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Published: Saturday, Oct. 19 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

Wow, this game was a bit unnerving... In my book this game was played almost as poorly as the two games that we lost... So many things that I just didn't understand:

. Why is it that Anae doesn't let Williams run outside the tackles?
. Why is it that our Offensive line is incapable of allowing our QB to set up in a pocket?
. Why is it that Hill is still throwing behind receivers and not checking off... On the Pick by Houston in the End Zone he had a receiver wide open on the flat...? On the Pick 6 it was like he looked at the Defender and threw right to him...
. We have inxperienced corners due to injuries so why do we put them in a position to go "man" on deep patterns? Why not give them more help fro the Safety?
. Why is it that the only time we ran a sweep was when we gave it to the FB on a 2 point try? Why not throw or sweep or misdirect with the HB?

. And why do we have replays when it was clear that the replay call was wrong on the fumble recovery?

Omaha, NE

ESPN names Tayson one of it's top performers of the day. They said no QB has thrown for 400 and rushed for 100 this season. He made headlines today. Simply an outstanding performance.

Turtles Run
Houston, TX

Great game. I had the honor of watching two good team duke it out till the end. For those that dismissed this Houston team I hope you learned your lesson. As for BYU they just earned some great exposure to the not just the capital of HS football but in the heart of the city with the best HS teams in the state.

Both team won tonite. BYU earned a win and lots of exposure and Houston proved that they are a team to be taken seriously.

This will be one of my favorite games I have watched and I just may make the trip to Provo next year to cheer my red Cougars.


Pac 12 Pride
Salt Lake, UT

This game really didn't mean anything either way. No implications for anything noteworthy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Exciting win for BYU. It's good day for football in the state. USU and Utah should have easy wins over inferior teams.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Cinci Man
7:54 p.m

That's a lot of "If's" in your argument. I think you should stick with the facts.. BYU won because of Hill's running and a win is a win. That's what counts. Don't discredit the team or their performance just because you wanted to watch a few different plays.

Great win Cougs!

San Diego, CA

Can you utah fans quit talking about conference or not playing for anything? That got old the first year and now it is year 3 and you still say the same things. What are we, elementary school kids making comments

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@Pac 12 Pride

utah's victory over Stanford last week really didn't mean anything either way. No implications for anything noteworthy.

utah's loss against Arizona tonight really didn't mean anything either way. No implications for anything noteworthy.

If you ranked all of the teams in the PAC12 this season from 1-10, ten being highest, one being lowest, then Oregon would rank 10. The rest of the teams would be 5 or less. Which means that the majority of the PAC12 has a lot of parity with those unclean, detestable mid major conferences U sneer at.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

So in the end, the experts got it pretty right. Houston's strength nearly undid BYU's weakness, and they proved to be very, very fast.

Our special teams were good, except for missed field goals, theirs were better.

Nice place to play a game. Houston was very hospitable and classy. Thanks Turtle!

They didn't show that fumble replay in the stadium. Can't wait to watch it on the BYUtv rebroadcast.


Wow, give Houston credit, but it was a crazy game with lots of great plays and lots of mistakes on both sides of the ball for BYU. I think the offense is still improving and we could really use a better defense against the pass. I am worried about Hill running 34 times and getting sacked 8 times, he has got to be sore and I don't think he can keep it up all season.

If we can just get the big errors corrected then we have a chance at winning the tough games we still have left - Boise State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame. Go Cougars!

bountiful, ut

Until the debacle unfolded in Tucson tonight, ASU only had to lose to Utah and Utah would have had the edge for the championship game based on direct head to head results! But, now that is all spilled milk.

To diminish a win against an undefeated FBS team is just irresponsible. 5-0 is 5-0 and a win a win. To base suggestions on different 'what if' scenarios is also irresponsible. Because the whole landscape of a game would change with the very first iota of the first 'if'. Field goals missed... Interceptions not thrown... Both sides of the equation have the same claim to frivolous what if questions. There is only one 'if' that has substance behind it. If that last Houston drive had not ended in an interception it is all but guaranteed the loss would have been in place of a win. Of that there is no doubt!

Many teams on all levels have had to have a quarterback that could convert clutch conversions. So to blast the Cougars for their 'reliance' on Taysom is in effect saying that you don't respect many other players through the years that have been key to wins! Champion players!

Richmond, VA

Great win and a great game! It was nerve wrecking watching though, a nail biter if I ever saw one. After one particular outstanding defensive play that got us the ball deep in Houston territory, the very next play we got called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the sidelines. That ticked me off so bad but never really knew what or who was called. In the end I was happy we came out with the win which was all that matters.

Sorry the Utes lost. I thought they were going to pull it off.

Go Cougars! Go Utes! Go Aggies!

Saint George, UT

I'm actually more of a Utah fan than BYU, watching this game I can say BYU got hosed on a lot of calls...i come in with a mutual approach not really caring who wins but man byu got the short end of the stick. Good game cougars. Wish Utah could have pulled it off as well last night

Farmington, UT

PAC 12 Pride

Utah's loss doesn't mean anything either, does it? Or their 3 losses or their one very fortuitous win. Nothing at all, nothing has changed from the last two years.

Thanks for helping us see that.

sandy, UT

PAC 10 Pride
Your last game that meant anything for the standings in a conference ended up with you losing to a Colorado team that hadn't won on the road in 3 years. Since then you have been out of "anything" games with 0-4, 0-4, 1-3 starts. Congrats.

Springville, UT

If all the 'ifs and buts'....this was an awesome game and you can really see the growth of the team and players.

If Taysom Hill was at this point in August we would have beat Virginia. Candidly, we would have put a couple more touchdowns on the board against the Utes and won that game. Again, all the 'ifs and but.'

No matter, BYU is having a great year. Next up, Boise State, which we have a great shot at winning. Wisconsin and Notre Dame would be incredible signature wins, and if they happen would vault BYU into the top-20 somewhere.

A big compliment to Houston. They win how BYU used to, with high octane offense. Did you catch how many true freshman they had on the field? Several, to include the quarterback. They are likely a team on the rise in the years to come.

Now off to Boise State! I'm thrilled to have tickets to the Idaho game. In any case, good times ahead!

Taylorsville, Utah

Fua, you da "Polo" (ball) picker man. Great hands.

Springville, UT


Nice try slamming a road game...

Capacity at Reliant Stadium 71,500

Attendance was 33,115 and of that crowd a goodly sum of BYU fans.


Let's talk about the HC...


Richmond, VA
i,m with you on that penalty on the bench,i later found out that it was not the bench or even a BYU player,there was a bystander from the crowd standing behind the BYU bench,complaining about the roughing the kicker hit and would not shut up,but because he was close to the BYU bench they got the penalty called on them,one of the radio broadcasters said something about on the post game show.


yes just like when utah plays a legitimate pac 12 team what happens THEY LOSE and just like all the local trolls they also lose..sounds like sour grapes to me because your team lost to a bottom dweller.

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