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Published: Thursday, Oct. 17 2013 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

"I think time will tell whether or not this effort was worth it, whether or not the amount of effort we put into this was justified. "

Put into what.... failure? Lee, you achieved nothing other reinforcing your very small and localized base, creating division in the Republican party, cost 800,000 families thousands of dollars, and the economy even more. What is it exactly you think you achieved? Self promotion? Because that is about it. I doubt any reasonable person thinks this stunt swayed anyone who didn't already hate ACA, to hating ACA.

What a self indulgent comment.

Next time you wan to try to roll back ACA, don't do it on the backs of ordinary citizens...

Hayden, ID

Who failed are those who give us this Obamacare mess in the first place as we are presently seeing and will continue to witness as it harms our country's ordinary citizens.

Layton, UT

He just doesn't get it. Of course Obamacare is a disaster and will be proven to be a disaster. The issue is that Mr.Lee's "odyssey" was ill-fated from the start and put us now in a position that it will be harder to do away with the ACA. He has done the country a great harm and has put the real effort to get at Obamacare further out of reach. Extremism on either side is dangerous and ineffective. There is a great difference between true statesmanship and childish tantrums. Mr. Lee needs to learn that difference.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

I'm definitely not a fan of the ACA and the rollout has been an online disaster so far. That being said, if conservatives are going to hang their hats on the ACA "ending our Nation as we know it" and saddling us with the burden of "telling our grandchildren of a day before Obamacare, when America was free" simply because the worst thing they can point to is that the site has had major rollout issues, then they are most certainly going to continue to lose this war.

The ACA will not destroy America though, thanks to folks like Lee and Cruz, I am growing increasingly convinced it will destroy the Republican Party, which makes me optimistic about our future.

Scott G.

You're correct hnoel. How you feel about Obamacare doesn't rally matter at this point. Lee and his buds put in county's economy in a tailspin. That is just plain illogical and irresponsible.
He is acting like a junior high boy who isn't getting his way. In fact, the "Tea Party" sounds like a "cool" name a junior high boy would come up with for a new club. How can you work on reducing the national debt when the government is shut down and the economy is tanking because of it Sen. Lee?


24 Billion wasted.

Phoenix, AZ

"What is it exactly you think you achieved?"

He stood up for the constituents that sent him to Washington... In fact, he stood up for most Americans.

Springville, UT

Again, it depends upon your view. We knew that the media (White House surrogates) would target Republicans as the bad guys and that, no matter the outcome, Obama would appear the hero. I for one (and I'm not alone) recall the president saying just a week ago that he refused to negotiate with Republicans. So much for compromise.

Mike Lee has consistently done what he said he was going to do. And he would be a typical disingenuous politician if he didn't.

I personally appreciate someone who isn't bullied into compromising his principles. And I'm also grateful there are a few politicians who (though few in number) believe the government has too much power and too much control and is spending our nation closer to ruin, and are willing to stand up and be heard.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I think we should just vote out everyone in Washington. Not one of them showed much courage to come together and work things out and we'll see over the next few months if any have learned to have that courage as the debate continues.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

I've also heard the figure of $24 Billion bandied around. Can some smart person confirm that this was lost GDP?

St. George, UT

$24 billion dollars wasted in the name of fiscal responsibility.

Last-minute secret committee rule changes to prevent votes on bills in the name of defending the Constitution.

Revoking health insurance in order to "protect" people from Obamacare.

Up is down.

Left is right.

Trying to get Republicans to make any sense these days is like asking your imaginary friend to be your psychiatrist.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

glad to see that our out of state liberal friends have a hard time with Lee. However, you might want to focus your energy on YOUR senators and their brilliance and leave us poor backward bumpkins alone. I really do appreciate your concern about the fate of repubs and conservatives. Knowing that something is wrong and failing to try and stop it is the coward's way.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The optics for Obama, Reid and the democrats are terrible here.
The "barry-cades" will live on.
Reid has become the voice of the party and he is in way over his head.
Conservatives are energized for the 2014 midterms.
The ACA roll-out (and sticker shock) will happen as voters are electing the Congress next year.
Reid should have offered a one year waiver for individuals to get the people past the midterms. Instead the application failures will be fresh in the memories of the voters.
Obama will look back and note that he won the battle and lost the war.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utahns made a mistake sending Lee to D.C. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Kearns, UT

How many years of his ineffective leadership do we still have to endure? I wish we could put together a recall vote and bring him home now.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's way too early to declare the ACA a failure. Talk to us about it when it's been running for a year.

As someone else has noted, the Tea Party's attempt to do... what exactly? (They don't even know themselves.) This has cost our economy $24 billion.

All for Ted Cruz's and Mike Lee's ego. Fire up the (shrinking) far right base, preach to the rage-addicted choir, and raise a bunch of money.

But look on the bright side. We've been given a glimpse of today's GOP in action, thus making it extremely unlikely they'll be put in charge of the government for many years. Maybe that's worth $24B.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

What exactly do House Republicans have to show for their power play? The deal that ended the shutdown was the same one they could have had three weeks ago before the shutdown began and they've seen their party lose 20 percentage points in public approval ratings. If this is Mike Lee's idea of a win, he had better hope and pray he never sees what a GOP defeat looks like.

Kearns, UT

Senator Lee didn't take on the ACA, the law that many like to call Obamacare, he did NOTHING. If he wants to be considered an effective senator, he needs to start doing something. Sure, he has been able to point out his concerns, but he is also responsible for providing alternatives and solutions. So, you don't like it, Mr. Lee, you better do something about it other than shut down the federal government.

Springville, UT

Lee can rationalize all he likes and pretend that he is doing good, but he is not. He is a toxic influence in Washington, showing disdain for our system of government. His job as Senator is not to take the nation to the brink of financial disaster, but to propose and move legislative initiatives that he thinks will help the nation. Extortion, blackmail and obstructionism over a law passed more than three years ago, upheld by the Supreme Court, and effectively ratified by the people is the wrong way to govern. Sen. Lee is an embarassment, and he is bad for Utah and for the country. Utah needs to elect a different person next time.

Draper, UT

IMO, Mike Lee is either a megalomaniac or simply naive. From the days of the political differences between Jefferson and Adams our country's success has been built on meaningful compromise. The ACA is a boondoggle but it's the law of the land; Lee should work responsibly to change it, not go off on Quixotic, grandstanding, fundraising adventures like his latest gambit. Anyone who runs against him in 2016 has my vote.

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