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Published: Saturday, Oct. 19 2013 11:50 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The Pac 12 is the second best league, and it shows. We beat one of the best teams in the entire nation and then lose to a good Arizona team. Any team that can go at least .500 in the Pac 12 is a very good team and would win any non-BCS league with ease.

I still love where this program is headed. Whittingham(and Erickson) know what it takes to build top 5 teams and they've both PROVEN they can do it.

Couldn't be more proud to be a Pac 12 ute.

Onward and Upward


Winning one of four in the Pac-12 so far isn't great, but it isn't time to give up on the Utes yet. I think Utah has improved over last year and it shows, the Utes just need to keep improving! Go Utes!

Orange County, CA

@ Chris B:

Your most objective and perhaps best post of all time - truly onward and upward!

That said, as good as the Stanford win was, tonight made it look like an anomaly rather than a trend upward. Tonight's performance is the kind of spotty showing we've seen too often the last two years. The defense had too many let downs. Carey running in the open after breaking through the line of scrimmage looked like an exhibition track meet. Tackling on kickoffs was horrible. The secondary gave up too many bombs, as they did against OSU and UCLA.

We're still behind the curve on talent, overachieving in many respects. I credit the overachievement to good leadership from Coach Whitt. Nobody should be thinking that he's out of his league. I like his objectivity, which will stand us in good stead over the long haul of becoming a consistent contender.

Lindon, UT

@Chris B: Good to see you are the first poster on your own team's sight. I agree with your first sentence, but the second sentence is subjective, not objective - it cannot be proven. Hope the Utes and my team, BYU, both go bowling this year. I see where the big cheese of the Fight Hunger Bowl says he hasn't ruled out a BYU-Utah matchup. Maybe we BYU fans and the team can get our revenge, hey!

North Las Vegas, NV

Problem is Chris that you still need to get to .500. 8 and 4 not looking real likely any more. I am thinking maybe 6 and 6. Improvement over last year though. Don't see anyone in the PAC beating Oregon. Hope Wilson is ok to play next game.

West Jordan, Utah

The coaches knew the Wilson hand injury was going to be an issue. Utah only threw the ball 9 times in the first half. The game plan? Beat Arizona on the ground. Falling behind with a pick 6 and another interception had Utah playing catch up down 20-7.

Andy Phillips missed two kicks and Utah had the ball deep in Arizona territory down 28-24 with three minutes left. Just one of those two missed FGs would have given Utah a chip shots FG to take the lead. They could have run down the clock more, knowing they would only need a FG, and Arizona would have had to use timeouts. Then when Arizona would have gotten the ball back, instead of scoring again tying to run out the clock like they did on their last TD, they would have been forced to throw it. Arizona couldn't throw on Utah being one dimensional. The Wildcats strength tonight was the ground game.

Not from Utah
Spring, TX

Maybe my math skills are a little rusty, but two missed field goals does not "prove to be the difference" in a game lost by 11 points.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

this article is artful in it's way of putting lipstick on a pig. true is utah is a mediocre football team wilson has potential to be very good and some utah fans are actually in love with the pac and not in utah. sad. i missed the game on tv, what station was it on and will it be replayed?

Glendora, CA

Ute fans can always look back on this year's Stanford game and at least be excited about that. Maybe a win over Colorado and Cal too. But that's about it. Oh we'll. maybe next year.

Layton, UT

The greatness in the PAC 12 is Oregon... Pretty much none else.

Palmdale, CA

Utah has to be prepared and ready to play EVERY game! Don't care about any other team in the PAC-12. Bottom line, the Utes need to do a better job in preparing and be ready to play EVERY single weekend. Go UTES!

West Valley City, UT

Play ever game like your playing Stanford! You can't just get up for big games! Treat every team like a Stanford and don't look past anyone! That's what bugs me about the Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah has the 5th hardest schedule in the nation so far (Sagarin ranking). They and every opponent of theirs so far (except Weber State and Utah State just because Utah State is Keetonless) are top 50 teams. 4-3 isn't really a surprising result, we just expected some different wins and losses though really... Arizona was a 4 pt favorite this game and Utah was in that position with two minutes left. Even with the QB change and missed field goals.

Salt Lake City, UT


It's interesting the spin Utah fans put on Utah's close losses versus BYU's close losses.

BYU lost three games to Top 25 teams by a total of 10 points last year, yet all we heard from Utah fans last year was how horribly over-matched BYU was by Top 25 teams, yet BYU didn't lose any games to bad teams last year, except for Utah.

Highland, UT


You might be the lone utah fan that actually gets it. This was no upset, arizona was favored because arizona is the better team. I'm not sure why utah fans expected a different result.

Big R
Danville, CA

I remember the days when both Utah and BYU fans talked about how the Mountain West was equal to the Pac-10. I used to laugh thinking how funny that was when the Mountain only had three good teams. Now you are seeing the differences between the wyomings, Colorado States, New Mexicos vs the Arizonas, Washingtons, Oregon States. Welcome to reality!

Salt Lake City, UT

"It's interesting the spin Utah fans put on Utah's close losses versus BYU's close losses."

After BYUs close loss to Utah I thought the two teams were still basically equal.

David Ricardo
Cedar Hills, UT

Having your kicker go 1/3 from >40 yards while recovering a fumbled punt and blocking an extra point earns a D? However, your defense surrenders 4 touchdown drives averaging >70 yards and gets a B+? As noted above missing two field goals is not the difference in an 11 point loss.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I just have to say from a BYU fan best of luck to Travis Wilson. That's a tough loss. What a difference losing a quarterback makes. He's the reason Utah beat BYU in my opinion. There were a lot of plays that were potential game changers, but you could say that the bomb over the top to Dres Anderson was the 7 point difference. BYU fans are grateful for the improved play of Taysom Hill, but BYU is in the same danger as Utah. BYU could be one injury away from playing a different QB (knock on wood) and then who knows how the rest of the season turns out. Utah State is feeling the effects of the Chuckie Keeton loss. Let's hope for the best for all of our in-state teams.

Provo, UT

Bottom line with the Utes and the PAC-12. Certainly, the fans will see some good to great teams. And once in a while Utah will win against one of these great teams. But in the end Utah will spend most of the time in the bottom third of the league. I think they will end up much like the team they lost to in Arizona. Never seriously contending for the Rose Bowl and every once in a while having a nice 8-5 season, nice in the sense of the competition they face. But most years the Cats range from 7-5 to 6-6 to 5-7 and this will be typical for Utah. Again, it is nice to see the Trojans and Ducks come to Utah and every once in a while and Utah might pick off a big win here and there, but expect more losses and 10 win seasons are over with.

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