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Published: Monday, Oct. 14 2013 4:50 p.m. MDT

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Glendale, AZ

If “In Plain Sight” is what Robinson says, I'm going to have to read it. It is curious why Elizabeth's parents denounced it. I will say that Elizabeth's mother gave her extremely valuable advice.

Salt Lake City, UT

Great read, Doug.

Kay Hunt
Celebration, FL

The whole time I was reading My Story I was wishing for a book that was telling the other side of what people were doing. I am glad I have found that book.

Lafayette, IN

I read "In Plain Sight". It is a terrific book, and just tells the story from a different angle.

West Jordan, UT

Mr. Robinson you said, "...it attempts to explain Elizabeth's strange timidity and compliance when a scream or a simple identification during her many public wanderings might have saved her much sooner." You've demonstrated you do not understand what trauma victims experience or the threats a child was told each day and night during her torture; fair enough you don't get it. But you also aren't adding anything by defending your friends in this forum. What was your point again???

Taylorsville, 00

It truly would be good to know the part about the police and search work itself. There is so much that goes on when trying to find kidnap victims or even to solve other crimes. At the time of the publishing of the book, the Smarts may have still been in a place where that kind of public attention wasn't bearable. But now that they themselves have published a book about the experience, it seems like it's more appropriate to bring forward this book about all the work done by those who made the rescue possible, and recognize them.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I think that if it happen to me, I think I would want to forget about it.

South Jordan, UT

I hadn't heard about the prior book, In Plain Sight. I will not purchase nor read either of these. There has been enough said, shown, and reported to satisfy any curiosity I might have. After reading this article, I wonder if it is largely a money issue to denounce the first book by her uncle. With all the book signings by Elizabeth, it is a sign they truly want to sell lots of books. How could she possibly write this book and not relive this horrible nightmare? What was that her mother advised her? Hmmm.

Plano, TX

Uncle and Benson are friends of yours---end of story. The article is to promote In Plain Sight, in plain words. This is not "news" but editorial. None of us knows the family dynamics behind all of this. I know if this had happened to my daughter, I would hope my brother (in-law) would honor my wishes not to write/publish such a book. Given the suffering the Smart family had endured, it seems their wishes would have been honored. Shame on those doing otherwise.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Why wont this story stay private, and just go away?

San Antonia, TX

Good work Doug. Thanks for the clear explanation of both books.


I hope she makes all the money she possible can off this book. She is heroic in the way she handles this most horrible tale. She does not run or hide but puts herself in "Plain Sight" and for that alone I hope she makes millions.

I simple am amazed at the grace, firmness and tenderness with which she handles this challenge. It is an over used word today - but she is awesome.

Wilf 55

Both books should be sold side by side. That makes history complete.

Provo, ut

Only so many can make money off of victumhood

Herriman, UT

I am just amazed that this doesn't fade off into the sunset. And yes, it is all about making money. Elizabeth Smart was a victim. There has already been a book or two about this. Why a third book? The story has been told. Move on.

S. Jordan, UT

The real story of Elizabeth Smart is how after all she went through she came out a survivor and not a victim. She is an inspiration to me and one I hold up to my daughters as an example of how we can overcome adversity and forge our own path ahead.

The story is not what she went through but rather what she became. She won.

Thank you Elizabeth!

Alpine, UT

It's all about being able to do something to rescue ourselves despite our age. It sounds like that was the real problem all along and still is. Until that's resolved the story won't go away.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Actually...the reason for the story continuing to arise is money.
Poor girl should be enjoying her marriage and family, but the horrible events kept getting dragged out into the public.

And her dad is no help there....

Captn Picard
Houston, TX

I have read the book "In Plain Sight" and IMO it is a well written book that covers what was going on as relates police, family, and news media as mentioned in this article. The article mentioned that sales of the book were killed because of objections of Elizabeth Smart's parents.

There could be another reason that they objected to the book "In Plain Sight", the rejection of faith on the part of Tom Smart. In the book "In Plain Sight" FBI agent Mick Fennerty is quoted on page 357 saying "If you don't believe in God now, what do you want?" when speaking to Tom Smart. There several passages through out the book where Tom Smart makes it clear he's agnostic if not atheist. Tom Smart's public rejection of faith IMO is the real reason for the rejection of the book "In Plain Sight" by Elizabeth Smart's parents. The were embarrassed by Tom Smart's public rejection of faith.

IMO it was faith that allowed Elizabeth Smart to survive, faith that allowed her to maintain her sanity in conditions that would have driven most as stark raving mad as her captors.

City, Ut

Seems like a good time to mend Smart fences and for Ed and Lois to soften their response to In Plain Site.

Good people with good motives and best hopes for Elizabeth is a story worth telling--and worth having the support of all involved.

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