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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 12:15 p.m. MDT

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ute alumni
paradise, UT

take back all utah lands. feds are not capable and have NO right overseeing it.

Logan, UT

They ought to either call it a loan and get reimbursement once the shutdown is over, or the state should be able to keep the proceeds from entry fees etc as long as the state is funding operations.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

@ute alumni

How can you "take back" something you never owned to begin with?

Columbus, OH

adding to CHS's comment:

...unless, that is, you are an actual Ute.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Here's the rub, anything after the 13 original colonies that became the 13 original states have a unique relationship with the government, meaning that they were all FEDERAL territories that became states. Thus, states were created AFTER federal ownership, again the only exception being the 13 original states who were states BEFORE the Constitution under the Articles of Confederation. So Ute Alumni, I guess it was federal land first. I would agree with you that it would be great if some of this land was turned over to the states but the idea it was Utah's first isn't accurate entirely. In fact, as OBHU said, it really belonged to the Native Americans first and of course through reservations, they still have some control under FEDERAL jurisdiction...


A good application of federalism. Finally some cooperation with government. Common sense will prevail, at least in the relationship of State and Federal government, in this area. Perhaps our congressmen and senators can learn from a bit of common sense and get the federal government back to work. If the sometimes competing executive branches of state and federal government can work things out, the senators and representatives ought to do the same.

Senator Lee. Take notice. Maybe read Federalist papers #62 and #63 and learn what your role as Senator should be.

Martin Blank
Salt Lake City, UT

Sure wish the governor had the same level of concern for the welfare of the women and children on WIC that he has for business owners in the tourist zones. And now Urquart wants reimbursement if Utah takes over the parks? The mantra of the West continues: Stay out of my business, but give me more money.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Bill Senator Lee.


Don't accept the government’s offer under these terms. The Park Service has been partisan through this whole fight trying to make the shutdown hurt more than it had to. This is a masterstroke maneuver on their part.

States could run these parks using their own personnel at a minimal staffing level through the shutdown. The Park Service is going to run up the bill now paid by the state as fast as possible. Obama now looks like he’s compromised, but every state with a growing bill they can’t control will be pushing to end the shutdown so they can stop these costs being paid by the state. The Park Service gets their people paid, sheds the public relations disaster their heavy handed behavior created, and plants an incentive for the states to come in on behalf of their man in the White House.

If they can’t use their own state personnel, the discretion about Park Service staffing levels should be left to the state Governors. Accept the government’s offer on those terms and call their bluff.

Glendale, AZ

So now, Utahans are paying twice for the federal parks: fed taxes and state taxes. Hopefully, you can get reimbursed by the feds. Good luck on that one. But what's a state to do? Lose revenue from the parks' closure or pay to have them open and get some revenue generated. Tough call.

Lindon, UT

Pres. Obama has said that he will not agree to anything that would cause the government to pay ransom. But then he forces the states to pay ransom in order to open the national parks. What a 2 faced person he is. A real piece of work. We will be well rid of him in 2016 - I can hardly wait. Anyone would be better than him - even Hilary (tongue in cheek!).

Ogden, UT

That's amazing that Democrats are only concerned with entitlement programs and welfare. Here, hard working people have lost $3.5 million in 10 days, and the governor's plan to use Utah money is to stop that loss. Even if Utah doesn't get this national park money back, it's an investment that will clearly pay needed dividends to Utahs and the state through tourism dollars. Paying for federal welfare programs is money the state will never get back, and it's money Utahns have already paid in federal taxes, so we would end up paying for them twice.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama is using his power and position to hurt the most vulnerable, the poor and everyday citizens and the veterans because he cant get his way.......he thinks himself a dictator and needs an education on checks and balances...The office of the POTUS is equal to either of the house or the senate and for good reason, as he has proved by his childish antics.....

DN Subscriber 2

Better to give the money directly to the affected counties to use as welfare for those impacted than to send it to Washington.

You just have to understand that the Park Service will bill every single thing they can think of, plus a few more, and demand overtime and new gear, etc.

Not a dime will be repaid by the feds, and Utah will not get a dime from admission fees collected by the feds. So, we will be paying federal taxes to run the parks, state taxes to run the parks, and still pay admission fees to get in the parks.

A better course of action would be to tell the feds to get out of the way, and to use the Highway Patrol, or National Guard if necessary to open every road in the National Parks in Utah for vehicle traffic as a matter of public safety and access as RS 2477 roads. If the Park folks object, then just close down every highway outside of their park and keep them locked up inside.

A little sagebrush rebellion is a good thing when tyrannical behavior is used against free people.

San Antonia, TX

So many people are so easily governed.

Remember the Alamo!

Power to the People!

Salt Lake City, UT

I applaud Governor Herbert for helping our fellow Utahns. However, I hold Senator Lee and his ilk, as well as Utah's congressional delegation accountable for the cost. If the aforementioned did not shut down the federal government, the state coffers would not be needed to temporarily fund the National Parks. Our state government is an example to the nation. We need our Senior Senator, Orrin Hatch, to lead and help our other federal representatives to govern and stop the shut down.

Price, Utah

Since they are going to be paid at the end of the Shutdown their paychecks should be direct deposited to the general fund of Utah. That shouldn't be to hard for the Treasury to do. Just stop all that money we sent to Washington in UTAH instead of shipping it to San Francisco and back again.

Salt Lake City, UT

While operation of these National Parks are paid for by State tax dollars, they should make the parks open to the public, no entrance fee. Advertise that admission is free. It might generate greater attendance and the businesses in the surrounding area that have been hurt by the closure might see a small gain. Our tax money, our rules. If the feds what the money they can open the parks, after all the park employees are getting paid for this time off.

This shutdown is all a fraud, for political purposes. The federal government spending needs to be held within bounds. Thank you Sen. Lee for taking a stand to stop out of control spending.

Magna, UT

This is crazy! I don't remember ever signing on to this kind of nonsense. I pay taxes to bail out one group of people in Southern Utah because the nation is broke?

Will the Governor and the State Legislature commit all of you fine taxpayers come to my rescue because I'm a contractor who lost over $100,000 in one day in 2008 because the owner of the building had his loan pulled by Zions Bank during Tarp one?

Did I cry and scream because of the ineptness of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac? Did I run to the governor and ask for a bailout because my family was going hungry? No, I didn't, I sold my house back to the Bank that shafted my client and quadrupled my CC debt. I mothballed my company and went to work for whomever would pay me. I took nothing from the government. My wife supported us for the past five years. I paid my subs what I could, I still owe some of them.

Magna, UT


I struggled to do what I could do to hold onto my business and my home. I now have a little work that I hope will continue. None of you owe me a dime. I will not ask it of you. My experience in not your experience and I feel for everyone who falls on hard times, especially if it is beyond their control.

Times are hard enough, some of you have not had to go through what I have and hope you don't but with all of that said no one has the right to steal away my resources that I have produced through hard work and thrift without my permission.

I voluntarily give as much as I can but do not steal it away from me.

We must all suffer the consequences of our government's ineptness, foolishness and sinister behavior.

Debt is not equity, redistribution of wealth is not moral, hard times make the producers stronger and handouts make us dependent, the opposite of independent.

Will we sell our birthright for a gulp from the public trough, or feast at the table of work and fortitude and stand independent, strong and free?

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