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Published: Friday, Oct. 11 2013 8:55 a.m. MDT

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Cheyenne, WY

The only reason why I posted was because I have been seeing Chris B rant for two days on recruiting. I read Utah articles because I want Utah to do well. So I apologize I want all Utah schools to do well. I just think attacking another school (or faith in other articles) should not be tolerated.
Go all Utah schools including my athletic program that pulls off an upset every few years.

Sandy, UT

BeSmart, But isn't our contention that simply being in a BCS conference doesn't mean anything(just look at Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Washignton State, Duke)? You're as biased as Chris if you are trying to suggest that BYU commits had a "good" offer in BCS Utah but don't say that Utah commits had "good" offers in BYU. You only look as biased as him, and that doesn't help the conversation.

And as far as any team beating any team, I agree. And so does Chris. So what's your point? Even though that is true, wouldn't you rather have a Bronco coached team with great talent over a Bronco coached team with average talent? You'd be crazy to think talent doesn't help win games. Again, what's your point? It seems you're trying to prove Chris wrong, but for once is he right! Tell me something he has said that is wrong. I don't see anything. He is wrong a lot, and lets point it out when he is. But here he isn't.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT


"Playing the game does matter or else they would not play it."

You are correct. Now, please reiterate this basic concept to all of the YbU "fans" who keep denying that they're 0-4 and counting...!

5-0 at RES in 2016!

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm not attacking anyone's school at all. I'm simply stating facts that recruiting services usually get it right, and that even with a few misses here and there, the overall AVERAGE stars of a team is very telling of the level of talent there. And better athletes usually lead to better teams and more win.

Again, its not a surprise that you don't see national champions with 1-2 star nobodies making up most of their roster.

You think Nick Saban would be winning national titles with byU's "talent"


I'll take as talented as a team as we can get, and right now that is average in the Pac 12 and definintely better than byU.

And yes, having better players has a lot to do with Utah beating byU the last 4 years.

Not a coincidence we've had higher stars those same 4 years.

It's the truth. Deal with it.

Kearns, UT

I know this is kind of sad to say but I can't believe it has gone this long and not been said.

100% of the U's recruits had offers from a BCS school. 100%.

BYU gets roughly 57% of commits that were recruited by BCS schools. UofU gets 100%.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Well said!

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

All star recruits want to go to us everytime because you see we are the bcs conference of champions and that means we are more awsome than anyone else!

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

@B C:

Despite losing four straight rivalry games, the whole of royal smurf blue nation are the ones in denial.

YbU will have to get lucky just to escape with a Holy War victory once every four or five years.

Go Utes!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B,
Nice spin but on an article about Stanford and Utah you brought BYU into it with your comments!!! That is why we BYU fans call you out as a BYU hater!!! Looks like you team is going to start out the season 0-4 in conference for the third straight year!!! Ouch!!! But at least you will have that bright shiny State of Utah Championship trophy and recruiting trophy to display in your new football building right? Take care!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Stanford!!!

Cheyenne, WY

I said in my statements "OTHER" BCS schools when referring to recruits. I don't know why people are being so negative I think my comments are showing that both schools can compete with any other team. I just want to make a point that recruiting though it does matter is not the whole game. BYU, UTAH, and Utah State have had great teams that were not very good recruiting classes. I think Utah can beat Stanford this week, they are almost as talented, and they have a great crowd and are very physical. I agree that it takes recruits to win the National Title, but all I am talking about are Utah teams being able to beat high quality opponents. I think both are very very far off from being National Title contenders.

Cheyenne, WY

I mean no offense to anyone. I worked for a D-1 athletic department for years and our 249th ranked recruiting class was often upsetting teams at least 100 spots above us.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

If recruiting "stars" are the end-all-be-all of college football success, then the Utes should just pack it in now and accept reality that the Utes will NEVER win a PAC 12 championship because the Utes will NEVER out recruit USC, UCLA and Oregon, EVER!

In fact, the Utes will only rarely finish in the upper half of the PAC 12 in recruiting.

USC, UCLA and Oregon get more 4- and 5-star recruits in a single recruiting class, than the Utes get in a half dozen recruiting classes.

When was the last time the Utes signed a 5-star recruit?

btw, BYU absolutely curb-stomped a team, this year, that almost always has a Top 10, usually Top 5, recruiting class.

Utah Alum
Orem, UT

How many 4- and 5-star recruits have already committed to USC, UCLA, Oregon, Utah and BYU for the 2014 recruiting class?

Salt Lake City, UT

Good article!

For the record, Andrew Luck didn't play as a true freshman. He redshirted.

Orem, UT

Truth Machine

"BYU absolutely curb-stomped a team, this year, that almost always has a Top 10, usually Top 5, recruiting class."

Kinda makes all of the hoopla about recruiting rankings being the main determinant of college football success meaningless, doesn't it.

Anaheim, CA

According to Rivals, in the last four recruiting classes (2010 through 2013)

Texas - 5 5-star, 58 4-star, 24 3-star, 1 2-star
BYU - 0 5-star, 6 4-star, 35 3-star, 40 2-star

Potentially, BYU faced a 2013 Texas team that out-numbered BYU,

5 to 0 in 5-star recruits
58 to 6 in 4-star recruits

Yet, BYU absolutely destroyed the Longhorns 40-21, rolling up 550 rushing yards on Texas, more rushing yards than Texas had ever given up in over 1,200 games.

According to the stars theory, BYU shouldn't have stood a chance against Texas this year, or in 2011, when BYU only lost at Texas 16-17.

Obviously, the stars theory is greatly exaggerated.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


If stars are only marginally meaningful, then how many "bcs" schools recruited a particular player is practically meaningless.

Still, some delusional fans will continue to beat their chests about Utah's completely unprovable recruiting "dominance".

If Texas's advantage over BYU is insignificant, then Utah's supposed "advantage" is practically invisible, except in the eyes of the crimson glasses wearers.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Chris B

Some food for thought:

Last 4 years Texas has had average 3.8 star recruiting classes (better than Alabama)
Utah 3.0
BYU 2.6

If stars really mattered as much as you claim they do, why was BYU able to DOMINATE Texas?

If you argue that Texas doesn't have the best coaches, how do you explain the Mack Brown-coached Texas team beating the Pete Carrol-coached USC team to win the 2005 National Championship?

The point is, there are far more intangibles like team leadership, team chemistry, grit, determination, etc., etc., that goes into making a highly successful team than simply assembling a large group of "star" high school players.

btw, BYU and Utah will NEVER have a single average 3.8-star recruiting class; EVER!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

If you win, then they will come.

After 3 years, Utah's recruiting has improved and I for one can see the results on the field. Yes, we're not winning but we have been able to compete. It will take time to compete for the PAC-12 title, Utah is on the right track.


Utah 30 Stanford 28

Highland, UT

Absolutely LOL hilarious that utah "fans" would accept this homers comparisons of utah with stanford while simultaneously mocking any comparisons to BYU and notre dame. utah cannot be compared to stanford in any way, stanford is so far superior to utah in academics, athletics, and reputation that even the vaguest of comparisons between the 2 should mocked mercilessly. BYU on the otherhand has far more in common with notre dame, and is far more comparable to notre dame athletically, academically, and in reputation, than utah is to stanford that there is no comparison once again.

utah comparing itself to stanford.....LOL!

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