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Published: Monday, Oct. 21 2013 1:30 p.m. MDT

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Florissant, MO

I would not send death threats, and I at first was trying to be understanding about what they did, but to find out that he is on workman's comp for a bad back, ummmmm, sorry, you lost my vote.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

It will be a huge miscarriage of justice if Emery County DOESN'T file charges against these individuals.

Hopefully, felony charges.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

This 'destruction' violates basic Scouting ideals... "no trace left"... glad to see the enforcement of Scout policy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Amazingly disrespectful for a "Scout Leader". He might first want to hand that job over to somebody who actually embodies Scout principles.

Orem, UT

Given how little effort it took to tip it over, it probably would have fallen on its own during the next big windstorm. Rocks in this area fall on their own all the time. They are lucky it didn't fall the other way and crush him. It was definitely a safety hazard but it was also very interesting to look at while it was balanced.

The men showed incredibly poor taste in what they did and in their reaction during filming. I don't blame the Boy Scouts at all for revoking their leadership. Stuff like this is a PR nightmare for the BSA.

While public reaction is rightfully negative, things like death threats and acting like they took a chainsaw to one of the giant redwood trees, are overkill in my opinion.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obnoxious? Immature? Disrespectful. For sure.

Criminal? For stealing disability checks...YES!

Highland, UT

Good. The Boy Scouts have taken the correct action, and now it's time for law enforcement and the courts to do the same. All three men deserve at least a few months or perhaps a year in the Utah State Penitentiary and very heavy fines. Such punishment will set an example for all vandals who desecrate public lands. As a sidenote, it's amazing that worldwide response to this video has labeled these men as everything that is wrong with the white American male in America. Glenn, Dylan and David have certainly been humiliated in the court of public opinion.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ Joe Cap: the guy had to brace himself against the rick behind him and use his feet to knock it over - hardly "easy".

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

I hope we don't live in a society that punishes people for pushing rocks over. However, I am incredibly disappointed that someone can be so insensitive to natural wonders. But please spend more time investigating his false claims of disability than pursuing criminal charges for rock pushing.

Los Gatos, CA

Charges should certainly be made for the rock tipping. Otherwise, what's to stop the next person from doing the same and again getting away with it? Someone could make a similar determination that every rock in Goblin Valley is a safety hazard and knock them all down. What's to stop them? I would hope for common sense to negate the need for legal recourse, but it's obvious that common sense isn't universal.

Salt Lake City, UT

As a scoutmaster who has camped at Goblin Valley with my scout troop I hope they throw the book at him. When I saw the video I wondered "Where is the adult leadership?"

Murray, UT

@JoeCapitalist2 - Easy? Take a second look at the video. The man first tried to push the rock while just standing on his two feet and was unable to nudge the rock. He then proceeds to wedge himself between two rocks and begin to push and only then is he able to move the rock. Also, take notice of the mans face, that is not a facial expression of ease, it appears that he is over exerting himself to move the rock.

Since these two men have no exhibit any evidence to suggest that are truthful, I would question weather they have received any death threats.

Provo, UT

What? Is that all that's required to get released from being a scout master?? That's too easy. The appropriate punishment is to force him to remain a scout master for 10 more years with strict requirements that he attend every round table and deal with all the BSA red tape and ridiculous requirements on everything. That would teach him a lesson.

West Bountiful, UT

Did he earn the Rock Tipping merit badge?

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

Thoughtless, senseless, moronic behavior!

Captain Green
Heber City, UT

They need to be prosecuted for breaking the law. This despicable act was a violation of the trust placed in the public when visiting national treasures. Thousands of years of nature destroyed in one thoughtless act. There should be no forgiveness in this dastardly deed. I am totally disgusted by these low-lifes! And I hope they pay dearly for their stupidity.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

This seems to be much to do about nothing. I wonder what the story would be if the rock had fallen on its own and killed or maimed a child, would the world be chastising these two scout leaders for not having done what they did when they saw it was not really sturdy. My how things have changed in my 87 years of life.

Orem, UT

Wow. I have camped many times at Goblin Valley as a scout leader and visited it several times with my kids when they were younger. For us, it's an almost sacred place. These gentlemen obviously don't appreciate the wonder of the place. What they did makes me sad. I hope they are appropriately punished so others as disrespectful as they might be deterred from future acts of vandalism and disrespect.

Salt Lake City, UT

After listening to their explanation, in addition to their other short comings, they forgot that a Scout is always truthful.

Salt Lake City, UT


Even though I like being a scoutmaster - your post was very funny and accurate, especially the BSA red tape comment!

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