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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

Two things Ms Parker.

Brand New websites that get bombarded often "crash". Even with the tech giants.
Maybe the ACA will be a train wreck. Maybe not. But initial website crashes are not indicative.

Ms Parker writes

"rather than popping open the champagne as the Obamacare website crashes in a glut of glitches"

The ACA is law. If it turns out bad, it will get canned or fixed. But, why not hope for the best rather than advocate a celebration of failure?

Do you want the ACA to fail so we can return to a failing system. Brilliant.

That is the problem in todays hyper partisan environment. R and D want each other to fail. They want the others ideas to fail.

At times, that means rooting against America.

And it happens quite often.

How about we wish for GREAT ideas from either party that would be good for America?

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

I'm convinced the House GOP are working in conspiracy with Obama -- distract the public on the bumpy implementation of ObamaCare with a silly government shutdown.

People are enraged about the loss of government services during the shutdown (e.g., loss of National Parks access, loss of federal gun permits during hunting season, etc.), and then Americans come to respect what government (the collective will of the people) does for society.

ObamaCare implementation gets ironed out, people get their healthcare and come to like ObamaCare, and the House switches to a Democrat majority in 2014.

In this turn of events, the GOP finally rid themselves of the TEA Party and then take credit that ObamaCare was really based on the successful RomneyCare in Massachusetts all along -- a GOP concept to begin with and leverage its success for 2016!

Go Romney in 2016!!

Saint George, UT

I have said all along that the best thing that the republicans should have done to hurt the Democratic Party would have been to give them everything they wanted and watch the whole house come down. But, since anybody with a little common sense and a heck of a lot less gullibility should know, that there is no difference between the parties, the republican brand is still alive and we'll, right next to their buddy, the democrats. Both will live to fight another day, over nothing! thank you Senator Lee!

The Solution
Dayton, OH

Joe Blow,

It's not a matter of wanting it to fail. Rather the issue is knowing that it is unsustainable under our current economy. We simply can't afford it. So to compensate, most of us have to accept poorer quality insurance for much more expensive rates. It has already hit me and my family as my company provided insurance was changed last year to accommodate.

Ms. Parker,

The Ted Cruz comparison to Osama Bin Laden is shameful. That is very poor biased writing and is not news reporting at all. The Tea Party is not on the edge of extinction and neither is the GOP. The only thing that is changing is there will be more and more independents, like myself, who are going to enter the picture.

Hayden, ID

The only people who can defend Obamacare either already have a highly prized Obamacare waiver or a nice fat taxpayer subsidy. The rest of us must suffer. Still have a full time job? Checked your insurance deductibles and co-pays lately?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The extremists have no conscience.


Interesting, I see most of the media attacking the Republicans. But America dislikes both parties right now. A senior White House official told the Wall Street Journal that the administration doesn't really care when the shutdown ends because they're "winning" the PR fight against the GOP. According to the WSJ, Obama has only a 37 approval rating. Forbes Zogby poll says Obama has a 55% disapproval rating, Democrats have a 24% approval rating. Gallop's poll shows Obama's approval rating at 43%. Plenty of blame to go around.

I wish both sides had passed the bill, after reading it, and knew what was in it, before it went into effect. Giving business a pass for a year, shows something is not right, let's hope they fix it. As far as the site goes, it's incompetence. They should of been prepared for the rush, or fixed it in a day or two. A competent business would of found a way. It just makes me question things more.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Mountanman said: "The only people who can defend Obamacare either already have a highly prized Obamacare waiver or a nice fat taxpayer subsidy." I have neither, so that's False

"The rest of us must suffer." who are you speaking for, Not me. Perhaps folks at Hayden Lake, but that's not because of the ACA...is it?

Still have a full time job? Why yes I do. In fact I don't know anyone personally who has lost one due to the ACA.
Perhaps you know more unscrupulous employers than myself.

"Checked your insurance deductibles and co-pays lately?"
Sure have, one of the smallest increases ever, thanks for asking.

The Skeptical Chymist

Ms. Parker is absolutely right on the destructiveness of the tea party contingent. The tea party members completely fail to recognize that the ACA is already a huge compromise with conservatives.

Many on the left (myself included) were in favor of an expansion of Medicare (which works quite well for the elderly, allows for the purchase of supplemental insurance to go beyond the minimum coverage provided by law, and has an incredibly low overhead cost - something like 2%). This is the "single payer" option, that was ruled out from the start because of the influence of the insurance companies. (As always, money talks - loudly).

