can provide over 6-7 second time frames. Hill will see this in film. FANS may be blaming the O-Line but the coaching staff knows Hill was his own worst enemy on 7 of 8 take downs. That he still ran for 128 yards is a testament to just how great he's going to be when he decides to run the game from HIS position and allows Anae to provided management, not dictation!

Hayden, ID

It has taken Taysom Hill a few games to hit his stride but he certainly has and the sky is the limit for him if he can avoid injury. He is exciting to watch. 417 yards passing and over 100 yards rushing in the Houston game and this against a previously undefeated defense.

Cheyenne, WY

It is interesting to me that two articles came on the same time one BYU one UTAH and the BYU articles has 6 times the comments
just something interesting I found
Wilson Pass 16.3 Run 16.6
Hill 10.8 Run 37.3 but lost over 16 points because of sacks. heres to hoping they can improve on the sacks.

Danbury, CT


As usual you have such a weird post...Wilson has beaten exactly 1 top 10 team. One as in one more than zero. I'm happy for him but that isn't a big deal. Be happy for Taysom that he has come from worst to number 8 in the entire country. Be even happier he didn't catch on before he played your team. And he is only a Sophomore.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

The answer to your first question is none. From my perspective that makes the last four weeks that much more impressive. It is called "progress". As a die hard Utah fan be thankful you didn't catch Hill when he hit his stride.

Also for the record Hill had some of his best games against teams with the following NCAA defensive ranks:

Georgia Tech #13
Utah State #22

On the other hand although Stanford was ranked #5 their defense is ranked #34.

If Travis Wilson can play (which I hope he can because he seems like a great kid) let's see how he does against USC #16 or Arizona State #23.

Idaho Falls, ID

The problem, LEDSFW, that by running 115 plays, Taysom is constantly being pushed to get the ball snapped. With the pressure to get the play going, he doesn't have time to read the defense. In the first half of the Georgia Tech game, he was given some slack to read the defenses and he ended up audibling out of the called play about "60% of the time" (Hill's words). We saw the productive results. In the second half the coach pulled in the reins and didn't allow him to audible out. We saw those results, too--not a single 1st down in the 2nd half. If Hill is allowed to learn to read and audible to certain defenses, he will be very dangerous indeed. Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer, and Kellen Moore of Boise State were absolute masters of reading defenses. If Hill can get that part of the game mastered, he'll have a better chance of maintaining his health and emerge to be a top NFL prospect. Everyone can see the enormous potential in this guy.

Orem, UT

Chris B...about your typo...Travis Wilson "is" done... Just thought I'd correct you.

Taysom will go on with an NFL career.

Advice for Anae...give Olsen some time at QB against Boise...that way Taysom gets a little recovery time...and the team gets some reps for another very good quarterback. He can take a few hits...

Taysom...thoroughly enjoyed that performance!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"Houston was a better coached, faster and tougher team than any BYU has played to date" - and this includes the mighty trotting utes who lost to an average Arizona team last Saturday which shows that the Stanford win was indeed an anomaly.

Taysom Hill's performance last Saturday was outstanding.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Taysom has great potential and if his mental capacity (he is a very bright kid) catches up to his physical ability, he might be one of the best QB's in the nation next year. Excited to see what he can do.

Madison, Ohio

I realize it's dangerous for Hill to rush so much, but it is so fun to watch him run. He's so fast. I hope he continues to improve, stays healthy and goes down in history as one of our great quarterbacks.


Great post 1978. You are like the many U fans I know who are good people who don't always try to stir the pot. Hopefully more can "call out" the extremes from their own side who make childish comments - and they do come from both sides. As a cougar fan, it's exciting to see the offense improving. There will be more bumps in the road with Hill at the helm, but he has turned a corner and the future looks really bright. I see this offense continuing to improve this year and the next two. Great observations by LEDSFW. Much of that comes from a lack of experience. The only qb we've ever seen this good in his soph. yr. was Ty Detmer. His vision of the field was amazing. Hill's will improve with time/experience/film review. Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

All the plaudits are certainly deserved.

What has been overlooked in all this are the coaching decisions that put Hill in as much risk, if not more so, than what happened to him last year. in 2012, the game was effectively over, and instead of taking a knee, the play called for Hill to run the ball. His knee was hit, his year was over, and at least one coach lost their job over it.

Two days ago, exact same circumstances, and he was called to run the ball three times.

The loss of any 3-4 players this year has hurt the team to one degree or another. Losing Hill, especially on a ludicrous call, would be devastating.


Frankly, I couldn't care less what Hill's efficiency rating was during those first three games. The offensive line was a musical chairs merry go round and two games were played around hurricanes. What matters is how Hill is playing NOW. And every list I have seen has him way ahead of any QB currently playing for any other D1 team on Utah. I am excited to see Hill continue to grow and mature during this season and witness the full potential over the next two years. He's fast, strong, smart, and he motivates his team. Not since Detmer, Young or McMahon, have I sensed this kind of will to win from such a young QB. If he stays healthy, Hill stands to rewrite the rushing stats for BYU QB's and make a real dent in some passing records as well.

Lindon, UT

idablu--- I hadn't heard what Hill said about the 60%. I did notice the slower pace and audibles in the GT game but didn't realize it was so often. Max Hall also changed the plays A LOT on his own and essential formed the offense scheme on the fly. I think Hill is at least as smart as Hall and probably has better raw talent as an athlete. Hopefully he'll get to the point where Anae can trust him to make those reads himself all the time.

Anaheim, CA

Chris B

"I would sincerely like to see a list of other "great" QB's who at one point in the season had the worst passer rating in the entire country."

Just because something hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it can't happen.

Taysom is the first BYU QB EVER to pass for over 400 yards and run for over 100 yards in the same game.

The Utes have NEVER had a QB even come close to matching that accomplishment.

In his last four games, Taysom's passing efficiency ratings have been 141.4, 155.7, 158.5 and 161.9, all higher than Travis Wilson's season average of 140.2.

And let's not forget that Travis's season average is skewed by his 242.5 rating versus Weber State.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

South Jordan, UT

I gotta call you out again. And if you keep saying the same wrong thing, I'll keep correcting you.

The circumstances were not identical. Against Utah State, they COULD have run out the clock, but due to mistake, miscommunication, whatever, a running play was called and a season ended.

Against Houston, they COULD NOT have run out the clock. Houston had the time outs to get the ball back. Would YOU have willingly given Houston back the ball with any amount of time left? We needed the first down, and nobody who was available had any proven ability to get it - except Taysom. And he did it.

Chris, it's been said, but bears repeating. Name ANY quarterback who at one time had the worst efficiency rating in the country and is now in the top 10 total offense? Top 10 total offense. Travis is a good quarterback, don't drag him down with your silly rants. Top 10, Chris. Top 10. I'm not sure any quarterback has ever grown and matured like that in one season. Chris, top 10.

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