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Published: Sunday, Oct. 13 2013 5:10 p.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

1 - 2 in Conference Play, all at home, qualify for a B+? That's an example of grade inflation is there ever was such a thing.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Two losses, one in overtime and the other by a touchdown, keep the Utes from getting an A."

Seriously, Mike? In your examination of the AP Poll, did you happen to notice the number of votes received by the two teams the Utes lost to? Didn't think so.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's home loss in OT to an Oregon State team which lost to an FCS level Eastern Washington is what smack them the hardest. Similarly the BYU loss back at Virginia does the most damage to the Cougars. Utah State on the other hand simply had too many unrealistic expectations goven the coaching change in Logan, and the Aggies might be back to square one with the revolving door. Dave Arslanian only lasted 2 years after John L. Smith left for greener pastures (1999).

Salt Lake City, UT

So what does this say about BYU's football program? Try & follow this logic ! if the Cougars lost to the Utes, who lost to Oregon State, who lost to Eastern Washington, who plays in the FCS? I say it means that BYU couldn't beat Weber State or Southern Utah this season, right? LOL Cougars get a D-

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Utah may deserve a B+, but most of its classes are AP classes.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Utah has the better coach. Stanford the better players. Utah wins.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Head to head: Utah
Better win: Utah
Worse loss: byU
Harder schedule: Utah
Higher ranking: Utah

Can't wait to hear the spin about how byU is still better. I'll say this in advance:


Utah is the one and ONLY premier program in the state of Utah

And YES, having higher star recruiting classes every year the last 4 years is a big reason we are the best program in the state.

Higher star teams = better talent

Deal with it.

Cheyenne, WY

Premier program? Only about ten of those in the nation not quite there yet.
Good program, respected program, improving program.
Premier not even close, that belongs to Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma teams with national titles.

Littleton, CO

Wow. I guess I need to re-read this article, because I didn't see ANY mention of BYU by Sorensen -- yet IMMEDIATELY the ute fans feel compelled to pull them into the conversation. Yet I have been told for MONTHS that the utes have moved on from BYU. After the big win on Saturday over Stanford and Oregon on the horizon, amazing that the obsession is still with BYU. By the way, how did the Buffs do on Saturday? Gotta keep and eye on that big "rivalry" game coming up in November, right?

salt lake city, utah

Dear Mr Hawk, Please re-read the ENTIRE article before commenting and making *some BYU fans* appear unable to read online articles. (pssst, there are multiple pages...)

Cottonwood Heights, UT


When the headline mentions "state's college football TEAMS" and http links are imbeded for additional segments of a story, most of us take those as "clues" that all teams are covered in the story, SUU, Weber--even BYU. Utah was mentioned first because the writer gave it the best grade.

Janca's right: some y "fans" appear unable to read online stories properly before getting indignant.

Cedar City, UT

Utah's win against Stanford, BYU, and Utah State certainly qualify them for the highest grade in Utah. Their coaching has been excellent this season.

That being said, I can't be more happy and excited for the Cougars this year and the potential this season. It's nice to root for a team that puts a good product on the field, has a competitive schedule, and is is on channel(s) the average joe can watch (anywhere in the world).

Oh and last but not least, its nice to root for a program that doesn't have to put winning as its only measure of success.

The Middle Of, UT


Your logic is flawed, BYU's worst loss is Utah: 'Utah's home loss in OT to an Oregon State team which lost to an FCS level Eastern Washington is what smack them the hardest.' Which beat BYU in cougarland.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hawk, you are doing a lot of wishful thinking. Contrary to what you want to believe, byu is NOT important to Utah fans. Further, can you please explain your preoccupation with the relationship between Utah and Colorado?

Tell you what, sport, how about you read the rest of the article and then come back to this board and acknowledge your error.

Good to hear that you are excited for the Cougars and that you sincerely believe they have put a good product on the field. How do you know it's a good product unless you measure the wins? As for competitive schedule...you do realize I'm sure that none of the teams byu plays this year are ranked.

Also, I don't understand what you people think is so special about byu's tv arrangement. The only byu game I've seen (or even stumbled across) this year was the Utah game. I've seen every one of Utah's games as well as Utah State's games this year and I live no where near the State of Utah. Let me repeat that...I've seen every one of Utah State's games this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Latest Rankings

BYU > Utah > USU


#9/#10/#6 UCLA(5-0)
#13/#13/#14 Stanford(5-1)
#18/#18/#18 Oklahoma(5-1)
ur/ur/#24 BYU(4-2)
ur/ur/#25 Utah(4-2)
ur/ur/#29 Texas(4-2)
ur/ur/#37 Oregon St(5-1)
ur/ur/#40 Georgia Tech(3-3)
ur/ur/#41 Utah St(3-4)

Utah is 29th in AP and 34th in Coaches in "Others Receiving Votes"

Next Opponents
BYU: at ur/ur/#56 Houston(5-0)
Utah: at ur/ur/#36 Arizona(3-2)
USU: at ur/ur/#140 New Mexico(2-4)


Next big hurdle for Utah: win a road game against a PAC team with a winning record, something the Utes haven't done since 1996, interestingly, at Stanford 17-10.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Get it right, Sorensen: Utes deserve an A-, Cougars deserve a B-, Chuckie-less Aggies deserve a C+, and Weber State deserves a D-.

Predicting the Utes lose to both Arizona schools plus USC is a slap in the face.

Looks like Sorensen bleeds smurf blue.

Go Utes!

Cheyenne, WY

I agree that Utah games can not be seen all that often on TV.
BYU does matter to Utah fans. Utah fans stormed the field last year, or did you not see that. You are wrong Wisconsin is ranked. Texas was ranked and probably will be again. Notre Dame will probably be ranked again.
As for the TV thing. It really depends on what cable or satellite provider you have to be able to watch the games.
If you live a long way from Utah why does it say SLC under your post?
And just so everyone knows I live in Wyoming and have not seen a Utah game (besides BYU) but have watched all of the BYU games and a couple of Utah State's. It depends on where you live and your cable package.
I hope all teams do well and BYU and Utah have done well both beating recognized National teams (Stanford is better this year so Utah's victory means more).

Park City, UT

Salt Lake City?

"Also, I don't understand what you people think is so special about BYU's tv arrangement. The only BYU game I've seen (or even stumbled across) this year was the Utah game. I've seen every one of Utah's games as well as Utah State's games this year and I live no where near the State of Utah."

LOL at your delusional spin.

Every one of BYU's games so far this season has been NATIONALLY televised:

at Virginia - ESPNU
Texas - ESPN2
Utah - ESPN2
at Utah St - CBS Sports Network
Georgia Tech - ESPNU

btw, BYU's television arrangement ONLY applies to BYU home games, which have all been televised on one of the ESPN family of networks

Park City, UT

Samurai Jake

Don't kid yourself, Sorensen is a dyed-in-the-wool Ute.

Actual grades should be:

BYU - B+
Utah - B+
USU - C+

No unranked team deserves an A/A- and no losing team deserves higher than a C+

Salt Lake City, Utah


Despite all of your spin, BYU is still ranked higher:

#24 BYU(4-2) #25 SOS > #25 Utah(4-2) #9 SOS

Dealt with...

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