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Published: Thursday, Oct. 17 2013 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Cheyenne, WY

Good luck cougars.
IF you aren't a cougar fan and post on this article you may need help.

Reasonable thinker
PAC Country, WA

I like their chances at Houston. It is likely that there may be almost as many BYU fans as Houston fans in attendance. I agree with Bronco that this is fertile recruiting ground.
Houston has not played a strong schedule yet so their W-L record is misleading.


Looking forward to the game. Houston's players are generally smaller but very fast. They've built their team for speed, should be a fun game to watch! Go Cougars!

Cinci Man

BYU should be 6-0, but they let everyone down. I hope this game brings more intensity and focus. We haven't figured out that part yet. Every down counts. Bring it to the field Cougars.

Lincoln City, OR

Doesn't sound like you pay a whole lot of attention to attendance gdog... Byu out pulls Utah by nearly 20,000 a weekend regardless of who the utes play... And it really hasn't mattered alot who BYU was playing... That's nearly 30% more a game, not to mention the difference in TV Viewership between the 2 schools, which is a huge differential...

I live in East Texas and will probably drive 3.5 hours to the game with about another 200 from my stake... Dallas will have a large contingency there and the Houston area will have a huge BYU contingency there.... Further more, the Houston Cougars draw pretty well themselves and the school has well over 30,000 students...

If you want to see sparcely attended games, take a look at the Colliseum this year when the utes go to LA, or Pullman, WA when the utes go to WSU... Worse yet, if the utes still have only 4 wins win they play Colorado at the end of the season, watch and see how empty RES will be...

In Basketball the last 2 years? The attendance at the utes Huntsman Center was downright embarrassing... Except when playing BYU.

Turtles Run
Houston, TX

Houston generally brings in at least 35,000 fans per game. With the city's large LDS numbers plus those around the state I expect at least another 20,000 BYU fans to show up, so the stadium will not appear empty. With this being the toughest game on the schedule so far for UH I expect quite a number of fans to come root for the red cougars, myself included.

Good game to all.

Salt Lake City, UT


"I would be surprised if more than 25,000 show up..."

Be prepared to be surprised; 10,000 to 15,000 BYU fans are expected, so if only 25,000 fans show, it'll be a predominately BYU crowd.

West Jordan, Utah

Good on you. Go attend this game in Houston BYU fans. I am just saying that the intensity won't be there from the Houston Cougar fans. It's no grand stage.

BYU fans, just think how excited you guys will be to attend big match ups @ Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Those might be the only two games BYU loses as well. Although I do think BYU matches up well against the Irish.

I am anxiously waiting for the overall record argument from the blue when they say they have the better team because they won more games and get into the top 25 because of exposure. It's then we will hear about the so called experts (rankings and Sagarin malarky).

Remember 2011? BYU went 10-3 and Utah 8-5. Utah was clearly the better team beating BYU 54-10 that year. Utah played a PAC 12 schedule. BYU went 3-3 against the better part of their schedule. Then came the SEVEN patsies (all wins). Here they are: UCF, San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho, New Mexico State, Hawaii, and Tulsa. Yes BYU actually played those seven teams that season. Top 25? That's ridiculous.

Cheyenne, WY

No matter how you spin it playing at a NFL venue is pretty awesome.
Remember 2011? yeah I do 2010,2011 were probably the worst teams ever fielded under Mendenhall.
I agree that BYU played a couple weak schedules and have one next year. But I will side with the rankings, because those people know football better than any fan on this board.
Go Utes and Cougs.

Cheyenne, WY

please note the first comment. This is a Cougar Article

Frisco, TX

Our DBs will get tested against Houston. I think Houston employs the best passing attack of any team we've faced this year. If we can control their passing game, it will be great day in Houston.

Looking forward to making the 250 mile trek to Houston as soon as work is over. Go Cougs!

Cheyenne, WY

Congrats on being able to go to the game. wish I could go to one.

