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Published: Saturday, Oct. 19 2013 11:20 p.m. MDT

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Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Just finished watching the game...sadly for the Utes, they ended up on the wrong end on this one. Disappointing followup to last week's victory; better luck next week.

West Jordan, UT

This is one wacky football conference! Arizona was suppose to be the also-ran of the league and they just throttle the Utes. Maybe the whole conference (except Oregon) is overrated. Just when the Utes beat # 5 Stanford and Give #8 UCLA all they want they lose to a horrible WIldcat team. Is it time for Coach Whit to move on down the road. If he were coaching in Provo and having these results he'd be on the hot seat every week. I have no idea why this guy is getting a pass. He makes a boat load of money to WIN games and he's blowing it!

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

We lost. Let's not pay attention to regional programs fans whose seasons were over after week 1. We showed to the world we can play with anyone in the nation last week. We can also lose any week(given the competition we face). But I can't think of anyone who wishes we were beating up MWC programs still. This program is headed in the right direction. We'll welcome any fans looking to join a program that actually has a future.

West Jordan, Utah

Travis Wilson has faced a ton of adversity this year. It should be said that the loss of his best friend off of the field hurts more than anything. Against Oregon State Wilson played his guts out but Utah lost 51-48 in overtime when the winning score went right through Walker's hands for the OSU TD. Oregon State has since shown themselves to be a good team. Then the sick game (UCLA) where Wilson was in bed for three days saw him play with heart but throw 6 interceptions (a few of them unlucky). Still, Utah despite being -5 in the turnover ratio had a potential game tying TD caught by Murphy in the endzone one shoe length out of bounds. Now tonight, Wilson's hand injury clearly effected him. Trailing 20-7, Utah had to pull Wilson. Shultz rallied and Utah again showed heart and toughness, but lost. The three losses have been snake bitten ones. Phillips finally missed his first FG and that was huge since Utah was forced to go for it down 28-24 with three minutes left. If it was 28-27, a chip shot FG would have been the call.

Fight On!
St George, Utah

Back to the drawing board for the Utes. I think overall the PAC-12 is much more competitive than people give credit. Utah will likely drop games to Oregon, ASU, and my trojans. And I really wouldn't be surprised if WSU wins a tough one in Pullman. As I've been saying. It won't be until 2016 that Utah is truly in the PAC-12 title hunt.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Utah was a field goal away from the Pac 12 title game in our FIRST season.

Yes, USC was ineligible. So even taking that into account we were a field goal away from being the second best team in the Pac 12 south.

Any team that finishes 1,2,3 are "in the hunt"

We were in the hunt our firs season.

And we will be most seasons.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Our rush defense was pretty bad today. Surprised AU ran over us for 300 yard. Hopefully Wilson recovers quickly. Phillips was anything but clutch. Next up at USC, another tough game... Life in the PAC-12 isn't easy.

West Jordan, Utah


Did you watch the game? Utah did not get throttled. They lost their third game where victory was a fingernail out of their grasp. The three losses this year are very tough ones to deal with. An overtime loss to OSU, a UCLA defeat where Utah lost on the last play when Wilson was sick and threw 6 INTS. Then tonight Wilson had to come out with a hand that would not allow him to throw. After a pick 6, Utah came back and lost a close one.

The Utes are a good team that is a year away. Wilson has battled injuries, sickness, and the loss of his best friend (rough go of bad fortune for him). Jake Murphy and Kenneth Scott are out for the year. The ball is not bouncing Utah's way but they will grow from this and return most their best players next year.

Utah is a tough minded group despite being inexperienced. Their desire to win shows in how they play. Utah knew Wilson's hand was an issue and tried to run the ball the first half (only 9 passes). Trailing two scores changed that approach. Utah rallies but loses.

San Diego, CA

Here come the excuses

Boise, ID

Man alive, some of these comments are pathetic! "If only Wilson wasn't sick", "he lost his best friend," and my personal favorite, "Utah lost on the last play when Wilson was sick and threw 6 INTS."


Six interceptions! I've never seen anyone take a moral victory because their team was close, after throwing six picks! Utah has a losing record in the PAC - again.

