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Published: Thursday, Oct. 17 2013 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

@ BYU Track Star, the number was calculated by Standard & Poor. A simple Google search will tell you all you need to know. I've also read that there are other damages beyond what can be tallied: lost business deals, disrupted reserach, a hit to consumer confidence, and damage to U.S. credibily in the world. The GOP shutdown was an utter disaster that harmed the nation in many ways.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Mike Lee was doing the right thing. The failure and shutdown was clearly caused by the immoral position taken by the Administration and the democrats (not worthy of being capitalized) since they were not willing to discuss, negotiate or consider cutting back on their excessive spending habits. Some of you all bawl and whine about people losing money or wages because of the government shutdown, but will you also complain about the hundreds of thousands, probably millions, who have lost wages and benefits by having their hours cut by their employers because of the Affordable Care Act? How many billions of dollars has that cost our economy in the past year? Answer: a lot more than the 24 some people are crying about.

I would much rather be represented by someone who seeks divine guidance through prayer (Chaffetz) than someone who would rather push God to the gutter (think of anyone named Obama, most democrats, or MSNBC, CNN, etc.).

Sandy, UT

Lee, I know you feel good about "standing up and fighting" for what you believe...

But a True Statesman's not only know "What" battles he must fight, but also "When" to fight those battles...

You lost on both points....

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Chaffetz's playing the prayer card is inappropriate. Cloaking himself in the mantle of religion is inappropriate, particularly when he was voting to deny health insurance to millions of Americans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lee and the rest of the Utah delegation that voted for the continued government shutdown have demonstrated they cannot govern. The Republican party needs to find real leaders who can help govern, not just get in the way of the government functioning. Would one of the Romney boys be interested in running for senate? How about a pledge to run and not shutdown government from our congressional delegation? Utah must and can do better. I hope some rational republicans will step up and run against Lee, Bishop, Stewart, and Chaffetz. Tomorrow can be better, if we work together.

Saint George, UT

lee "...said he had no regrets about his role...".

$24,000,000,000 flushed out of the American economy while lee continues with his obsession to abrogate the rule of law.

2016 cannot arrive soon enough.

Mapleton, UT

Sen. Lee's folly time and again has been his serious lack of judgment. While the inability to correctly assess the significance of events is recognized by most as a definite limitation, others surprisingly consider such a narrow view of reality as a courageous adherence to principle.

In any event, Sen. Lee's zealous political ideology exposed time and again as a critically flawed solution to today's problems has got to be troubling. An inflated sense of self doubtless buoys him in the face of so much justifiable exasperation.

The ideologically driven are unyielding in their conviction that they alone trod the higher ground. They are the people blindly hunting witches in Salem, pursuing infidels in religion and now engaged in a self-righteous crusade against "communists," "socialists," and all constitutional slackers in government.

Attacking others is what they do best and perversely how they accuse those who might question their out of focus ways.

Unlike some I fail to see the benefit of such behavior.

Old Enough To Know Better

Sen. Lee, Cruz and like colleagues, it will only be a matter of time before the Dumb Masses will see just how right your are!


A mind is a terrible thing to waste & this forum along with the many unintelligent posts only proves that there is a strong need for home schooling laws in Utah! Just because Sean Hannity says it therefore it is truth. Please! Think for yourself! (@ Worf & anyone else from Texas I'm aware you're extremely incapable of this!) Just another educated liberal here! How you cannot be embarrassed for yourself says it all.

Salt Lake , UT

I am not a Tea Party member but I do applaud Lee on his sense of integrity. He did what he campaigned on (no surprises here) - not promise one thing to get elected and then do something entirely opposite once elected - unlike most of the career politicians.

Midway, UT

Businesses and individuals suffered greatly from the shutdown, and for what? Politicians somehow found a way to make our government even less efficient than it was before, as government employees will receive backpay for doing no work during the shutdown.

Seems very disingenuous of our elected officials who claim to be against taxes to increase the taxpayer burden like this, especially when it accomplished nothing. And then as an additional kick in the face of American taxpayers, our elected representatives like LEE who got us into this mess seem completely oblivious to the lessons that should be learned from this debacle.

