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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 16 2013 8:30 a.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

BeSmart is quoting Tom Holmoe & a little network called ESPN, maybe you've heard of it. BYU was listed as the 9th most nationally televised program in the country. Not sure Utah is anywhere to be found on that list, or that anyone even cares if they are. I just spoke with a good friend from Tennessee who's also a Georgia Bulldog fan like me. He confirmed what I already knew....I quote, "Stanford was over-rated getting beat by a mountain west team like Utah". LOL! He didn't watch the game so obviously he missed the logos on the field, but the point is, no one cares about Utah outside the state, and apparently don't even know you're playing in the big boy sand box now.


Cheyenne, WY

P.S. Jamaal Williams chose BYU over Utah
Yes the Utes offered someone who came to BYU.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"When was Utah ever good at football?"


There you go again, leaving out the truth. Every time a y "fan" says something like that, they are REALLY taking a shot at Utah's down decade or two and to last season. But if we look at the first 50 years of football that BYU will admit to, Utah was dominant.

- From 1922 through the 1971 season, Utah's record was 296-167-21, a 64% winning record, 19 conference championships, and 3 bowl games.
- During that same time period, BYU's record was 173-235-26, a 42% winning record, 1 conference championship and no bowl games.
- Utah dominated the head-to-head, 38-5-4.

Yes, that 1984 Y team backed into a national championship. That Y fans still crow it about grates on Ute fans. Yet that was the only undefeated season the Y has had in its entire football history. Utah has had 4 in since 1922, 2 in the last 10 years. And, need I remind you of the whole BCS, Pac-12, 9-of-12, 5-of-6, 4-in-a-row thing?

The "truth" is BYU may NEVER be dominant again in football.

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