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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 15 2013 9:55 a.m. MDT

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Cheyenne, WY

Mormon Ute,
I raise hypothetical questions just for people to think about it.
I am not the type to say. Well Utah may sell out and get 45,000 to games and BYU gets 60,000 to MTSU.
I just want people to think before they talk. My assumption is if both stadiums were the same size attendance would be very similar.

Palo Alto, CA

Mormon Ute

"...the author of the article took a swipe at Utah and the Pac 12 in his third paragraph.

A little hyper-sensitive aren't we? The author of the article no such thing. He simply stated that PAC 12 fans were experiencing the same types of growing pains with their new network as MWC fans did with The MTN.

"While Pac-12 fans are partially living (or reliving) that nightmare this year, BYU is basking in the glow of legitimate national television coverage every game of the season."

"Reliving" is obviously a reference to Utah fans who had to put up with the same anxiety as they did with The MTN in not knowing if they would be able to get the new PAC Network through their current cable or satellite provider - if I'm not mistaken, the PAC Net still isn't available on DirecTV.

That's not a swipe, it's simply a comparison of similar events.


Gilbert, AZ said:

"Mormon Ute

.....As much as you'd like to believe otherwise so you can sleep at night, ESPN didn't sign BYU to a long-term contract just to shuffle BYU games off to some place where they would be "hidden" away."

Tell that to Ads and school President's that are expecting more from ESPN. Their games are being hidden away. ESPN has loaded up on contracts to keeps conferences and schools from other networks. Even if that means not showing them on TV. ESPN sounds like a fine business partner huh?

Salt Lake City, UT

From the article:

"a circle was drawn around three schools that the network said it would take any time it could get them.

BYU was one of the three."

For those who say that BYU is not a national brand - or is not relevant on a national scale - the executives at ESPN would beg to differ.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

ESPN/BYUtv is a winning combination for all BYU fans and now that the initial scheduling difficulties have been overcome.


BYU 2014 Schedule:

@Middle Tennessee
Southern Miss
Savannah State

Lets see how many Cougar fans like this schedule?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Minor recalls a meeting at ESPN where someone in programming listed 10 collegiate football programs on the board. He said that the numbers indicated, and the network recognized, these schools as having national value from an audience standpoint. Then, a circle was drawn around three schools that the network said it would take any time it could get them.

BYU was one of the three.


Ironically the same thing happened during SEC, PAC-12, Big 12, Big 10, and ACC expansions meetings. Unfortunately, BYU never even made the list.

Salt Lake City, Utah

You're grasping at straws Uteology. ESPN executives have stated on numerous occassions that they're very pleased with their partnership with BYU.

Regarding the value of BYU's brand, either we can choose to believe the word of a desperate BYU hater, or we can choose to believe the ESPN executives who make a living televising college football.

Colorado Springs, CO

Many of you Ute fans are intimating that BYU games are only on ESPNU or ESPNNEWS. This is simply not true. According to the contract with ESPN, 3 games were to be broadcast on ESPN/2, one on ESPNU, and one on BYUTV. THis year, BYU has three home games on ESPN/2, two on ESPNU and 1 on BYUTV. Two ESPN2 and one ESPN game. It is true that there are two away games, one on ESPNU and one on ESPNNEWS that are being covered by ESPN. That is out of BYU's control since those are away games. Of course the Notre Dame game is on NBC and there are two CBSSPORTS broadcasts, again away games and out of BYU's control.


Did Barack Obama's winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 enhance the prestige of the award, given that he hadn't really done anything to merit it outside of "not being George W. Bush"? Similarly, at least from this BYU fan's perspective, Utah's invitation to join the PAC-12 was more a reward for "not being BYU" than anything else in particular. If BYU has been systematically excluded from consideration for membership in "prestigious" conferences, it certainly has nothing to do with the quality of its athletics; one look at the cellar-dwellers in those conferences makes ~that~ self-evident. Rather, that discussion begins and ends with pervasive bias against the LDS Church, whether from the left (liberal academics) or from the right (Bible-thumping evangelicals). Any Ute fan with a shred of self-awareness has to know this is true.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


I never said anything about ESPN. I said the Big 5 conferences. Everyone wants Notre Dame, nobody as of yet wants BYU.

I have always said BYU is a good fit for the Big 12. Good luck!


Did BYU winning a National Championship in 1984 enhance the prestige of the title, given that they didn't really do anything to merit it?

NOPE! That is why we have the BCS.

Salt Lake City, UT


BYU did plenty to deserve their 1984 National Championship - they beat every team they faced and ended the season on a 24-game winning streak, with back-to-back Top 7 finishes, and their FIFTH Top 12 finish in SIX years.

Get over your jealousy.

San Diego, CA

Mormon ute, I was in cedar city traveling and could not watch the utah UCLA game because the hotel did not carry the channel. I was still in UTAH. Big difference in PAC 12 tv deal and espn. Your deal is mostly regional, not national. Go figure....

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I have to respond to a misconception; BYU would do anything within reason the get an invite to the B12, and hadn't the admin not been so timid BYU would have offered to commit, if asked, in July of 2011. Compare BYU vs TCU, and the money that could be added to the B12 coffers, no comparison, but when the 12 got shaky with Mizzo and A&M moving out, BYU got very skittish failing to see the ocean for the beach. Matt Tail writing for the Lawarence(KS) World wrote about the situation after the result of the leagues President's 90 min conference call. Yes, this was after the PAC was turned down by the bigs from Tex and Okla. Sunday play has never been an issue. BYU is on the deep outside currently but if offered, yes in a heartbeat. Just ask Tom Holmoe.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Your narrative omits the reluctance that the Big-12 presidents had to invite another diva to the conference. Three's a crowd, with Oklahoma and Texas around.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Rather, that discussion begins and ends with pervasive bias against the LDS Church, whether from the left (liberal academics) or from the right (Bible-thumping evangelicals)."

Always the victims. I'm surprised you didn't blame the refs for BYU not being invited to a major conf.


I can't find ESPNU or ESPNews.

I am only thankful for BYUTV.

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