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Published: Friday, Oct. 11 2013 9:25 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

@Brave Sir Robin
"This year, the missionary mortality rate of 0.17 per thousand. "

Is that extrapolated for the year? (if not then technically it's 0.21 per thousand) Not that it changes your point of course. I'm just being nitpicky.

@Brother Benjamin Franklin
While statistics can seem heartless at times, the reality is you can't eliminate all risk. Much like say... we can't expand the security state to a point where every terrorist is stopped.

Bountiful, UT

@ bikeboy and others concerned about bicycle safety:

Only 3 of the 12 missionary deaths this year involved bicycles. Four were due to medical conditions, 2 were passengers in a vehicle, 2 came in contact with live electrical wires and 1 was hit by a stray bullet.

We need to be aware of our surroundings in every situation and ride bicycles safely, but only focusing on bicycle safety wouldn't have prevented most of these deaths.

Dietrich, ID

One reason fatality is lower on missions is because if you have poor health or something life threatening like cancer than of course you can't go on a mission. Contrary to the Movie Gods Army.

But Missionaries are taught safety in MTC Mission Home and every zone conference. Some video's were morbid they showed us in Zone Conference. Were missionaries lost there lives breaking rules. If a sibling served thought I wonder how they would feel seeing those video's. Though names are not mentioned. That said many accidents are ones that cannot be prevented are freak or do to bad things other people do. The Lord can prevent them but chooses not too in many instances. Our thoughts are not his thoughts are ways are not his said the Prophet Isiah.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ Scientist

What do you mean? Accountable for what?

It seems your comments are more anti this and anti that when it comes to religion. Perhaps there are better way to use your energy? Volunteer for something.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Brave Sir Robin

Save us with all the meaningless stats. The fact is 12 missionaries killed in one year is more than alarming and more than heart wrenching. I don't remember a year when so many young men were killed while serving a mission - never. You might hear of one or two every four or five years and that is far too many .... but 12 IN ONE YEAR?? We now have 18 year old kids literally going from the halls of their high school to some of the most exotic and in some cases dangerous places on the planet and that should cause some policy changes I would think within the church. An 18 year old is not a mature adult yet ...not even close...and expecting a overly stretched mission president and his wife to somehow bridge that maturity gap and give this young man common sense is asking too much. I think it would be wise for the church to have some additional training at the MTC beyond just language training. Perhaps more training on things such as bike safety and automobile safety etc...

Way of the Warrior
Arlington, WA

"Death isn't sad. The sad thing is most people don't live at all" - Soc

Kennewick, WA

Do people out there really expect nobody to ever die? Yes it's sad for the family and others, but it happens. I had a close friend pass away unexpectedly at age 34 a few years ago, leaving behind a wife and five kids. People die. We are mortal. Anybody who believes LDS theology believes that being back in the presence of God is actually a much better station than being here on earth, especially if a person is prepared to meet God. I'm wondering if those who are so upset that people die want everybody just to live in a bubble and never do anything risky. Don't breathe, you might get lung cancer. Don't eat, you might choke. Don't exercise, you might have a heart attack. Don't go outside, you might get struck by lightning. I had a few close calls with death or serious injury on my mission, but I'm still functioning today and I would do it again.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

My heart, condolences, support, and prayers go to these families. I am not lashing out or being hateful, as some misrepresent.

I am trying to save the LDS Church from potential legal action, not to mention the lives of missionaries. If we can prevent accidents and save lives through proper action, why not do it?

Missionaries are inherently safe, and statistics reflect that. But we must always do more to protect them. That is how we honor the legacy of those who passed on.

Some of the potential things the LDS Church would do well to consider are orange vests, reflective clothing, pepper spray, increasing public awareness of missionaries presence in the community, increasing time spent and frequency of trainings, and so forth.

How to do those things is not easy. It never is. But we must always do more to look at how we can improve.

Giving feedback is not hate. It is how we improve. But if encouraging and suggesting a means of improvement to better protect young men and women sacrificing to share a message to help others makes me an insensitive hater, then by all means call me a hater.


Bikes are dangerous and inefficient and goofy in many areas of the world (U.S.A.). Walking, public transportation or a car wherever possible would be best in my opinion. Only use bikes where there is no other option. Of course car accidents will happen, but riding a bike is one of the least effective ways to travel, I've thought this for years.)

Ecuador, 00

I read how righteous men they were, and i just thought that they were needed 'up there'. Their time of life wasn't cut, they passed the probation state and are still living there.

In the Book of Mormon we read that death is part of the mercy of a Heavenly Father, and it is received with joy by spirits who kept righteous lives... incomprehension and pain is only for us, 'mortals'.

... yes, they are still living and surely still preaching 'up there' (probably companions, they surely met in the same MTC).

Virginia Beach, Va

Too many deaths. Time to take a close look at safety for these young people.

utah cornhusker

I served in manila, pi and cars had the right of way. There was only one area that the mission president would allow bikes. And you would be taking your life in your hands if you had a car. The only one that had a car was the mission president. I felt safe on my mission. But with life comes things that will happen. My heart goes out to the missionaries that have lost there lives and especially there family and friends.

Virginia Beach, VA

Too many bike stories this past year. I always pick up our missionaries when they come to my home, do the same for yours. About a month ago I happened to catch up to them on their bikes, and watched them not look in all directions, and almost got ran over by a car. I let them know about it the next time I saw them.

Provo, UT

"I read how righteous men they were, and i just thought that they were needed 'up there'."

This implies that God caused these deaths.

Do we really want to go there? What kind of faith can we have in a God who would "kill" innocent, faithful young missionaries just so he could put them to work "on the other side"? And how are the mothers of these missionaries supposed to feel? I think they feel very strongly that these missionaries are "needed" right here, right now!

Such speculative theological statements have no basis in scripture or doctrine, and are more hurtful to the loved ones than they are helpful.

Roanoke, VA

I have no objective evidence for believing this, but sometimes I think certain souls are just too gentle, too pure, to be on this fallen planet very long. The young men died doing what they wanted to do. This of course doesn't lessen the tragedy, but how many of us will be able to say that? God bless these boys, and may He be with the families.

sandy, ut


You think fasting is going to help missionaries be safer? I am quite sure they are prayed for millions of times a day, including in the temple. If he was going to listen then wouldn't he have already heard us? Why would fasting change the outcome of these rare and tragic occurances?

Montesano, WA

first thing my heart is heavy and my prayers go out to the families of these young men. The church needs to get the elders off the bikes for safety reasons, second they need to not put the elders is squalor conditions. People should see the nice five star resorts that the senior missionaries live in like the hilton or better. The church can spend a bit more on the elders and a lot less on the seniors and both will have fine acomadations.

newhall, CA

It isn't for us to pass judgment, to place blame on Church leaders. Don't think for a minute that the safety of missionaries isn't a high priority. Given the number of missionaries currently serving, accidents do happen. Many of us believe that when your time on earth is done and you are called home what better time when you are in the service of God. Their missions just took them to the other side where they are needed. We are reminded from the Billy Joel song: "Only The Good Die Young". Rest in peace elders, you have returned to Him who you were serving to continue such service in the Spirit World among family and friends.

St.George, Utah

Perhaps people could spend some time with a mother, who's heart is broken, who is trying to rationalize the death of her missionary......a mother who has younger children who are expected to serve a mission in the near future as well.
Then....let's have this discussion.

San Diego, CA

Simply, I feel the church should remove that statistic from the statement. It makes us look so cold no matter what you say after that. Come on, guys.

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