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Published: Thursday, Oct. 17 2013 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Wiscougarfan

BYU is a big step up from Memphis. I'm not so sure about Rice though. BYU is definitely a bigger name, but Rice is in Houston, and it's a rivalry game (Bayou Bucket). My guess is 35-40K with 10-15K BYU fans. I expect BYU to win, and cover.

Cheyenne, WY

Houston Cougars
17 AP top 25 finishes
two top 5 finishes
1 heisman winner
18 consensus all americans.
Sounds like it would be the 2nd most prestigious and legendary program in Utah.
Second to the one program with a NT.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cougars (the mountain ones, not the plains ones) will win. Houston is easily the worst undefeated team left with their toughest opponent so far being their one touchdown win over Rice. Even lowly Memphis held Houston to under 40 rushing yards.

St Louis, MO

It's kind of funny that Bronco is pumping up the novelty of visiting new places . . when we're talking about Houston. It's not like Houston is Sri Lanka or Rio. Hey, nothing against Houston or Texas, but it's just not that exotic.

West Jordan, UT

You realize BYU's stadium holds a lot more people than Utah's, right? Obviously their attendance would be larger. My question is, why are you turning that into a dig at Utah when this article concerns your team and Houston?

I agree that Utah fans should stop taking digs at BYU, it is annoying (Coming from a Utah fan) Also very annoying, is BYU fans taking digs at Utah for no reason.

Can both sides just stop already? What does Utah's attendance have to do with the BYU and Houston game? Poyman, I am calling on you for that answer!

Besmart- You criticize Utah fans for being antagonistic, why not call out BYU fans for doing the same? I know you are talking to ChrisB, Utah fans call him out too. What is your answer?

TrueBlue- Most of those discussing attendance are BYU fans, just throwing that out there.

And obviously BYU has a bigger fan base, they are the LDS schools team. People cheer for them for that reason alone, which makes sense. How is that possibly connected to Utah? Nobody expects a native (Insert State) to cheer for the UofU, that makes no sense.

Cheyenne, WY

Good luck Cougs
I do go on Utah articles and defend Utah (go see a couple of the basketball articles) I cheer for both these schools.
I think they have a right to go read their article comment on it, and enjoy it.
Do I think this happens no.
I think Utah and BYU should be proud of where their athletics are. I know I am
Go Utah Schools


@Two for Flinching

I am from Katy (just west of Houston) and I can tell you that Houston-Rice is not a real rivalry game. The all-time is 29-11 in favor of Houston and even at 4-2 this year, there is not a single person in the city of Houston who is not a student or alumni of Rice that would pay money to watch them play anything but baseball. Add to all this that Rice has approximately 3,000 undergraduate students (and no more than 5,500 students altogether) and you begin to understand why not a lot of people attended the Rice-Houston game.

South Jordan, UT


Considering more than half the state is a BYU fan simply due to church affiliation, Utah is actually doing better. My guess is that less than a fifth of the state is a Utah fan. Since I'm a stats person the state has nearly 3 million. If 1.5 million are filling 60,000 each week and 600,000 fans are filling 45,000 each week, who has the higher percentage of fans coming each week? Utah fans by far. As a national audience, it is BYU due to the church affiliation and nothing else. Most of the BYU fans that attend away games are from the local area, stakes, etc.

By the way, the only two sell outs at Lavell Edwards Stadium in 2013 were University of Utah and Stadium of Fire. Utah has exceeded the capacity three years in a row even against Northern Colorado and Weber.

South Jordan, UT

@ Be Smart

What is an NT?

River Falls, WI

RE: IndeMak

"As a national audience, it is BYU due to the church affiliation and nothing else. Most of the BYU fans that attend away games are from the local area, stakes, etc."

That's just ridiculous. Obviously not all members of the LDS faith are BYU fans, even though BYU is the church's flagship school. What makes athletic fans? I'm sure the number one criteria is alumni. BYU has approximately 370,000 living alumni many of which live outside the state of Utah. I've personally lived in four states outside of Utah, and the wards I've attended average 2-5 Utah graduates and about 30-50 BYU graduates. Many of those who aren't BYU grads appreciate the unique mission of BYU and many want to send their children to school there.

"By the way, the only two sell outs at Lavell Edwards Stadium in 2013 were University of Utah and Stadium of Fire."

Also not true. Texas was a sellout and GT was only a few thousand short. BYU and Utah both play every game at or near capacity.

Cheyenne, WY

To back up Wiscougarfan
In my ward their is an avid Ute fan and I mean avid (he is a BYU alum). When his boy was getting ready for college he had scholarships to many schools, but he got accepted to BYU.
This Ute fan (BYU alum) told his son if you want a great education go to BYU. He sent his son to BYU.
He also loves how BYU sports are a good way for people to learn about the LDS faith.


Sometimes the comments in these articles remind me of my 3 and 5 yr. old son's muscle flexing contests. As a BYU alumnus and rabid cougar fan, I am as proud of the BYU athletics progams as any time in the past. At the same time I've got to give props to the U of U(in football). Their fans have tasted success and are very supportive of their team. Cougar fans could learn from the U in that way and from the creativity of USU fans. Having said that, the future looks bright in basketball and football. Particularly in football, it is so good for the team to travel all around the country for many reasons, not the least of which is recruiting and scheduling home and homes with Texas, California and Florida teams. From a recruiting standpoint, this is a brilliant thing to do. Having lived in the northeast and midwest, it would have been fantastic to be able to attend a BYU game. What a great opportunity for those fans in other areas of the country. Should be a great game tommorrow against a quality Houston team. Good luck BYU!!!


for a team that is suppossedly irrelevant to them there sure are a lot of ute trolls on this byu thread,just shows that the coug are not irrelevant tothem at all because they are obsessed with the cougars of byu.

South Jordan, UT

Wisconsin cooger

The Texas game was not a sellout. Read the stats for the game. Only game that was sold out was Utah.

You are correct in that not all lds members are BYU fans.

Tooele, UT

For a college football team which, according to some, has nothing to play for and is as irrelevant as irrelevant can be, the BYU Cougars still continue to draw a whole lot of attention.

Perhaps, those who ridicule BYU are the ones who need BYU football the most.

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