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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 5:25 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I believe Senator Lee has mishandled this budget dispute. He is out of step with most Utahns, including me, a former republican state delegate. Now he refuses to comment about an LDS church sponsored schools poll to an LDS church owned newspaper. Are these institutions to left leaning for Senator Lee? Who does he represent? Please, govern and stop obstructing.

Highland, UT

Go Senator Lee! DRay is exactly right. Everytime Obama and Reid said the shutdown was going to cause a painful situation for agency X, Lee, Cruz, and Rand Paul said they would provide a funding bill for that agency to keep operating. Then Obama/Reid said no way showing their true colors. They won't compromise and they're hoping it hurts Republicans when just the opposite is happening. Great video on TheBlaze today at liberal Univ. of Colorado showing students overwhelmingly blame the Democrats for the shutdown. This poll is garbage.

S Sherwood
Taylors, SC

I support Lee, and I am from S. Carolina. He can come here and be a senator anytime. If Utahns are so stupid as to not support him they deserve what they will get after him. His father was one of the brightest lawyers in this country and a constitutional genius and his sone is in his mold. I pity Utahns for not know this heritage (and they ballyhoo about genealogy and family) and its importance to the nation. Perhaps on Monday nights instead of singing they need to be reading something on economics and the constitution.

Mission Viejo, CA

Sorry, U-tar, I'm laughing hysterically that anyone would think that KSL/Deseret News is liberal. Also, you don't seem to understand how polls work. It's no surprise so many comments here are clueless to how we got where we are and deny the reality. ACA was a compromise passed by Congress, affirmed by SCOTUS, and upheld by a majority of voters when Obama was reelected. The continuing resolution passed by the Senate which continues the sequester is actually under the levels that Paul Ryan's 2011 budget proposed. So, who again isn't compromising?

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I also think the des news has tipped left! Just look what professor at byu is featured in the des news all the time. I don't listen to doug wright either because I'm sick of the left tilt he always has.
So S Sherwood I know of his family history and know what a great legacy he has from his father.
And as response to someone above - obamacare is a horrible health care system. Just wait until we all know what we will have to pay, and we all will be shocked. The thing cost 650 million for the program (6 times what they originally said it would) on the internet and it's not working.
Are we really so stupid that we don't realize if you add 30 million people to the health care system that it will be cheaper? And as a senior, I know that they will have to make decisions about who will get help and who will take a pill until they die. Death panels - you bet!
Thank you Senator Lee, too bad our other senator is no where to be heard/seen!

Washington, UT

Mike Lee is doing exactly what he said he would do when we elected him. I will run to the polls to vote for him and for anyone else with his integrity, fortitude, and values.

If an individual reaches his/her credit limit and is told they can no longer borrow, should they complain and try to get their credit limit raised or should they change their lifestyle and try to live within their means? If over 50% of Utahans think that we will ever be able to pay back the unimaginable debt our oversized government has accumulated without painful change then we really are in trouble.

Interest keeps growing 24/7, 17 Trillion + today what a year from now? Eventually the day of reckoning comes, and it has to come. The only ones trying to turn this around are Senator Lee and those few responsible elected officials like him.

I don't need to draw a picture of what is in our future without a drastic, painful course change. All it takes is common sense and watching history repeat itself again.

Woodland Hills, UT

Don't fall of your chair DanO, I read and watch plenty of news, and KSL is not conservative. I live here in this state and endure it every day. Perhaps your liberal point of view reflects the liberal state of La La land you live in on the Left coast. The liberal media didn't happen over night, it has been creeping in over many years. Perhaps too many people from your state moving in. The federal government is not shut down, every one will get paid, the debt will go up, government will expand, Obama care is here, everything you want is comming, so be happy. I still admire Senator Lee

Mission Viejo, CA

U-tar, ever consider they might be reporting actual facts and you just don't want to believ it? Ignoring the polls was exactly why so many on the right were blindsided by Obama's win in 2012. Plenty of polls got it right to the point that Nate Silver was able to predict the results with amazing accuracy.

Springville, UT

Way to go, Mike! Keep up the good work!

There are efforts here at home to kick you out of office. We need look no further than our local media, including DesNews and KSL. Doug Wright seems to have only one agenda right now and that is to bring you down.

He tried the same trick with Jason Chaffetz but lost. Let's hope he loses here too. I'm tired of the big-government, big-spending politicians, regardless of party. And we all ought to be concerned about the progressives and their successful efforts to date in bringing the people increasingly into servitude.

I'm glad we voted progressive Bob Bennett out. And I'm so sorry that I voted to keep Orrin Hatch in office. Others warned me, and I didn't listen.

The rest of us need to make sure that we praise you in our conversations with friends, family, coworkers.

Woodland Hills, UT

Just to remind you, Senator Lee won his election also, here in Utah, after ousting the liberal Bob Bennett. I didn't need a poll to tell me Romney would loose, he isn't a true conservative, just like Bennett and Hatch. You can love Barry all you want, but there are those of us who will never admire a man like him, never!

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

Mike Lee is the sideshow Utah never bargained for. His biggest accomplishment in the Senate has been to draw a lot of attention to himself. Now he won't even talk about the fact that he's actively and very visibly championing a position that's at odds with what the majority of his constituents support. This is not what representative government is supposed to be about.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He is just such a bad person who is absolutely on the wrong side of history.
These comments about polls being flawed remind me of the presidential election: there were a few people who chose not to see reality while the majority of polls were proven to be accurate. Those who chose not to believe reality were shocked by the outcome of the election.
The fact is, the polls are correct, the majority of Utahns do not like what Lee is doing.

Jemez Springs, NM

Utah, what's going wrong?

Springville, UT

For many if this was 1941 all over again we'd be speaking German now.

Alpine, UT

Dansimp, the feds are not the Constitution. We need Constitutional law to protect us from oversized and aggressive governments, but not this fabricated, large cancerous growth called the federal bureaucracy, who waste the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them, subsidizing irresponsible people who make poor choices, just to get their vote to stay in power. And power is the only thing many of these federal officials are after, and not the freedom, rights, and welfare of the people. Otherwise, elected officials wouldn't be usurping the rights of the people given to the people by our Constitution.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

one of the delusional forms of denial that many radical political groups use is rhetoric to convince themselves that their numbers are far larger than they really are... and to dismiss reality that shows otherwise.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Even I can see how much money insurance will cost if they are forced to cover every one at the same cost. It's about Risk.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

The pollsters did not call me either. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot that sample polling is based on a representative sample of a specific population. This is the same sample polling done by KSL and BYU during every election that has proven accurate at predicting the winners of elections time and time again. I have never been asked by those polls either and somehow they manage to be accurate even without having my input. Senator Lee ignores those polls to his own detriment. Having said that, I like a Senator who is not blown about by every poll that is taken. In this case, I disagree with Senator Lee's stance and will have the opportunity to share that disagreement when he is next up for election.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Senator Lee does have a calling tree alerting his ardent supporters to write in when he is criticized. He does not want to face the buzz saw he started. He should resign as a failure.

The Woodlands, TX

This poll contains some strange metrics - the original poll shows that Obama has a 68% disapproval with only 1% answering "don't know", yet only 6% blame Democrats for the shutdown? Reid is at 55% disapproval but Mathewson has a 55% approval - I don't trust any poll where I can't see the internal data - this poll looks to me as if it way over-sampled Democrats.

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