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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 15 2013 4:55 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

Don't look past Houston!!
That is a trap game if I have ever seen one.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is what I love best about college football. The Y is installing some new philosophy on offense and in doing so they have had some downs and a ever increasing ups. I love watching a team come together, get better, have new people stepping up. New people rising to the challenges. Watching the pro's is boring because the can be so good and show no improvement.
A whole slew of people panicked when Taysom started the season in a rain storm, sloppy conditions and a whole bunch of recievers unable to catch the ball in front of them. I looked at his "terrible first game" and there were drops, throws out of bounds to save sacks, slips off the hands and interference not called. It was a terrible game but 13% has now improved to 73% and no interceptions. I love the improvement.

I love it that Mitch Mathews has stepped forward, I love Adam Hine and his run backs. I love Alge Brown's stepping up. Craig Bills, Skye Povey, Robertson Daniel, Unga, and I love Justin Sorenson's comeback.
I love the season so far.
I look forward to improvement.
Go Cougars

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"I feel like everyone is starting to get more comfortable with the motive and the game is starting to slow down for me and for the guys around me" -- Hill


Huh? Didn't someone tell Hill that the game actually did slow down?

From 96, 99, 95 plays per game to 72, 82, 69 plays per game.

Phoenix, AZ

Huh? Didn't someone tell Uteology that the "Utes" are over BYU? Why are you here posting? Can't get enough chest thumping on the ute articles about Stanford's let down loss to Utah?


Ute fans have no life without BYU - They just beat Stanford in an epic game and yet still somehow come here to mock BYU -

Look Uteties (say it out loud it sounds funny) - you won. Good for you. Now move on - after all you still have your big rivalry game with Colorado coming up and I know how much you all look forward to that one.

As for BYU - sadly what could have been a great season now can only be excellent - if we win. Slow down or go fast - I don't care -- just win.

Orem, UT


Didn't someone ever tell you that when a player talks about the game "slowing down", he's referring to the ability to make decisions after the snap? The time between snaps is inconsequential as far as the game "slowing down" is concerned.

Taysom's accuracy and decision-making have improved markedly throughout the season.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Please stop going into cruise mode midway through the 3rd quarter even if we're up big. Need all the reps we can get.

West Jordan, Utah

Don't get mad blue guys. Uteology made a good point did he not? Slow down yourselves, huddle up, and see the comment for what it was. What was it? Somewhat sarcastic, but very interesting relative to the makeover in identity for BYU following a rough start to the year.

When I watch BYU, they clearly look better in recent weeks, trending upward, but they really haven't been tested in that time.

I get the trap game comments, but BYU will take care of business with Houston. Boise State coming to Provo looked like a good match up at the beginning of the year, but I see BYU getting that win as well. Boise has been falling for the last two seasons. BYU could win 8 games with their schedule, maybe 9 since I think they match up well against Notre Dame. Wisconsin will thump BYU though. All other games are winnable. I don't feel that way about any of my Utes games left except Colorado (2011 aside).

I am not sure how I would feel about BYU's situation overall if I were a BYU fan. Independence vs. a conference. Pros and cons abound.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

I really love watching BYU's defense play. It might be one of the best in the country. If the offense continues to fine tune, we could see some big wins against some big time schools still on the schedule. Good luck Cougars!

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

From the article; "The Cougars are going hard, and going fast, but not as fast as they were. BYU ran 96 plays against Virginia and 99 against Texas. However, the Cougars ran 82 against Utah State and 69 against Georgia Tech."

I said at the seasons beginning that the "Nitro, Go Fast Go Furious, Wang Dang Banana Rama Ding Dong Offense wouldn't work.

It takes a certain team and OC to pull it off. The lesson is that Quality will always trump Quantity.

Note; I do like the Spirit, Honor, Tradition on the jersey concept, Bronco nailed that, to bad it didn't work out.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We could totaly be undefeated right now and ranked. A few good bounces and better refs and we would have won them all.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Let us, for the sake of discussion, take the valid part of your comment and not the snarky part.

