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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 5:25 p.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

So in reading some of these comments you would think that the lesson is "If you don't agree with what I say, I'll call you a lefty. If the poll isn't favorable, ignore it or say it's flawed."

Murray, UT

Hey folks, Senator Lee didn't shut down the government. He is not in a position to do so. One senator vote of a hundred won't do it. It has to be the leader of the senate, the guy who decides what bills get voted on. That would be Reid.

I think Utah voters are smart enough to realize this.

Lee stands for what is right, but he is not dictating the discourse. He never voted to defund the ACA. That was the House, and he is in the Senate.

All he could offer was his moral support to the House for doing the right thing, and moral support during Ted Cruz's discussion of the ACA, which he did admirably.

He was not my pick for senator last election, but he sure will be for the next one!

Happy Valley, UT

More proof that Lee is nothing but an extremist ideologue who is disconnected from both reality and from the majority of his constituents. Too bad it's not possible to recall a Senator.

Eden, UT

The consistent "talk show" nonsense that states that Obama shut down the government is not accurate. Let me explain: If you have something worth $10,000 and some one offers you $100, would you accept it? The ploy presented by the Tea Party was to offer something they knew would not be acceptable, and then attempt to blame the President for not accepting the offer. Don't be naive. This is a Tea Party ploy, and it hooked Utah's Congressional Delegation into a fight they can't win. The political I.Q points for the Utah Delegation is not very high. Attempting to call it "principle" when it is nothing short of foolish, naive, decision making. Is it possible that a more sophisticated political strategy hooked the Republicans by a Democratic ploy that insnares Republican House of Representative members - who are now vulnerable in the Midterm election? Inexperienced, and naive, the Utah Congressional Delegation is being led around by the nose.

Liberal Today
Murray, UT

"If the public is so opposed to the ACA then why did Romney lose?"


The ACA is Romney's plan.

Liberal Today
Murray, UT

"If the public is so opposed to the ACA then why did Romney lose?"


If President Obama has a son, he would look like me.

Farmington, UT

The ACA is already way over budget and it's not even halfway launched yet. The fed has spent 6X what was budgeted on the website, 5X on the state exchanges and these both of these have had major glitches. The law is clearly not ready to be implimented if it should be implimented at all. This isn't just a fight over the ACA it's about our tax dollars being flushed down the toliet that can never be recovered!

Castle Valley, Utah

"100 to 1"? Make that 100 to 2. Sen. Lee, please read the e-mail I just sent you.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Lets see… Lee as an attorney fights to get hotter nuclear waste into Utah by litigation while the company he represents lies about what's in the (mixed) barrels.

Lee Short sells a home he couldn't afford in an act of fiscal responsibility.

Lee shuts down the government, which he said he would do, and then lying again says "I said no such thing."

Refuses to speak with anyone but the fox echo chamber, and then sends a cowardly, angry little man to speak for him.

I can see why folks think he's good for Utah?

People you can deny reality all you like, but it won't help you, neither will Mr. lee, who has never cared about this state, just his inflated ego.

gramma b
Orem, UT

Considering the way most of the media have been covering for Obama, and demonizing conservatives, the poll results are not surprising. Furthermore, Dan Jones polls are usually deliberately skewed Left. I wouldn't trust them. I would want to look very carefully at every question asked, and the way it was asked.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I can't turn on a T.V or radio without seeing or hearing Mike Lee over the past few weeks on the national AM radio shows, FoxNews, and other media.

And yet,
He refuses to be interviewed by KSL, the Deseret News, BYU or other local programs covering his own constituents.

Right here, on his home field, by his own kind.

That SHOULD be setting off some major alarms about right now...

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Romney lost because he went along with the tea party instead of telling them that the plan to shut down the government was a terrible plan. At least he recognized the shutdown was bad after the election before Senator Lee shut'er down and ruined the Republican party. Google the shutdown, it is all media except Hannity and Beck that universally recognize the consequences of the tea party tantrum.

Boston, MA


If you think KSL is liberal, you're living under a rock. Even the so-called "liberal" media in Utah is pretty conservative by national standards.

Kaysville, UT

Freedom Works is a misnomer as it is an outside of Utah organization that used high level advertising and propaganda to get it's candidates elected through tactics that subverted Utah's caucus system. The GOP did not have a good process for validating who members of the caucus were and many precinct areas were flooded by people we never saw before and who became delegates. The next time it was better but the first session was devastating for Senator Bennett who had the carpet pulled from underneath him.

Our legislators have built that type of process over the years and some don't represent Utahns ideals and beliefs for political purposes. Freedom Works has an agenda that thwarts freedom even though it is in their name.

Everett, 00

@gramma b
Orem, UT

I would want to look very carefully at every question asked, and the way it was asked.
8:32 a.m. Oct. 11, 2013


Ok then - read this carefully and then answer either Y/N :

Would you support Mike Lee's childish tactics to circumvent and trample the United States Constitution by giving up your Social Security and Medicare checks until Mike Lee gets HIS way?

Yes or No?


Q: Why did House Republicans refuse to negotiate with Senate Democrats for months before the shutdown?

A: They wanted to use the threat of shutdown as leverage.

How does a legislating minority get rid of laws one doesn't agree with according to established procedures of governance?

A. Shutdown the govt, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, until the other 2 legislating bodies succomb to your demands, OR
B. Campagin against the law, win a majority in executive and legislature branches and repeal the law.

What hypocrites Republicans are who claim they are "following" the Constitution.

Lehi, UT

I see a trend.

I was frustrated when Bennet was eliminated in the caucus and most Republicans had no say in who should represent the party by being able to vote in primaries.

It looks like Lee is not interested in what the majority of republicans feel. He was afraid of the majority then and he is afraid of it now, shown by the fact that he doesn't what to address the polls.

ray vaughn
Ogden, UT

It appears that Senator Lee pays as uch attention to the public rating his job performance as he did to the obligation to make his home mortage payments

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

After reading a lot of this stuff from you big time supporters of Obama, I remind you, your guy is not exactly winning the popularity polls now either. 37%. But of course those are skewed and I'm sure Obama is not reading them.

The old nag
Kaysville, UT

This man was elected and he choses not to listen to the people who elected him. I am sick
of his unrealistic views and embarrassing poses. In the future I would vote for anyone besides him. We certainly need to get him out of Washington. The world is laughing at us...and I don't
blame them. Obama Health care is LAW. It is in effect. The most logical course is to see as
it develops how we can eliminate the parts that don't work and make other parts better. At least
now a healthcare instrument is in place and it can be adjusted and amended. My gosh Mike Lee,
get over it and move on and try to do something grown up and constructive for the country and the
state of Utah.

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