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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 5:25 p.m. MDT

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Happy Liberal
Salt Lake City, UT

The next Senate election cannot come soon enough. I can't wait for Lee to go. He's an embarrassment to Utah and the nation. Wish I could knock on his door to tell him this myself...oh wait. Can't do that. His house was foreclosed on. Such a wizard of finance!

Ogden, UT

Lee isn't the only Utah representative who architected the shutdown. Rob Bishop was one of the 80 congressmen who petitioned Boehner to shut down the government. I shouldn't have to go out to the New Yorker magazine to find out that information.

Glendora, CA

I think Senator Lee and Senator Cruz both got their messages across to the American people. Now, let's please make some compromises and help heal the badly damaged GOP and Dem parties. We are all hurting, at this point.


This is just more of little Mikey's temper tantrum. "I will only discuss what I want to discuss. Nothing else." Take your ball and go home, Mikey. Or grow up and represent all of your consituents in Utah.

Provo, UT

Mike Lee is an ideologue.

And the only thing worse than an ideologue... is an ideologue in office!

Pleasanton, CA

On the one hand,, Sen. Lee is right not to be interested in poll results, since you can make them say whatever you want them to say by how you word the questions. On the other hand, he's making a mistake by appearing to be unwilling to defend his position.

Clearfield, UT

To those posters who like to remind us who Lee's father is. Bob Bennett is a grandson of President Heber J Grant. You point is meaningless. Obama's approval rating 37%. Congress, according to one news source 5%. Hmmm

Lehi, UT

Why is Lee being blamed for the shutdown in these polls? He is in the Senate, as part of the minority party, he's been actively trying to get the Senate to pass any of the various CR's sent up by the House, but the Majority lead by Sen Reid continues to refuse to fund the government. The House is standing firm on changing the ACA, the Senate has shut the government down by refusing to fund anything unless everything is funded.

Go Sen Lee, I was not called on this Poll, you have my support.

St. George, UT

Defeat lee in 2016.

Orem, UT

In a world where politicians are always more concerned about following the popular sentiments of the moment; it is refreshing to have a Senator like Mike Lee who stnds for principles! It is the constant compromise of good sound economic principles that has got us in the mess we are in. As liberals continue to grow the size of government to pay for the constituents who want to live off of the hard working people of this country; we are banrupting our country. Both medicare and medicaid are bankrupt. Social security will be bankrupt soon too. I guess since the Federal governemnt is doing such a great job managing these programs we should entrust them with our health care too??? Social security is being managed as a ponzi scheme. If we cannot trust the federal governemnt with money that should be held in trust for our retirement; then we need some drastic changes. I appreciate Mike Lee being one of the few people in this country to fight the good fight. Instead of beating him up for facing tough issues we should applaud him! Thanks Mike for standing up for us!

New to Utah

Barack Obama and Harry Reid shut down the government. They calculated that it would benefit the Democrat party.Rules for radicals which Obama follows suggests demonize your opponent don't allow them to be human.Boehner,tea party were the targets and the mainstream media have been doing their job. Dan Jones (democrat talking points) poll, the RINO Doug Wright give me a liberal talking point and I'll promote it are the ones out of touch. Mike Lee has seen the ruthless side of Obama and Reid and didn't flinch, that is courage.Democrats and liberals control the levers of the newsmedia and Utah has an alert enough population to cut through the fog. Mike Lee funded the government and didn't want a shutdown, he wanted compromise with Obama and Reid on Obamacare the most partisan bill in decades to takeover 18% of our economy. It is worth a fight because the real partisans and ruthless politicians are the Democrats, they shut down the government. They need to compromise and Obama needs to lead in cutting a deal.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Rules for radicals which Obama follows . . . "

So New to Utah, do you have any proof that that is true? I mean other then the fact that that is what Sean Hannity tells you?

Salt Lake, UT

Dear Senator Lee,
You don't own the exclusive right to interpret the Constitution, government theory, monetary policy, or reality. There is a difference between taking a stand and being unteachable, an immovable blockage. Your constituents, the people, gave you a tremendous opportunity to work for them at the highest levels of government. You represent all of them, including those who don't agree with you on these matters. If you are unwilling to give an ear to those who actually give you your power then you no longer deserve it. If you can't hear them you aren't trying hard enough to find them. History should teach all of us that we're never more than a moment away from ruining our greatest blessings in life. Humility, including intellectual humility, is a must given these considerations and in your position. Humility tempered the certainty of most of the founding fathers you claim to revere.

Salt Lake, UT

What happened to the Republican party? When I was younger I could often make the case that they delivered a decent dose of what appeared to be competence and, on some special occasions, compassion. Many of them were articulate and you never heard anything beyond a certain threshold of paranoia. When I compare them to our current group I'm astonished at how much these things have changed. Our government has a siege mentality today but I struggle to see how Obama or any of his left-wing friends are delivering the terrible degree of villain such paranoia needs. It's one thing to "appease Hitler," a very strange and irrelevant comparison my conservative friends sometimes give me, but quite another to cooperate with a president who hasn't done anything that unusual for a president so far. If they want to limit government or executive power there are plenty of items from the previous administration to consider, too, that seem more invasive by far than any health care law could be (unless you actually believe in "death panels" and implanted "microchips" (my condolences for the psychological stress you endure if you do)).

New to Utah

"Mark", have you any proof that he doesn't apply its principles? Have you read Alinsky's rules for radicals?

Centerville,Davis, UT

O.K. I figured it out,the republican party is forced to destroy itself (used to be one) because it embraced the tea party, which proved to be an out of control virulent cancer, with no regard for rules,fair play,or manners.
To save the country the gop are super patriots,trying to rectify a tragic mistake!

Farmington, UT

The media and the willing Republicans who go along with the attempt to blame the government shutdown on Tea Party representatives are taking the American public for idiots who don't see the truth. Obama won't compromise and is willing to allow the government to shut down to make his point and protect his pet program. The Republicans have offered to keep the government running while working out a compromise over Obamacare, going so far as to fully fund Obamacare as long as the individual mandate is delayed for a year and Congress must live by the same requirements as everybody else. The side without logic, history and facts on their side is constantly trying to change the subject. Senator Lee and others helped to highlight the problems of Obamacare and to point out how damaging it will be to our liberties and to our economy. I salute him for his bravery. How about the polls that say most Americans hate Obamacare and that Obama himself is at his all-time low in popularity, even lower than George W. Bush? And Obama has the media on his side!


So many people with a complete lack of education in Utah. Lee a "hero" PLEASE! Wake up Sheep! Live outside planet Utah for sometime & 2 years in Brazil or elsewhere does not count. Actually live, work, pay bills, see how other States work outside the bubble which is Utah!

Taylorsville, UT

I did not vote for Mike Lee and will not ever vote for him.

Bountiful, utah

Lee has my full Independent support- he and very few others are attacking the biggest problem we face these days... govt over spending and the deflation of our dollar, the most egregious hidden tax imaginable. It is sad so many conservatives cannot recognize progressive propaganda when they see it, blinded by endless lies and deception from their Republican rino leadership.

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