Then the government option, in which the government would offer a competing health insurance plan, was taken off the table as well.

What was passed has NO government coverage. All coverage is through private insurance companies, with subsidies for the poor. Yet this is derided as socialism. If socialism means that even the poor have sufficient insurance so they can have medical care (outside of the incredibly expensive emergency room), then count me in as a socialist. Of course, all those tea party members on social security and medicare are socialists too.

Eagle Mountain, UT

The only people who can defend Obamacare either already have a highly prized Obamacare waiver or a nice fat taxpayer subsidy. The rest of us must suffer. Still have a full time job? Checked your insurance deductibles and co-pays lately?

I possess neither, and while it isn't perfect I still support it. Why? Because it is a step in the right direction.

Stereotyping and labeling people because they disagree with you add nothing constructive to the conversation on how to improve things, but only adds to the climate of tension and hostility that we are now in. It's not part of the problem, it is the problem.

To get a waiver is simple, get your State to cover more people for less. It's already provided for in the current law.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

As we all know, no plan is the best plan.
Millions without insurance, more than twice the healthcare costs of the next most expensive nation. These are the best things to happen to America! Go republicans! Keep fighting for the status quo!

American Fork, UT

Yes, way to go republicans. Now, if only you'd have gone about it in a constructive manner instead of being so obstructionist.

Huntsville, UT

@The Solution;

Tell me, do you actually have a solution? The system we were operating under was completely unsustainable with insurance premiums rising in the double digits every year.

What is your "solution", Mr. Solution? Please, at least offer up something to consider.

Salt Lake City, UT

@The Solution
"It's not a matter of wanting it to fail. Rather the issue is knowing that it is unsustainable under our current economy."

I can understand that. I mean, I disagree completely with the assessment, but I understand why someone who thinks that way would want to repeal it. What I don't understand is why someone who feels that way would want to defund it because defunding it doesn't keep it from being law but does do thinks like prevents the spending on the subsidies used to help people by insurance, thus making it much more painful for the lower/middle class.

Salt Lake City, UT

Democrats' approval rating in the Gallup poll is at 43%. It's Republicans that's at 29% in the Gallup poll and the 24% was Republicans in an NBC/WSJ poll.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT

The Solution:

You're right. It is shameful to compare Cruz to bin Laden. Cruz will ultimately inflict far more damage on America than bin Laden ever dreamed of.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

I can only hope that this little episode of extortion and brinkmanship will finally deep-six the teaocracy. But irrational, myopic movements like this tend to appeal to a fringe in society that is very stubborn when it comes to changing its views. It may take an actual split in the GOP before the tea party dies. I would prefer that someone form a new moderate party. Statistics show that the majority of Americans (well over 50 percent) find themselves in the middle on most significant issues. It's time we pushed the extremists on both ends out of the boat and let them tread water for a while.

Saint George, UT

Are there any real men in this audience? The hidden whining that is ever present with those who think that the government is the equivalent of Grampa need to grow up. When are you ever going to accept some personal responsibility? Grampa is only going to live so long and he is not an extension of the money tree that Democrats and Republicans think exist in perpetuity. Europe has tried the 'grampa' model of government hand outs. It's not working! Unfortunately, those who like to take advantage of grampa will wring every last cent out of him because they are 'entitled' to it. Health care is just the latest example of the entitlement crowd wanting more from 'grampa'.

Saint George, UT

Thank you Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. I would much rather be in a foxhole with them than Harry Reid and BO. At least Mike and Ted would want me to keep my first and second amendment rights. Harry Reid and BO would want me to give them up with a patronizing nod that those rights weren't necessary with them around! Just imagine it. A world without weapons, possessions, etc. I guess it all comes down to who you trust, or does it? I think I'll take my chances, retain my rights and do the same for others. whether Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Harry Reid, or Barack Obama, I'll do without any of them 'helping' me thanks. I guess that's the difference between me and all of them who pick sides here. That makes me the most unique of all and one of the few 'independent' minded people here. Come join the ranks. It's liberating to say the least.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

@The Solution

I can't agree enough, with your well deserved condemnation, of the author, of this piece.

Raphael Cruz is many unsavory things and deserves our condemnation...but to compare him to one of the Hall of Shame's lowest pieces of work...is beyond the pale.

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