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Published: Monday, Oct. 21 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Then why does Utah allow single people to adopt? Do they really believe we should be applying statistical averages in this way or do they just find two men or women together gross?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Of course it does, as we've seen numerous studies show.

Should we be surprised that when we go against what nature determined was the best scenario that we obtain less than desirable results?


Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Aren't these the same arguments used to justify Utah's miscegenation laws of a generation ago? They didn't work then and they won't work now.

South Jordan, UT

How can I, as a single person, be deemed to a be completely competent, acceptable parent in the eyes of the state of Utah--and be given the opportunity to legally adopt--but if I am in a loving, committed, stable relationship with someone of the same sex I'm somehow automatically an unfit parent?

You're grasping at straws Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

What a spurious argument. Marriage and parenting are two completely different things. Straight people do not have to have children to get married and Gay people have children through adoption or other means. If this state really believed in family values then they repeal amendment 3. The children of gay parents deserve the same protections as those of straight parents.

Gay marriage will come to Utah. The only question is how much of our hard earned tax money will be wasted trying to uphold this unconstitutional amendment. I for one would prefer those funds be used for education.

Laura Ann
Layton, UT

I don't believe that it is a good idea for singles or gay couples to adopt. Why do teenagers and grown up people go looking for their birth parents? I believe that it is natural because we can feel like a piece of us is missing. How can I say this? Because I am one of those children. My mother remarried and I was adopted by my stepfather whom I love so much, but I still wanted to know what happened to my birth father. He finally made contact with me just before I got married. He still calls me a few times a year and I went to see him a few years back. It was very hard, but it helped me a lot. He told me that he loved me and I was no longer felt abandoned. We don't know what repercussions might appear later on in life when we deny a child a mother and a father in the state of legal marriage, even if they later divorce.

American Fork, UT

This is a frivolous waste of time and state resources.

Houston, TX

Marriage falls under state law. If some states have the right to legalize same sex marriage, other states have the right to not legalize same sex marriage.

Fender Bender
Saint George, UT

"Traditional marriage encourages responsible child bearing and the best parenting, according to state attorneys defending Utah's definition of marriage."

I'd like to see the data the state attorneys are using to support this position.

Given that children raised by white parents are nearly 30% more likely to graduate from high school compared to children raised by black parents, I wonder whether the state attorneys will also consider legally prohibiting marriages that aren't between two white people.

It seems that would simply be an extension of the same logic they are currently using to "defend" the institution of marriage and "protect" children.

Kevin J. Kirkham
Salt Lake City, UT

And to think that if we had obeyed scripture and not gotten into the prop.8 fight, none of this would have happened. Our involvement in prop. 8 has accelerated the acceptance of same-sex marriage. ironic ain't it?

Cedar City, UT

A few facts about America: Most children are now born to single women. Most heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Same-sex marriage is widely considered acceptable. Same-sex marriage is rapidly becoming legal.

I am an LDS heterosexual married person with 4 grown children. Admittedly, I have had very little contact with homosexuals, probably like most of you.

I believe homosexual traits are genetic, and not wrong. I support same-sex marriage, just like heterosexual marriage.

In my opinion, same-sex marriage between committed spouses is preferrable for raising children than the single-parent stuation.

I'll be surprised if DN publishes this!



Marriage does not fall under state law. Loving v Virginia established that.

Bob K
porland, OR

@Laura Ann
Layton, UT
I don't believe that it is a good idea for singles or gay couples to adopt. Why do teenagers and grown up people go looking for their birth parents?

I am sorry you had that -- but the failure of your straight mom and dad to do what you wanted has no bearing whatever on this question.

Millions of kids languish un-adopted, all over the World. The Christian thing to do is to find them parents, whenever possible. You would have them wither in orphanages rather than thrive in loving homes, because you transfer your own experience in an incorrect way.

Moreover, Utah is not an actual theocracy (although many say it is, in effect) -- people who do not believe in churches, or who belong to a non-lds religion, are equal citizens under the Constitution, and must have equal rights, no matter who approves or disapproves.

Castle Valley, Utah

Conservative in Cedar City,

You are not alone! There are very many active LDS, like you, who do not buy the absurd, false premise that the prohibition of gay marriage helps anyone. As we know, no child is better off because of Utah's position. It does nothing but harm.

The problem with your fellow LDS conservatives is that they can't figure out how to reconcile the difference between what they understand rationally, and the State's position on this. But let's bear in mind that the State of Utah is not the LDS Church, and the Church is far more progressive on this issue than is the Utah legislature (which wants to speak for the Church all the time). The Church supported progressive anti-discrimination legislation in Salt Lake City - much to the dismay of many a state legislator, I'm sure.

mid-state, TN

"Gay couple Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity and lesbian couple Laurie Wood and Kody Partridge filed the lawsuit in March after Salt Lake County denied them marriage licenses. Karen Archer and Kate Call, who were legally married in Iowa, joined the suit because Utah does not recognize their marriage as valid."

I'd love to give huge pats on the back to these brave couples.

Keep fighting the good fight, folks!

The US Constitution -- gotta love it. The Equal Protection clause, the Due Process clause, and of course the Full Faith and Credit clause. They will prevail eventually, even if it takes a few years to get there nationwide.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT


Houston, TX

Marriage falls under state law. If some states have the right to legalize same sex marriage, other states have the right to not legalize same sex marriage


Very true. But the problem arises with Utah not accepting legal marriages from other states.

For instance, if first cousins marry in a state that allows that and moves to Utah where we do not allow certain first cousins to marry, they are allowed to remain married and Utah recognizes this couple as married. It is ONLY with gay marriages that Utah will not accept the out of state marriages as valid. I think they are going to have a problem defending this practice. It looks like, smells like and probably is discrimination of just gays who are legally married.

Utah may never perform a gay marriage, but they should allow those married in other states to remain married, especially since the federal government now recognizes that as a legal marriage too.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Lane Myer
"It is ONLY with gay marriages that Utah will not accept the out of state marriages as valid."

That's the exact situation that was brought up in Ohio's court case.


Children are not a requirement for marriage. Children should not be a reason to prevent marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Attorney General's Office (quoted in article): "It will necessarily impact whether Utah or any other state can maintain the principle that children should be reared by a married mother and father whenever possible ... the traditional definition of marriage rationally promotes legitimate state interests in promoting responsible procreation, and in promoting the optimal mode of child rearing, among others."

Substitute "married parents" for "married mother and father" and you have an inclusive statement that is still accurate. The number of parents matters more than their gender when it comes to promoting positive outcomes. A large portion of gay households have children. Ironically, the state's position guarantees that the children in those families will not have the many documented benefits that accrue to children with married parents. How is that promoting optimal child rearing?

Furthermore, the state's attorneys must know that Utah law makes the inability to bear children an mandatory precondition for certain marriages. That's hardly a way to foster procreation.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Homosexual marriage mocks true marriage and family.

It undermines the importance or both a mother and a father.

That is disastrous to society and its foundation.

There is more than enough evidence and studies of societal decay and the decay of the traditional family that bears this out.

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