We elect Congress to manage our money wisely, limit our tax burden, and this was most certainly not done with the shutdown. It's tragic that even after seeing the cost of this fruitless fight, politicians like Lee just don't get it.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

An actual shutdown that was planned to cause damage for unfair leverage. No leverage and plenty of damage. This cannot be condoned.

slc, ut

It has been said that Mr. Lee raised 250 thousand with his pleas for contributions, he only has 50 thousand of it left. I, for one, will not be lectured about finances from the likes of Mr. Lee, nor will I be scolded on my choice of health care from some one who has socialized health care like Lee.

West Valley City, 00

A couple of things to consider:
First, the government would not have defaulted on its debt. Money is coming in through paycheck deductions regularly. The 14th amendment requires the president pay the national debt before any other programs. With out raising the debt ceiling, 1/3rd of current government programs would have gone unfunded at the president's choice.
Second, Obamacare is a bad law. Perhaps having good intentions, but it is set up to favor select groups over others with no protection against rising co-pays and deductibles. Premiums would be held in check by the requirement of the insurance companies to payback premiums if profits exceed a certain percentage if the companies were fair about it. They won't be. They will use all kinds of accounting tricks to hide their profits. The only thing to prevent cost gouging would be a free market. Since we are required by law now to have insurance, let the gouging begin. We have seen what oil and gas companies have done with their supposedly market driven prices. There is price fixing throughout that industry even though it is "illegal".

Salt Lake City, UT

I support Lee in his fight against Obamacare. Now, he needs to get out there and insist that there be a blanket adherence to the law, including Congress and BO. Keep fighting it, keep it in the news, make those who rammed it down our throats keep answering. We can't afford to let this abomination go untouched.

St. George, UT

Keep pushing extreme ideas and extreme leaders, as the more you do, the more average Americans and even true conservatives, reject you. That's right, just keep digging your own holes deeper. Soon, no one living on the surface of reality will even see you. Prop up Cruz and Lee. Keep feeding those huge egos. Keep falling prey to the false-consensus effect. Keep making outrageous claims about Obama. Keep being irrationally angry and hostile. Just keep being yourselves and your movement toward irrelevance will be assured. Keep loving the fantasy America in your heads, and hating the real America that you live in. Thank you for showing the country and the world exactly who you are. Thank you for reinforcing the absolute necessity of moderation in governance. Thank you for making it obvious to everyone outside your echo chamber just how shrill the noises you make are. Keep it up Tea Party!

Saint George, UT

I'm puzzled. Should we have waited to see if Hitler's ideas would bare fruit before stopping him? The question isn't whether Obamacare should be given time to work. The question is still whether Socialism, government tyranny, and one step closer to another despot is the right thing. Where are the real men and leaders in this country? Certainly not found with those advocating socialism.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

@bandersen: the hyperbole about Hitler, socialism, tyrrany, and despots is why archconservatives have such a hard time being taken seriously. This kind of rhetoric sounds really dramatic, but it's pretty far removed from reality.

Springville, UT

I have a difficult time understanding what Mike Lee thought that he was accomplishing. He aligned himself with the radicals in the party. He supported actions that closed down 9 counties in his home state. That shutdown of the national parks forced his own state to send money, lots of money, to the federal government to prevent economic disaster for not only individuals, but also for the entire tourism industry of said state. The state's reputation was on the line. His actions looked like the worst political grandstanding. It accomplished nothing other than ruining the reputation of the party that he is a part of. If the issue really was Obamacare, why not let the facts of life take over. It is a disaster and will continue to prove to be a disaster. Why not be wise and bide your time until there is proof that it does not work and you have enough support to change the law and look good in doing so? A pragmatist reflects my beliefs. An obstructionist does not.

Springville, UT

I really hope that we as Utah Republicans can figure out how to elect people who are willing to actually do the people's work. If we vote for a narrow viewed person, we shouldn't be surprised when they refuse to go to work with the opposite site and figure out how to compromise and negotiate for the common good. We are the people. There is an old adage about not being able to please all the people all the time, but I believe if we work hard TOGETHER, the politicians could make laws that could be pleasing and applicable to the majority of the people the majority of the time if they would learn how to work together. Moderate people need to start electing moderate people. We knew Mike Lee was on the far right. I guess we just didn't care about that on election day.

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