Three wins in a row, fewer plays executed. Which came first? Are we winning because we slowed down a little, or did we slow down a little because we've been winning? Someone who has the time, maybe Chis B, could analyze the wins by quarter, plays run and yards gained, points scored.

I think the more valid observation, although I'm not willing to invest the time to try to prove it, is that we seem to think we are in control of the game in the third quarter and take the foot off the gas. Resulting in NOT putting the game away, just looking sloppy.

And finally, Uteology, as has been pointed out, correctly, the game "slowing down" for a quarterback is like "the hoop getting bigger" for a basketball player. Or the baseball "looking like a cantelope" for a batter.

But you knew that.

Surfers Paradise, AU

We had fewer plays against GT for two main reasons:
1) GT kept converting 3rd downs and taking more time of possession
2) BYU offense was lost in the 2nd half and had more 3 n outs and could not convert on 3rd down

Pretty simple stuff to me...


Don't look past Houston!!
That is a trap game if I have ever seen one.

No personal offense is intended, but I am not convinced that Boise is better - a bigger threat - than Houston so I have a difficult time seeing it as a "trap" game.

I don't think BYU will look past Houston and the best part of the rest of the month is that they won't look past BSU either because they have a BYE between BSU and Wisconsin.

Salt Lake City, UT

Adding to Pavalova:
1) Addendum: GT has been about the only team to consistantly move the ball and make those third downs against the Y this year. Compare GT 10 of 20 3rd down conversions to Utah 1-14.

3)When you get ahead, the game is winding down, and you are "trying" to kill the clock you don't play hurry up but you slow the game down. You use the full play clock. So you don't run plays every 9 seconds. You drag it out. Let's think about why the last three games had fewer plays. Duh, they were winning those games at the end!
The Texas game had more because everything was working, on every play, so the Y kept getting the ball even when they slowed down.

I think the OC and Team are pulling it off. It's nice when you have both Quality and Quantity. (SF: Your own favorite team is doing the same hurry up and not doing any better at it)

Salt Lake City, UT

Having played the Utes close, the Cougars should win most of their remaining games. In the current AP poll, other than Wisonsin, the Utes are the highest ranked team on BYU's "tougest schedule ever".

Mission Viejo, CA

Agree about Houston being a trap game. But not really worried because BYU defense is real and the offense is coming around. But I do think it will be a close thing. BYU has to go in there with intensity. Complacency got Stanford beaten (by a motivated and underrated Utah team). We act like Stanford, we get beat like Stanford. Houston will certainly be motivated, for sure. They won't be intimidated. At first, anyway.

Bountiful, UT

"Are the Cougars approaching their potential on offense?"

No. The Cougars won't sniff their potential on offense until the offense starts playing a full 60 minutes in a game. I hate the obvious downshifting of gears we see the offense do in the 2nd half of games. Momentum is a fickle thing and when we've seized it in the first half you're asking for trouble when you let it go and let up on the opposing team because you now have a comfortable lead.

In the first half of the GT game we racked up nearly 350 yds total offense and 24 pts by mixing up our 1st and 2nd down play calling. Anae was throwing on 1st and 2nd down about 50% of the time in the first half and this had the GT defense guessing.

In the 2nd half we downshifted into predictability mode and ran on 1st and 2nd down nearly every possession and the result was 5 1st downs for the half and 70+ yds of total offense the rest of the game.

Is it too much to ask to maintain the intensity and focus for all 4 quarters of the game?!

Dillon, CO

Put the names on the backs of the jerseys .. it is nice to see that.

Oceanside, CA

If you take time of possession into account, BYU's "speed" was almost identical between their Texas game (99 - highest number of plays, TOP 31:05) and their Georgia Tech game (69 - lowest number of plays, TOP 21.01). Remarkable consistency if you ask me.

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