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Published: Sunday, Oct. 13 2013 7:55 p.m. MDT

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Austin, TX

Bottom line is that we're not undefeated and we lost to utah again. Hill still has a lot of "growing" to do. College football has changed (no, not to the spread option), but teams can win now and don't have to wait for their sophomore qb to be a jr or sr. BYU dosn't have the luxury or "street cred" to wait two or three years to win. We have to do it now. We will not get the recruits we need to compete at the next level by producing what we have on the field right now. It has to get better fast. It makes me sick that we feel good about beating a Utah State without their qb. They were utah state, they aren't in the same league the real test comes with notre dame and wisconsin. Stop feeling good about beating teams we're suppose to beat.

Salem, ut

It appears that when Hill has time to throw, he does well. He has definitely improved greatly since the first game! He is a "danger" to the opponents because he can definitely run! Keep giving him MORE time, Offensive Line!!!! And protect him, too!!!!

Sure wish he had been where he is today when the Y played Utah! :):)

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I think most thought that Hill had a strong arm. It is nice to see him having success with the pass. I really do not like to see him torpedoing himself into the defense on a run.

Murray, utah

Hill is really a Freshman in terms of experience. If his Oline and OC help him out he'll be just fine. The guy is smart, big, strong, fast and has a rocket arm. With a little more time and experience he'll be just fine. He can't do it all by himself.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry, yards per attempt isn't a true ranking of a QB's improvement.
Pass Efficiency is a much better indicator (Hill is 111th in this category).

Looking at the defenses he's faced tells the story:

Virginia - 28th (loss)
Texas - 67th (win)
Utah - 36th (loss)
Middle Tennessee - 92nd (win)
Utah State - 13th (win)
Georgia Tech - 43rd (win)

Having the nation's #3 defense has been a boon for Hill, as he can have a bad game and still come out with the win. However, the latter half of the season will show us if his recent improvement is a mirage (averaging 9 YPA against defenses collectively ranked 49th) or if he's shed the bad passing habits from early in the season.

By the way, Wisconsin, Boise State, and Notre Dame collectively rank 11th in total defense. So if Hill averages 275 or more yards passing per game, against them, then we can talk about him emerging as the next great BYU QB. If he manages less than 200 per game and BYU loses all three games, then we know who Hill is - Riley Nelson 2.0 and nothing more.

Truth Whisperer
Chandler, TX


BYU is 12 points or a bad play call and a penalty short of an undefeated season.

Utah State has an excellent Defense and we could have put 40+ points on them if Anae would have let the dogs loose. We put 40 points up on the big bad Longhorns from your hometown with top 5 recruiting classes. The same team that beat #12 Oklahoma by 12 points in Dallas this week. And we put 38 points up on a team that gave #13 rated Miami a very tough game the previous week.

Do we have a ways to go, no doubt, but let's not short sell the achievments.

If we had Cody and no Monsoon in Virginia we win by 2 touch downs (we would have won anyway had Anae not called a pass play deep in our own territory with 3 minutes to go in the game. We also would have beaten Utah had the PAC12 Refs (who blew the ASU vs Wisconsin game the previous week)not called a holding penalty on a kick return for a TD. Those are the breaks, but both games were winnable.

I think we are doing well and improving.

Sammamish, WA

His Adjusted QBR for the season has him #37 and climbing. That includes at least three games where he barely registered a blip. I think he's a solid college QB and climbing fast. 2.5 more years of improvement at anything like the improvement over 6 games will be fun to watch.

Mission Viejo, CA

Lord have mercy. So many experts - should all be working as pro scouts. Please contact Robert Anae right away. He needs your help!


