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Published: Monday, Oct. 21 2013 8:30 a.m. MDT

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With the Houston game one of great plays and major mistakes I'm sure BYU will focus on fixing the biggest problems, can't imagine they could fix everything in five days. I do expect BYU to continue to improve so I'm hoping for a win against Boise State. Hope Jamaal and all those beat up players recover soon!

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Boise lost their starting QB. They should be vulnerable. Let's hope the Cougars are hungry and Anae has a good game plan.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Looking forward to doing something that hasn't been done in quite some time by teams from Utah--beat Boise State. BYU has narrowly missed the last two attempts. Hopefully we see s full team effort and the game isn't close.

Idaho Falls, ID

Don't be fooled by the loss of their starting QB. BSU still has a very good defense and the replacement QB looked sensational. He is a dual threat wih excellent wheels and extremely efficient passer. In my opinion, I think he upgrades the position--he has more weapons than Southwick. This is going to be a battle. Mistakes like against Houston and BYU loses this game.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree. BYU must play a clean game without turnovers and penalties. If they do they win, if they don't they lose. BYU seems to be playing with an urgency that I have not seen in awhile.

Good luck Cougs.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Hedrick is better than Southwick. I don't know why Chris Peterson, the "Quarterback Whisperer", went with Southwick in the first place.

Cinci Man

34 QB draws on Saturday? A poster after the game said I was crazy to think that's a negative. I think BYU is living on the edge to think that Taysom Hill is not seriously vulnerable to a season ending injury. The number of QB draws also is indicative that there is not a great running game strategy. and with Williams questionable, it could be a bad sign. Good luck Cougars. I wish you well.

Texans for BYU
Houston, TX

We had too many penalties called against us in Saturdays game. Fix that 1st. You can't win consistently if you are giving up over 100 yds in penalties.

Texas Ken
Killeen, TX

How can Boise State "win the last 50 games in October", and have a 5-2 record (3-1 MWC)? First, how can they even play 50 games in one month, much less win that many games? Second, a 5-2 record doesn't make sense with 50 consecutive wins? I think there is a misprint, or the third paragraph needs rewritten.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I think the October wins means that they have had 50 October wins over the last few years. In other words, they have always done well in October for a long time. What relevance that has I'm not sure. Honestly, I think the statistics that are kept in sports are hilarious.

Chandler, AZ

@Texas Ken
The last 50 games in October aren't all in this season. It's a record that stretches back a decade. Sort of a strange thing to track, but there you go.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

byu wins this going away....37-20


Cinci- While I agree that a QB running that much is vulnerable to injury, there were NOT 34 QB draws. Most of Taysom's runs were scrambles, 8 were sacks (that IS an issue), and he added about six carries at the end of the game with the kneeldowns and running out the clock. Additionally, he did a much better job of getting out of bounds and getting down before taking hits.

The bigger issue to me is getting Jamaal back. When he is playing, our running game is dynamic and effective. When he is out, our running game is vanilla and ineffective (how many times are we going to run Hine up the middle on first and 10 for no yards?). Hine is an incredible kick-returner, but he lacks the vision and lateral quickness of Jamaal in the rush game.

Additionally, we really missed Bills at safety against Houston, and I hope he is back in. He is a big part of our pass defense, and very good at run support if the RB happens to get to the second level.


So the last two weeks teams have made halftime effective halftime adjustments that have slowed down our offense considerably. What have those adjustments been? Blitz the daylights out of Hill. We all know our O-line is still a work in progress, and sometimes Taysom holds the ball a little too long, both of which combine to make blitzing an effective strategy.

My question is this-why has BYU not used any form of screen pass? I know we were all sick of the WR screen after a few years of Doman, but I haven't seen a normal halfback screen out of BYU in forever. I don't claim to be a football guru, but isn't a screen pass the best way to neutralize a heavy pass rush? I think Hine would be much more effective running a screen pass than trying to slice and dice through the middle...

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

That 50 consective winning games in October were mostly weak WAC teams. They lost to Washington and Fresno State in September. Hopefully we will play well against BS so that William will be rested and 100% healthy before facing Wisconsin. Yes Penalties and Turnovers need to be fixed now. And remember 2005 U Bret Ratliff who step in during final game against BYU and won with no problem on his part. Coach Petersen will be ready with his 2nd qb.

New to Utah

Chris Petersen is a top 5 college coach including two BCS wins. His Broncos will be ready for BYU. After watching the Utah State vs BSU game in Logan with a screaming crowd and a confident Aggie football team get dismantled by BSU's athleticism and intelligence. I'm not expecting a BYU rout. On paper it would appear to be a 21 pt advantage for BYU, home game, Tayson Hill playing great at Houston,excellent receivers,BSU without starting QB. The problem is BYU has not beaten BSU so even completely outmanned BSU still has a chance because of athleticism and a great coach. It should be a BYU victory but it maybe very close. Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia and other top teams have come up on the short end when playing BSU in recent years.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I don't think BYU will underestimate Boise. BYU's secondary may be a little suspect. They had an awful time with a freshman QB at Houston. Still BYU certainly has a chance.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I hope Boise wins, and I think they will.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
I think it will be close but BYU wins (odds BYU 7 point favorite)
Since you comment on BYU
USC 7 point favorite over the Utes ( I think USC wins)
I cheer for the Utes but just being honest.
I would know more about the utes, but I can't watch them. (the only cable tv provider here does not offer the Pac-12 network)
PLease comment on your own articles. I support Utah on it's articles and the Y on it's own.

Cheyenne, WY

@new to Utah.
I agree with your thoughts.
I think BSU D will play well and it will be low scoring. my main concern is Boises backup (super mobile and athletic) if he runs well BYU loses.
I think the BYU D will come out intense after last week's struggles, but I think BYU pulls this one out.

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