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Published: Sunday, Oct. 20 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

There is an old saying among coaches: "You coach your team and I'll coach mine."

There is an old saying among league commissioners: "Your fine for saying that is $x."

Alliotti is likely to be reminded of both this week.


Alliotti is a classless idiot for saying this to a reporter! It is one thing to think something like this, which I still disagree with, but quite another to publish it.

If my team were behind, I would not want them to give up even if we were impossibly behind. I would want a team that has no quit in them. Now, I might put some subs in to give them some experience, but we would not stop playing our best!

Provo, UT

We've had the same issues in Utah high school football.

Years ago the Timpanogos and Orem coaches nearly came to blows when Timpanogos in a blowout loss kept trying to hard to score against Orem after it subbed out its varsity players.

And of course there was the famous two attempts by Timpview of an onside kick in a game in 2007 against rival Provo ahead 42-0 which resulted in Provo running off the field and refusing to shake hands when the game ended.

Fred T

Alliotti was right to worry, but not complain.

Florida St jumped Oregon in the BCS poll today.
1 Alabama, 2 Florida St, 3 Oregon

Salt Lake City, UT

As I recall LaVell had pulled Marc Wilson and someone in the booth had been told by Paul James or his staff that He was tied for a record number of completions and he needed one more to set the record. LaVell put him in, made it a simple completion for little game and he pulled him. It didn't affect the game but LaVell felt bad about it and decided not to do it again.

For a team down like Washington St that was down so much it's just good practice time for his people to work on game skills. It doesn't hurt Oregon, they also get to give 3rd stringers live game experience so I don't see the beef. It's not low class. Griping about it is silly. What didn't he think Washington St.was paid for a full game?

Austin, TX

I agree with SLCWatch. For Oregon to complain because Washington State kept playing hard, playing to win, is silly.

Arlington, WA

O-Live headline from today: "Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti apologizes for comments about Mike Leach: 'The bottom line is, I'm sorry' "

Funny thing about apologies...We're told that we should accept them and move on. But it's always hard to do especially when the infraction was so knuckleheaded and deliberate. If the guy (Aliotti) is such a class guy, he wouldn't have made such a boneheaded statement to begin with. I mean it obvious that he meant every word that he said.

Highland, UT


It depends on the situation and what the team is trying to do. If you are losing big you still want your team to keep trying and playing hard, no one should question that. If you are up 40+ points and kicking onsides then you are simply being classless. Now that said I do not expect a team that is winning big to stop playing either, they should keep doing their thing and running their offense. If they want to put in backups, or keep in the starters, that is their decision, but they should continue to play as well. If they are running the things they normally run then I would have no problem with it, it is the other teams responsibility to stop them at some point. But no one kicks onside kicks as a regular part of their game plan. It is a completely situational thing, generally employed when a team is behind late and trying to come back. But trying one when you're up 40+ is simply classless and is indicative of the type of person the coach is.

John S. Harvey
Sandy, UT

Give me break, USU's Bentrude saw that New Mexico set up a really crappy defense and he took advantage of it. The play shows good training by the USU staff and excellent recognition skills by Bentrude. And don't forget the only reason USU was punting at all was that a massive number of substitution had already been taking place (since almost the start of the second half). Had we left the starters in a bit longer the score would have been in the 50s or even 60s by that point in the game. Bentride deserves congratulations, not push back. It will be a great story that very few punters ever get to tell.

I think USU likely wins out, but unfortunately I think Boise probably will as well. USU goes bowling, but odds are it won't play in the MWCC game.

Genola, UT

Give it up already. Everybody knows that Kyle Whittingham is a great coach and a classy guy.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

@JS Harvey:

"I think USU likely wins out, but unfortunately I think Boise probably will as well."

I think not. Maybe Boise St. has a chance to do so after getting beat this weekend in Provo.


East Salt Lake City, Utah


It seems you're the only one on this planet that never makes mistakes.

What Wyoming learned that day was not to guarantee a win against Utah. What Kyle learned that day was how to be humble, considering there was no on-side-kick when we were up 54-10.

Unlike BYU, Washington State didn't quit playing after being exposed at home.

West Columbia, TX

Is it that Oregon wants to get into the champonship game, and their only door is to blow out everyone they play? Or was it about sportmanship?

You decide.


BTW and OT. attended the BYU v Houston game on Saturaday. My hats off to No. 4. I was wrong. He is learning how to pass and with a lot of zip, a lot of zip. Boy the ref sure struggled. My favorte play. We, the visting crowd, made so much noise, a home team quarterback ended up with a delay of game. Never seen that before in all of the watching football. And boy the special teams for Houston were unbelievable. That punter they had, wow!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I let others decide what they think is classless. I have always wanted my players to go 100% on the court.

Now, if the game is decided, and we can dribble out the shot clock... Only because that is the best way from getting hurt.

Duckhunter and Uteology's comments were fine. The last sentence of both post's could have been left out. It just shows they are basically just homers.

John S. Harvey
Sandy, UT

@The Solution
Whether or not Boise beats the Y has no impact on the conference standings or championship game, for Boise it is just filler. They (like the Y) would of course like to win the game, but it has no real influence on the season for them.

Since Boise lost their quarterback I think the Y might pull off the win.

Salt Lake City, UT

@John S. Harvey

I don't know John. BYU has literally never beaten Boise. Until the Y actually does win a game against them, I gotta side with the Broncos.

Every time I think the wheels are going to fall off the Boise bus... they don't. Just look at last year's game between the schools. Boise didn't score an offensive touchdown and STILL WON.

Peterson > Mendenhall


If you're not going to play hard and do your best for the ENTIRE game, regardless of the score, you shouldn't be on the field/court. Anything less than everything you've got is an insult to the other team, and even more so to the spectators who paid to see an ENTIRE game.

And for those on the losing side of a lopsided game, you're going to have a lot of epic failures throughout your life. Get used to it and use getting pummeled as an opportunity to become a stronger, better, more patient individual.

It's not the other team's fault that you weren't good enough to keep up.
If you don't like it, get better.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, UT

"Peterson > Mendenhall"

That doesn't hurt too bad. Peterson > ____________(fill in the blank).

Not many coaches better than Peterson.

Not many coaches better than Mendenhall for BYU.

And Bronco has proven that he's better than most, Honor Code notwithstanding.

Salt Lake City, UT

Giving players, especially 2nd and 3 depth players, the chance to use their skills on defense or offense is legitimate, not poor sportsmanship. Mike Leach was born with his hair on fire, get over it. When a team is ahead by a large margin, pass plays, on-side kicks or trick plays are another matter.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

I believe in giving opportunities to play and develop even when the game is decided. Let 2nd and 3rd string players play hard and learn. Let a young team playing and losing badly to one of the elite 2-3 teams in the country keep trying. Take advantage of a large lead (or trailing by a large margin) to practice something risky--that is more likely to fail and give the opponent good field position--to gain experience for when it might be needed.

The Oregon comments, I believe, had little to do with what Washington State did, but rather Oregon trying to impress voters in the BCS poll--not computers because the computers are required to only consider wins and losses and not margins of victory.

That New Mexico left itself vulnerable to a fake punt probably means they had given up. I would not sanction the USU punter, nor the coach, for taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself.

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