Gallup, NM

If Houston is as weak as everyone says they are, I hope BYU will pass the ball. I hope they use the opportunity to practice throwing the ball. I fear that Houston will be so bad that Hill will just decide to run the ball all by himself. I wish Hill'd let his running backs run the ball, have his receivers catch the ball, and have himself just throw the ball (running only when he has to). Hill has to stay healthy for a few more years. I wish he'd quit taking a beating.

Roy, UT

It will be up to KVN, Hadley, & the front defensive 7 to pressure the freshman QB, to win the game. Hope the blue Cougars are up for this game, high energy from play 1! They are the best team in the Nation, (best team doesn't always win-Coaches are also a factor, they have to really manage field position and the clock, play calling, etc)....Blue Cougars are #1! O-Line is another key to winning; SI did a great story on the Alabama O-Line, Cyrus & Arie Kouanddijo are rock stars of the Tide. Article also lists 5 O-Line talents from other schools...we need to give shout outs to our O-Line, give them credit, as it all starts with them.

Lindon, UT

I think BYU should win this game but I also thought they should win against Virginia. It's just so hard to predict this one because Houston is a very different team and has faced very different opponents. I'm sure the players and coaches aren't overlooking Houston but I also hope fans aren't. Karma can really stink. I do think it's exciting to play in an NFL stadium even if they're only selling the lower bowl. Love to the see BYU have a great game on both sides of the ball. UH's turnover margin is a bit concerning so BYU needs to hold on to the ball. Hated seeing the fumbles in the red/blue zone. I think UH may be underestimating our defense which is fine. Looking forward to seeing it shake out but a bit nervous. Go Blue Coug's!!

River Falls, WI

gdog3finally makes a decent educated guess: "I would be surprised if more than 25,000 show up"

BYU has recently played four road teams with 25k fans or fewer (total capacity in parenthesis)...
at USU, 2013 25k, 2010 24k, 2008 23k (25k, 90%-sold out)
at SJSU, 2012 15k (30k, 50% capacity)
at NMSU, 2012 13k (30k, 43% capacity)
at CSU, 2011 16k, 2008 20k (32k, 50-63% capacity)

BYU has played at three NFL stadiums in the last four years..
Qualcomm stadium vs. SDSU, 2012 35k, 2009 30k (70k, 45-50% capacity)
Cowboys stadium vs. TCU, 2011 50k, 2009 OU 75K (100k, 50-75% capacity)
Louisiana Superdome vs. Tulane, 2009 26k (70k, 35% capacity)

Houston is a better program than SJSU, NMSU, CSU, SDSU, and Tulane. USU isn't a good measuring stick because there would have been more fans if the stadium was larger. Houston is not as formidable as Oklahoma or TCU.
Houston is 5-0 and in Texas... based on all these factors I predict the actual attendance will be 35-40,000. I would be surprised if it's as low as gdog3finally predicted but he obviously didn't do any research.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Turtles Run

Houston's last home game drew a whole 20,000 people. They drew under 35K when they played Rice (which is also located in Houston). In fact, Robertson Stadium didn't even hold 35,000; the largest crowd ever was 32,400.... There will be a lot of "Cougar" fans there, but it will be an empty stadium.

Lindon, UT

Why on earth are any of you arguing/predicting attendance? Is that really such an important thing? Honestly?! Get a life and at least talk about the teams and game. Attendance is far more a reflection of the home team although some teams travel better than others & BYU is one of them. End of subject and big freaking deal!

River Falls, WI

RE: Two For Flinching

"Houston's last home game drew a whole 20,000 people. They drew under 35K when they played Rice (which is also located in Houston). In fact, Robertson Stadium didn't even hold 35,000; the largest crowd ever was 32,400.... There will be a lot of "Cougar" fans there, but it will be an empty stadium."

Yes, and Houston also sold out games against Texas St, Georgia St, Marshall, SMU, and Southern Miss. BYU is a significant step up from Rice, Memphis, etc. I think it's safe to say that 35k fans are all but guaranteed for this one but it will more likely be 40-45k.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ souptwins

Houston is a paper tiger. They know it, their fans know it (which is why they don't come), and BYU knows it. BYU wins this one easily.

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