Get used to it.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Despite the whiny denials, the Utes are well on their way to their third straight losing PAC 12 season.

The one "improvement" for this season versus their two previous seasons, the Utes didn't start the season 0-4 in conference. This season, the Utes waited until the 2nd half of the season to start their 4-game conference losing streak.

@Arizona 24-35
@USC guaranteed loss
ASU guaranteed loss (throttle Washington tonight)
@Oregon guaranteed loss

to get bowl eligible, the Utes will have to sweep @WSU and Colorado.

Fight On!
St George, Utah

Chris B.

...... you lost to a colorado team that had not won a road game in THREE YEARS.

I feel sorry for you if you honestly think Utah had or has any chance at being an elite member of this conference. The south division was terrible in '11, which is obvious considering only 1 out of the 6 teams in the Division still has the same head coach. You guys had a great win at home last week, but your first game out of Utah you get spanked by a team that my injury stricken trojans handled easily. You are currently 1-3 in conference play. Come to grips with reality.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

Besides USC, Utah was the only team in the PAC South to finish with a winning record in 2011, yet even with the PAC South skids greased for U, with no Oregon or Stanford on the schedule, and USC on probation, U couldn't win a home game against a 10-loss team that hadn't won a road game in four years.


Orange County, CA


What game were you watching? Carey had his foot on the throttle the whole game - and we got throttled! He looked like he was running track. Our secondary got burned, too. Tonight's offense was as unimaginative, except for the flea flicker, as last week's game showed great preparation.

Of course we're thrilled to be out of the MWC, but let's prove we're PAC-12 quality by beating a down SC next Saturday. That's a winnable game. We know we're losing to Oregon. ASU owns us like U of A owns us. We can beat USC, WSU, and CU. Go Utes!

Vancouver, WA

Fact: PAC-12 is overrated every year.

Fact: Utah sits at the bottom of the PAC every year.

Fact: Coach W should be fired at the end of the season if not sooner. Can only get his team up to beat BYU and ranked teams but can't ever beat the average Joe's.

Fact: Anyone can beat a Top 5 team (look at Appalachian St.), even the Jazz can beat the Miami Heat.

Fact: All Chris B talks about is how Utah comes close to being something great. Close doesn't cut it with the 'big boys'. Enough talk about the direction the Utes are headed and their potential. Where are they now?

Pac-12 Standings
Oregon 4-0 7-0
Oregon State 4-0 6-1
Stanford 4-1 6-1
Washington State 2-3 4-4
Washington 1-3 4-3
California 0-4 1-6
Arizona State 3-1 5-2
UCLA 2-1 5-1
Arizona 1-2 4-2
USC 1-2 4-3
*Utah 1-3 4-3
Colorado 0-3 3-3

Vancouver, WA

All I hear from Ute fans is how close all of their losses were. Do they even realize how close their wins were? It took an onside kick and holding call to beat Utah State and BYU and it took a goal-line stand to beat Stanford?

Sure your losses were close ones but so were your wins. You win some and you lose some like all the other non-contenders. Just think...the Utes are 3 plays away from being 1-6. What happened to the 2004/2008 teams that were really good? Oh wait...that was MWC recruiting wasn't it?

The only teams worthy of contender status are:
Florida State
Ohio State

And that should be your 4 team playoff.

St George, UT

There is a very realistic scenario out there, that Utah will not be playing in a bowl game again this year. Utah can't beat the mediocre Pac 12 teams and since Utah struggles on the road (@USC @Oregon @WSU), I wouldn't be surprised if Utah's game against Colorado is their bowl game....once again.

Charlotte, NC

Rockarolla is a troll, guys. He is not to be taken seriously.

Another heartbreaking loss. These will start bouncing the Ute's way (like last week). They are definitely competitive with every team they have played and a whisker away from winning. Each year a little more progress is made.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Tough loss for the Utes who are really just a few plays away from a special season. Congratulations to the Cougar fans who have, until now shown nothing but class on this board.

Provo, UT

Wow Utah what happened ,

After last week you were going to run the Table and smell the Roses. Now you will be staying home and sniff the dandelions !

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