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Published: Friday, Oct. 18 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Mike W
Syracuse, UT

Let's assume the rock really posed a threat to break away and crush someone, yeah, it's a total lie, but let's just go with that - why didn't they just report it to the park authorities? It's not their job or responsibility to do this. It probably has sat on that 1.5 inch rock for hundreds/thousands of years, and would have for hundreds or thousands more! What's more, the video and their arrogance in the video and interviews that followed show this wasn't for safety as they claim, but a couple dopey, arrogant and selfish men who have no regard for the outdoors (what would they have done in Timpanogos Cave???). They are an embarrassment to Boy Scouts and an embarrassment to their friends and family. Don't want death threats? Here's a thought, don't topple million year old rock formations in a State Park! Not rocket science...

Demo Dave
Holladay, UT

There is no cure for stupid, but maybe jail would help.

Herriman, UT

They just don't get it. What they did was wrong.

St.George, Utah

Were they educated in Utah?

West Valley City, Utah

Stupid,sad move, but not worth death threats or such intense hatred.He and his family will pay a price just from the negative publicity alone.Hopefully we wont see any more lack of respect for nature. At the same time the intense hatred and death threats may just be worse than the stupid act itself.

Folsom, CA

I wish people cared as much about hungry kids dying every single day all over the globe as they do about a rock. Death threats? Really? Pathetic.

Farmington, UT

Wow - overreact much? "...million year old rock formations in a State Park"??? I don't think so. This was sandstone, not granite, and these guys probably just hastened by a few months what nature would have done this winter. This wasn't an arch or monument, it was just a soft sandstone rock that none of you knew anything about before yesterday. There are hundreds of thousands of these "unstable" rocks around the State; some will fall this week, some next, some the next and none of you will be any the wiser. What's the big deal?

San Francisco, CA

Sorry you're getting death threats.

You weren't REALLY expecting applause, were you?

Now you understand that when you choose your actions, you take responsibility for the consequences. This is something that adults understand. Welcome to adulthood.

Salt Lake City, UT

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound? The mistake that these men made was to record their "child protective" actions and post the video on YouTube. The boulder was in a precarious position and likely would have tumbled off its perch sooner or later. They probably should have notified a Park Ranger and let them take care of it. The Ranger would have done just as Glenn did. Actually Glenn is very lucky, that boulder could have just as easily rolled back on him, putting him between a rock and a hard place. These guys certainly know how to make a viral video. Some idiot posted their home address on YouTube, now that should be illegal. Their crime was just to not think through what they were about to do, and possible ramifications. It's time to let this distraction pass, there are much more pressing issues in the world to focus on.

Centerville, UT

Just a few life lessons:
1) Don't do stupid things.
2) If you're going to do stupid things, don't record them.
3) If you're dumb enough to record it, don't put it on the world wide web.

That said, people who issue death threats should pay a more severe penalty than these guys.

Phoenix, AZ

@Mike W:
"It probably has sat on that 1.5 inch rock for hundreds/thousands of years, and would have for hundreds or thousands more!"

There are millions of rocks in the park that have been there for eons. So what? It's just a rock. Many rocks in the park get moved. I moved a rock there once that's likely a million years old... I picked it up and threw it at a bird robbing our campsite grub box. Should I be pummeled and punished for that? So, what's the beef?

"Utah State Parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg said Thursday he found the video disturbing and has asked that possible criminal charges be considered in the case."

Is there a policy in the park about moving rocks? Was there a sign near the rock that cautioned about touching or moving it? I doubt it. Accordingly, any criminal charges can easily be defeated... and should be.

Orem, UT

Amazing. Most of you could not care less about the rocks, trees, and animals bulldozed off to the side to make way for your home, your favorite mail, or that road your driving down. It's a rock. It got pushed. Big deal. Some people have big rocks moved in front of their house as landscaping. Fracking trashes some awesome mountain terrain, and I don't see any of you running off to demand those folks get jail time. Jail time for pushing a rock. And we wonder why our priorities are so messed up. A rock.....

Stansbury Park, Ut

The rock was dangerous, that's right, it was dangerous.

That is why they were giggling like little school girls while they destroyed it. The fact that they destroyed it is bad enough. The fact that they are now lying about is so much worse in so many ways. People would probably be able to better to cope with this wanton destruction if it wasn't so quickly followed by lies. I stand with the BSA in condemning this act. I believe the death threats are wrong. Hopefully the courts can take care of this and these gentlemen will pay for their actions.

Wasatch Front, UT

I believe many media outlets are over-hyping this situation. That was NOT a "prehistoric stone formation" (goblin) of incalculable or irreplacable value. It was essentially just a boulder sitting on a sandbar.

This case is nothing like a case where someone purposefully and maliciously destroys or defaces a natural arch, a balanced-rock, a thousand year old tree, or an ancient Indian cliff-dwelling.

What they did was wrong, it was illegal, it was tasteless and it was childish. But geez, let's minimize the hysterics here a bit! It's sad to say, but I would dare bet that something similar to this incident happens every few years at a place like Goblin Valley. I'm sure that Park Rangers would admit that crazy, disgusting things like this happen far too often in our parks.

I hope these guys get fined and have to do a bunch of community service, etc. But talk of prison time and now death threats?? Let us reason together!

Durham, NC

I disagree with you JImInSLC. It wasn't up to these two to decide how dangerous a rock was that had been there, in that position, for hundred, if not thousands of years. It was not their prerogative, their right, their responsibility. What they have done, for the sake of a few minutes of their "fun", was to alter something forever.

The boulder might have fallen next week.... next year, or even next century. They were in no position to make that judgement. If safety were the issue, they simply should have stayed away from it rather than starting to play with it. In many places, the tracks man leaves behind, nature shows its resilience and reclaims what man has done in a matter of seasons. Not possible in this case.

Selfish acts for their own entertainment have changed forever what every one else sees from that day forward. THere is a reason it was a state park, not a play ground. These men need to say in the playground until they grow up.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

How disgraceful. I bet any of the kids there could have told the "adults" that what they are doing was not only incredibly stupid but goes against everything that the scouts teach. They should be ashamed of themselves. The shocking thing is that they were foolish enough to put it on youtube. I'm embarrassed for them.

Merritt Island, Fl

Death threats will impact your family. Just think how they will impacted when you go to jail and lose your job. Most jails have education programs, please use them.

Providence, UT

This unconscionable act takes stupidity to a new level. What was wrong with contacting a Park Ranger and let him/her decided what needed to be done to mitigate what "they felt" was a potential danger? Heavy fines and jail time is appropriate but does nothing to replace that which is lost. These “men” deserve whatever comes their way. They should be banned from BSA and never allowed to enter a State or National Park for the rest of their lives.

Buena Vista, VA

I agree that what the rock-puller guy did was not wise. But, how many of those who are complaining about this have ever texted while driving? I bet at least some of yall have. That could kill someone. The only reason that you didn't kill someone was that you got lucky. If only someone had posted a video of you texting while driving to youtube...

Nan BW
ELder, CO

Jim in SLC is absolutely right. To have all this publicity for irresponsibility is as bad as the initial act. This was not murder. This was not violence against another person. This was certainly not the right thing to do. But death threats and national coverage are ridiculous. They are already paying a hefty price via social media. Let's tone down the media coverage drastically.

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