I remember how bad Beck was until a senior, and even Ty Detmer had some horrible nights as an upper classman, let alone as a freshmen. I think TH is getting more support from the line and receivers, while he gets better too. I like his improved accuracy, his throws on the run, his run option, though more contained lately since teams saw him in the Texas
game. That may be a feat he won't repeat too soon, unless he meets a team without a defense. The media keeps touting Houston at 5-0, but who have they played? Just wondering. It should still be a tough contest. Hats off to three good wins in a row, but Utah still hurts. Always will, though them beating Stanford shows we got beat by a pretty good team - and not by much, since we beat ourselves mostly. Let's not play them in the first part of the season anymore but schedule them later as a non conference foe - maybe better chances?

Salt Lake City, UT

Comp/Att Yards YPA TD INT QB Rating
Kansas QB
13/26 1525.8114.6, with -39 yards rushing

19/27 2449.01072.2, plus a rushing TD and 65 yards rushing

Which team got the better deal on QB this week? BYU "fans" are whiny. BYU fans back up Taysom. End of story.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Provo, UT

"Where are the "detractors"?

We are right here, and are unconvinced by such mediocre, inconsistent play."

The detractors are where they have always been, nipping around the ankles, waiting for something new to bash BYU about.

An honest assessment would be that at least half of the criticism of Hill really belonged to the line and his receivers. He looks much better because they did much better.

Was it the rightt read? Or did he just have justifiable confidence in Hoff. Like it or not, that was a powerful, spot-on throw that Hoff turned into a spectacular play.

Detractors? Ankle biters.

Salt Lake City, UT

Comp/Att Yards YPA TD INT QB Rating
Kansas QB
13/26 152 5.8 1 1 4.6, with -39 yards rushing

19/27 244 9.0 1 0 72.2, plus a rushing TD and 65 yards rushing

Maybe the spacing will actually be maintained this time.
Anyone who bashes on Taysom for throwing a touchdown because it wasn't the right read must fit into the same camp of people who say Jim McMahon should never have sent the punt team off the field in the Miracle Bowl because it was too risky to go for it. To add to the silliness of the Taysom to Cody pass, you had to go back and rewatch the film and change YOUR read on the play. Clown arguments.

Hyrum, UT

Sadly, there seem to always exist the kind of detractors and criticizers who keep yapping and complaining unless their qb is constantly setting records after having his team #1 in the country. Those people seem to have an affinity for the negative while discounting the positive. Their comments aren't worth the ink it takes to print them.

I have to laugh when people try to discount the quality of teams BYU has beaten. Texas came in #15 in the country, beat the #12 team on Saturday and currently leads the Big 12 conference.
Middle Tennessee came into Provo with a winning record and still maintains one.
Georgia Tech also came into Provo with a winning record after beating some pretty good teams.
Are these teams world-beaters? Of course not. But they are decent teams who seemed genuinely impressed with BYU compared to everyone they had played.

BYU is very, very fortunate to have a qb the caliber of Hill. He has exceptional leadership skills and his fellow players love him. He has shown every indication he will just keep getting better and better. Sit back, believe and enjoy.

Cedar Hills, UT

it's not his arm strength - its his field vision and accuracy that has a ways to grow yet...

Idaho Falls, ID

AMEN! I agree with you 100%. You have to have quite a bias to be critical of a perfect pass for a TD because he didn't throw to another receiver. Poor Taysom's mother can't even attend her son's games because of the vitriol being thrown by the occasional whiny and unreasonable fan to Taysom (inside information). He is NOT Riley 2.0. Hill has a far better arm and athleticism.

Hill will be fine. He has the talent and potential to be a great QB. He is NOT the question mark on this offense. It is the offensive coordinator and offensive line that are suspect. Anae and his O-line had complete lapses in the 3rd quarter and most of the 4th qtr last game. If u want your qb to flourish, you have to show a little unpredictability in your playcalling and you HAVE TO BLOCK for your quarterback (like they did the 1st half). If you don't have those 2 factors, even Peyton Manning couldn't move this offense.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

Ankle biters?

Watched a little too much Sesame Street and Barney, did you Y Dad?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Harbaugh was no dummy when he recruited Taysom Hill to Stanford. Barring a bad injury going forward, Taysom Hill will be one of the best QB's ever to come out of BYU.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

One word "Heisman"

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