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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 15 2013 9:25 p.m. MDT

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Saint Louis, MO

The Jazz have to look at this with a positive spin. You can't paint over reality. The Jazz were in development mode as it is. This should be used as a way to develop and evaluate talent over the long haul. The way that it looks, all three of the veterans from the Warriors will be gone at the end of the year with more "baby boomers" brought in from the draft of 2014 which is supposed to have lots of talent. As Bill Clinton said, "it all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is". You just have to look at the "glass as half full". The Jazz are doing what they have to do. Favors and Kanter who also was injured plus Hayward are the future. If Burke goes along or someone else at point guard, that will be great. It's the forest that is important and not the trees.

Sandy, UT

Seems every game has been/will be full of surprises--some good, some not so good. This is when the players figure out how to step up to an opportunity or how to bounce back from a rotten injury. This will be interesting to watch. So far, they seem to have good attitudes. Of course, actions speak louder than words, but I'm listening.

Go Jazzboys tonight! Good luck to Trey for a speedy recovery.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Lucas is a good backup because he can actually shoot the ball unlike Tinsley and Watson. That being said he is not a starter and it will show over time.

I'm not convinced Machado is even a backup in this league.

There is no other way to state the obvious, this injury to Burke is bad news for his development and the future chemistry of our developing core.

The dude has pins hanging out of his finger, I seriously doubt he will be playing much of anything before 8 weeks despite his optimism. Then how long after that for him to even get back to where he is at now in terms of game shape and rhythm? You can run yourself to death on a treadmill but it is not the same as playing in a game.

This season was already shaping up to be pretty ugly in terms of losses and ugly just got worse.

Oh well, come to Papa Jazz Mr. Andrew Wiggins!!!

Burley, ID


In my humble opinion, of the three (Jefferson, Biedrins and Rush) only Brandon Rush has a chance of sticking with the Jazz, but only if he returns to be 95% of the player he was before his injury. When he was healthy, he played an "in your face" type defense and had a deadly three point shot. Of course the down-side is if he comes back and picks up where he left off, his price could go well beyond what the Jazz would be willing to pay next summer.

If Brandon does make a strong comeback (this season) I'd like to see the Jazz extend his contract and lock him in for 3 more years, as long as his price is reasonable. Next year, the Jazz could look like basketball geniuses if Rush returns to his old self and is 100%.

South Weber, UT

@JBQ: "It's the forest that is important and not the trees."

I wish that were so because I believe it should be, but let's be real, this is the NBA after all. Is there another professional team sport league as focused on individual players, not to mention the fan's player worship?

@Jazz Source: "...this injury to Burke is bad news for his development and the future chemistry of our developing core.
... Then how long after that for him to even get back to where he is at now in terms of game shape and rhythm?"

Tough break (pun intended)? Yes. End of the world? Not even close. 6-8 weeks won't be too big a deal and 8-12 a little worse but he'll still be OK. Was he in "game shape and rhythm" at this point after, what, 2 pre-season games? I don't think so. His year is not lost, not even close. I think he'll end up being OK-- better now than a few months in, wouldn't you agree?

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